Performances: Brandy, Rihanna & Beyonce

Brandy Singers Brandy, Rihanna and Beyonce all gave performances over the weekend in support of their various new projects. Both Brandy and Rihanna performed at Jingle Ball Concerts- while Beyonce was over in Europe performing at the Los 40 Principales Awards Show. First up was Brandy who performed at the Z-100 Jingle Ball concert on Friday and then the Q-102 Jingle Ball Concert on Sunday. Not to be left out, Rihanna also performed at the Z-100 concert and then headed down to Florida where she also gave a performance at the Y-100 Jingle Ball concert .Brandy was of course supporting her new Human CD, which came out earlier this week- while Rihanna was supporting her many, many hits- including Live Your Life which has once again regained the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Pics from the concert performance can be found below and video performances can be seen on page 2. (Sorry only video of Beyonce’s performance has been placed online so far.)


  1. There’s all sorts of raw emotion going on in these images. ๐Ÿ˜† One thing I like about Beyonce (and to a certain extent Rihanna) is that they are unafraid to wear support hose. Straight-up. Support hose support and with all the running around they do (well, Beyonce) it can only help. Brandy looks nice and covered up; conservative…WARM. LOL. I’m just cold this morning. It’s supposed to drop down into the 20s today! and RAIN! which means ice and sleet. This isn’t always the norm for my part of Texas. :brownsista: Have a great day everyone.

  2. Can’t Bey find prettier support hose than that Kanyade? I have always thought they looked like granny pantyhose ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. B need to wearing nude stocking. She always wearing granny looking stocking. Her hair is a hot mess. TOOOO BIGGGG.

  4. Brandy looks classy..Rihanna looks young and sexy..Beyonce looks haggard and ill dresses as usual..

  5. @kanyade

    yest it is cold in oklahoma too!!! like 20 degrees and below, it’s crazy we went from 70 degress yesterday after to a 20 degrees in like 2 hours!! anyway, bey please stop wearing that horrible hairstyle, it’s over now. she still beautiful though, and i bet she had a wonderful performance. brandy as well. love my brown sistas

  6. Beyonce is aging quickly for a black women of 27 ,maybe the axhaustion of trying to stay in the lime light is catching up.Get a rest B….learn from M.C.

  7. enjoyed every single one… really grew a greater appreciation for brandy after seeing her on tyra last week

  8. Brandy looks ok.

    Love Rih Rih!

    Now….WTH is bey wearing!

    Is she an extra for the ice capades?
    Is she channeling her dolly parton ego with that big hair? lawd have mercy!

    Even my grandma wouldn’t be caught dead in those ugly pantyhose! :thumbsdown:

  9. Beyonce looked fabulous as usual, while picking up an award too. The performance was spectacular, as well as both performances on X-Factor. What can I say, the woman keeps making her haters sweat. Keep doing you, Bee! And before anyone gets a heart attack, I was just speaking generally. ๐Ÿ™„

  10. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: beyonce will steal anything shes a tru biter she even will still a lions haircut :bag: :thumbsdown:

  11. I am still a big fan of the ’80’s. The ’80’s was filled with big hair and wild dressing styles. I love Big Hair and outrageous outfits. I love all of the pics of everyone. I wish all of them the best life has to offer.

  12. @ Stephanie,

    Maybe if they weren’t fishnets, it’d look better? Or sheer fishnets? Hmmm… I don’t fault her for wearing them though as they do serve a purpose outside of ‘style’. :brownsista:

    @ MRSJONES3,

    I know, right? It’s supposed to be back up to 60/70 on Wednesday. ๐Ÿ™ My allergies are SUFFERING with this constant back and forth. ๐Ÿ™‚




  14. :brownsista: working hard! Loves it!! Beyonce killed that performance!

  15. I love Brandy’s CD. I want to see her in concert. Hey Lady how you been? I’m not feeling Bey’s look at all.

  16. For some crazy reason, Bey’s hair doesn’t bother me ๐Ÿ˜† I do not like Rihanna’s lady of the night ensemble :thumbsdown:

  17. God i hate Beyonce’s hair! i hate when she wears it like that with that big ole hump! she needs to hire Rhianna’s hairstylist, because i hate what her hair stylists has been doing to her hair lately!


