Pepa At The Imperial Club

Sandra “Pepa” Denton, of the 80s rap group Salt n’ Pepa was spotted last night taking in Mario’s show at the Imperial Club in Manhattan. Pep has been all over the place lately as she is the latest celebrity to land her own VH-1 reality series. The raptress spoke about her new venture recently at the Essence Music Festival and let the fans know her new show will hit the airwaves in October of this year. The show’s executive producer is Pep’s partner in rhyme, Cheryl “Salt” James, and she along with their DJ, Spinderella, will occasionally make appearances on the show as well.


  1. I will never get used to that nose 🙁

    But other than that she looks nice.


  2. I agree on the nose, I thought she was perfectly fine before, she’s not but ugly now, but it’s not the pep I’m used to. Anyways she does look nice and I just love her personality.

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