Photo Shoot: Dawn from Danity Kane

Brown Sista fan MisChief Keys sent me this photo shoot of Danity Kane member Dawn Richard. Mischief seems to think the solo photo shoot of Dawn is proof of a possible solo career for the singer, and indeed many blogs have been speculating the same for some time now. Will Dawn go solo? Will the industry embrace this Brown Sista when her direct competition is a blonde bombshell from her own group? Only time will tell.


  1. I actually watched several of the episodes of that P Diddy show that created the group. It was painful to watch as one of the producers tried to make her think she couldn’t sing because her sultry alto set her apart from the rest of those chicks. When I viewed the “Damaged” video earlier this year I thought ‘she don’t need them!’

    I’ll root for her emancipation. On the other hand, radio doesn’t care for real talent….yada yada yada.

  2. if she wants to be taken seriously in the near future maybe she needs an alternative to those “soft porn“ pics because at the end of the day she will be just like everybody else

  3. There is no way Diddy thinks Dawn can be a solo star in the musical landscape that exists today. The public hasn’t even shown an interest in Dawn. It is Aubrey that has the attention of white and black people and Diddy knows this. If Dawn and Aubrey both released songs today Aubrey would automatically be picked up by pop stations and maybe Dawn would be picked up on a few random r-n-b stations. Dawn simply doesn’t have the right look to be a solo star today and Diddy knows this to be true which is why he puts his money into Cassie rather than Cheri Dennis. I like Dawn but I can see the writing on the wall.

  4. I think that dawn is talented, she is the strongest out of the group. I just think she and the group need some time 2 blossom I mean they hit fame quick. The future will tell what would become of them. Its too early 2 be talking about them breakn up. Its seems like in every girl group someone trys to go solo. Whatever happened to longevity

  5. Dawn has the voice and talent, there are rumors that she is going to go solo. Diddy is promoting her more alone and without the group. If she stays on the R & B side and not pop she will do good. I wouldn’t want her to make that move until she is ready.

    Love the pics and those shoes!

  6. She looks great in the photos! This is probably the best I’ve ever seen her look.

    As far as a solo career…. umm…. I dunno about that. I mean, Ashanti, Ciara and Brandy havin’ trouble pushing units and though it should be about the talent, in which she does have… unfortunately it’s not- in the music biz and I really don’t see her being very successful. Think it’d be like a Kelly Rowland situation. Good luck to her either way tho’!

    Again, great shots! : )

  7. Where are the emoticons?

    Anywho, I have to agree with Dana on this one. Dawn doesn’t have the it factor to me. I honestly don’t see much solo success for her or any of the girls. Well, sex sells, so maybe Aubrey has a chance

  8. Where are the emoticons?

    I had to remove them Lola. Something was slowing down the site and I just had to remove as many things as possible to make the site move faster. Hopefully I can bring them back in the future.

  9. I don’t know. I’m a big fan of Dawn. I think the mold of beauty vs talent needs to stop. When did Black America began to be colorstruck? Most of you talking about how image sells, are probably the same ones that support sex instead of talent. I don’t think dark complexion equates ugly but a black beauty just as well Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Hudson. I think it is high time for a change. I see many dark skinned complexion sistas being painted as ugly with far more talent than the ones with light skinned, that can’t sing worth a damn. Whether it is too soon or not Dawn is talented. I think she would do fine solo.

  10. I agree with oliver! aex sells but really does this mean the only time a gal can make it si if they pose with their legs open. with pictures like that who needs a voice?

  11. @GUEST

    Where have you you been? Black AMerica has ALWAYS been colorstruck.

  12. Now to me this is trying too hard. It’s alright. She’s not that pretty to me either. I hated the ones of Aubrey. It’s more on the slutty side and seem dark.

  13. Whatever happen to black people buying black music. Do we have to wait until mainstream endorse someone as a star with the “it” factor? R&B has survived decades of great talent and average beauties without mainstream involvement. We have to go to the stores and buy the albums! Simple. If the same attitudes of today was used in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s we wouldn’t have Diana, Aretha, Anita, Patti, Mary, Gladys… Wake up people. We have the power!