  19. i think bey looked great actually i like the hair…i mean everyone aint ever gonna agree with everything so whatever…i did feel like she was struggling a little…i donno i just felt like something was off at times…and then at other times it was on point…i donno… but anyway it looks like they really loved her got a nice award and all

  20. lol ima need brandy to wear something different…and riri…girl the girls about to fall out! you look good though!

  21. :thumbsdown: Sorry, don’t like Bey’s look at all. The hair is too big. I did see on another website that you can get the same look. I think it’s a half wig or something like that. The point is the person modeling it had it more flat in the front. That “hump” Bey has is horrible. And is it fashionable to show your roots not done like she’s been sporting lately?

    The blonde is played out. She’s rocked that look since “Writings On The WAll” with the original DC members.

    The outfit…………..sigh. Why is she wearing stockings with open toe shoes?!?!?!? You can’t tell to much from the pix above, but another website has the same pix and they are more visible. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a fashion faux pas?

    Love Brandy. I can listen to hear all day.

    Rihanna is……….cute.

  22. Good to see Brandy out promoting, not feeling the outfit maybe it was cold. Beyonce needs Rhianna’s stockings quick! Not feeling her stockings or the hair. The dress is cute.

  23. You can’t go wrong with Brandy! Clean and classy look! The voice is flawless and she is really taking care of the hair in this era! RiHanna looks hot and sexy! I like this woman… Beyonce looks like she is auditioning to be on Dancing with the stars or icecapades… nevertheless, I am she she tore it up! Overall = BRANDY!

  24. More a win for Rihanna face to face with Beyonce. I love too Brandy style.

  25. @ Lola thanks we really put our heart in it and it makes us feel good to know it actually gt to her safely I feel honord to be a fan of such a great person…u know the girl that she pointed to and said that she remember her that’s out buddy hannah and she has special needs and guess what! a couple weeks aago beyonce actually came to her house to visit her for like twenty minutes…how awesome is that? I can truly say that I am happy to be a fan I would have never thought that she would take time out her busy life to meet one person in their home without it being some kinda charity event or something

  26. amazin performance by b, once again…been da numba 1 diva in ths game 4 a minute….uh brandy 2…#1 BEYONCE fan 4 eva…

  27. Did RiRi get a breast aug? I don’t remember her packin’ all that. It looks great though. She has a killer body.

  28. I dont think Ri had her boobs done. I think that is just a serious pushup bra. They are a girls best friend (if your under a full c cup that is) Im a 36 b and when I get a really good push up bra, I look like a full cup size bigger.

  29. All this fan jibberish has got to stop. Please stop coming in to reply to everything that’s said about Beyonce, good or bad. It’s boring and not what this site is about. I have to skim the stuff to read replies that aren’t actually Beyonce worship. And I don’t feel bad about saying it because the same goes for the people who constantly post negative stuff…it’s overboard. This isn’t a Beyonce fansite.

    As for the ladies, I love Brandy’s hair!! Rihanna’s skirt is hot but I don’t like the choice of top and bottom. That green top is REALLY throwing me. And I loved her last ensemble (the jumpsuit with structured shoulders). As for Beyonce, I don’t get the tights and shoes either. She’s an avid lover of heels and can walk in almost any pair. I guess the dancer’s shoes are just to remind us she’s a dancer. And that she certainly is! :thumbsup:

  30. Not feeling the skirt from Bey…

    Love Bran’s casual look. It suits her.

    Don’t like Robyn’s look at all but she is performing and performers wear crazy stuff and that comments goes for Bey too but I don’t like Bey’s skirt at all.

  31. beyonce looks a mess…
    with that said just saw a preview from her new movie “obsessed”…its craaazy!

  32. I love Brandy but she went Ultra conservative. Come on girl you are a star aren’t cha!

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