  14. I think Black folks ‘do’ buy Black music, but even when we purchase en masse, the numbers will always be greater when ‘the other’ purchases right alongside us. It’s about money, money, money, big business and all that. Good luck to Dawn. I’m not really familiar with her voice…she’s too pre-packaged now for me to care. The Danity Kane affiliation might hinder her too as many have said…

  15. Awwwwww what a shame about the emotioncons LOL… I was getting hooked lmao šŸ™‚ .

    On to the topic… I think we all knew that this was bound to happen to this group, Danity Kane. I haven’t really watched the show since it’s 1st 2 seasons, but those seasons were the bone structure. With that being said it was OBVIOUS that whoever got put in the group, one of them would eventually leave. For the simple fact that it was too many different personalities, no allegiance, & someone just HAD to be the star. Just watch the same thing will happen w/ Day26. The REAL question is does ANY of those girls have a solid shot in the record industry. I personally I would say not & it is not b/c they don’t have decent talent. A lot of it has to do w/ how they came to be. The ONLY reason that their album sales went as well as did was b/c the group was featured on a TV show. People had the chance to sit & watch each girls struggle & hear what songs were being tossed on them. In the end, everyone wanted to know the end product & went out & bought, btw I have the 1st album which was given as a gift & can we say disaster. So it is no surprise that Dawn is choosin to push out on her own & I wish her that success that she longs for. As for Aubrey, she was the person who just HAD to be the STARRRR! Which explains why she is pimpin herself as we speak.

    Oh yeah, Black folks buy Black music. For many Black ppl that it is ALL they buy. If the music boundary extends past the generes of Gospel, Hip Hop, &RnB that is a no fly zone. I have experienced this several times, due to the fact that I am open to all types of music. I have had friends come over & look @ my collection and say, “why do you have this, this is White ppl music.” And they will put it back down. These ppl are sensible & educated individuals, it’s just that this is how most of us were raised. To ONLY enjoy music by Black folks. Maybe step out a lil bit of the Black box of music, but not too far out of reach.

  16. I like all of the Danity Kane girls but for some reason I think D Woods would do well as a solo artist. She has the look and the physique that us sistahs represent.

  17. honestly i think dawn has one of the best voices and with THE RIGHT SONGS she could be a good solo artist. to me black music has become hypocritical especially today’s hip hop only kanye, nas, ti, common, lil wayne and a few more are staying true to rap. jennifer hudson and kelly rowland are good singers, but mainstream dictated that they were not good enough. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. @ Blacksista

    Since the mid 80’s black owned radio stations have disappeared from many states in this country. Many of those rap only stations are not owned by us that is why only negative rap is being played. Nowadays, black owned stations play gospel or oldies and don’t play new RnB.

    The black community may be able to bring a change in programming if we protest and complain to these corporations that bought out most of our locally black owned radio stations. The lack of success for many good R n B artists has less to do with their talent or promotion from the record company and more to do with Big Brother radio.

    We need a revolution! We need to take control of the airwaves and stop letting others dictate our tastes

  19. First of all, Dawn looks great in the pictures. Secondly, she has an advantage over the other members of her group because she actually is a songwriter. She wrote “Damaged” if I’m not mistaken. I also noticed that she is very easy to work with on the show, and she has a lot of drive that’s reinforced by a positive attitude. You can go far in this life with those qualities. She doesn’t have to look like model to make it in this industry. Look at Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott, Brandy, etc. The are pretty in a “ran-the-way girl” or “average” looking way, but people love them as artists because we can relate to them.

    Don’t knock Dawn. She has the capability to go solo if the group should ever fall apart.

  20. I buy what I like. Music represents the world to me and that is how I was raised. This world is not made up of only black folks so I do not purchase JUST black music because I am black – that’s crazy. In my opinion “back in the day” RnB had a better sound and quality. The artists had an “it” factor. Today’s RnB music sounds generic and cookie cutter – everyone sounds the same. It all sounds like the same old tired sh*t to me so I don’t bother unless it’s Al Green, Janet Jackson, etc., anyone old school. Today’s RnB (as in the last decade with a few exceptions) is a crock. Someone needs to tell them to dig in the crates again and get schooled. I think that Kanye gets it. IMO…

  21. @ Teeda

    BWB wrote Damage. Dawn wrote Lights Out and co-wrote a few other songs with D.Woods and Aubrey.

  22. If her fans support her, (like I will) then she would do just fine. I actually have some solo effort mp3s of Dawn and I would love to buy a solo endeavor of hers! If anybody wants to hear them, look them up on

    Here are the titles…

    Tip Toe
    Secret Lover
    Strobe light
    Release Me
    Rush Love

    & they are some of the hottest, unique tracks Ive heard in a long time šŸ™‚

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