Photos: Rihanna Filming “Rehab” Video

Rihanna and culture bandit Justin Timberlake were spotted out in California earlier this week taping the video for Rihanna’s single Rehab. Sporting a multi-colored leotard and the most beautiful pair of hooker pumps I have ever seen, Rihanna got cozy with her co-star, who reportedly co-wrote the single and decided to make a cameo in the video as well. Rihanna attracts #1 singles like a magnet scoring four hits this year alone. Add Justin Timberlake to the mix and I think it’s pretty easy to see Rihanna taking the top spot again. There has been lots of speculation that with so many popular females having records out right now (Beyonce & Britney), Rihanna’s hit making streak would come to an end. That hasn’t been the case so far as the singer has two former #1 singles in the top ten right now.

Check out pics from the set below. Love Rihann’s shoes.


  1. I like Rihanna because she is in her own lane. Her vocals and performances arent on point as they should be but, you know what if you already know she cant sing dont buy anything from her. I listen to her songs because they are cute and edgy, but to each its own πŸ˜†
    I think Britney, Brandy, and Beyonce will do okay regarding sales…..but no one is really trying to spend their hard earned money anymore.

  2. I think people will always spend money on music they love. They may not by multiple copies like they used to, but they will buy at least one copy of an album or single that they like.

  3. Dana :iagree: that people will buy an album or single if they like something. Music soothes the savage beast and when people want to just chill out or just dance, they don’t care how much the music costs that they want, they will get it. I absolutely love how Rihanna is really holding her own.

  4. that thing she has on looks similar to beyonce’s in single ladies….hmmm??? :loser:

  5. I Love her shoes,Dana :iagree: too, I think people will also buy whoever their idol is whether the music is good or not, They will just “stan” and it’ s sad. Either way I wish everybody the best, I like rihanna!! Maybe because she knows who she is and don’ t take any crap! Maybe because she is her own woman,Maybe because she is a pisces, Idk I think the reason why i always liked rih was because her fans are so nice, and happy all the time lool at least when i come across one, They seem genuine and artists don’ t realize it, but fans are a big parts of who likes them or not, and sometimes their fans represent who they are as persons, Or maybe i’ m just tripping, But Let me tell you Rehab is the most beautiful song i heard coming from any “butt shaking”, hair swinging, pop star, I love it, and tho I’ m not a younging it’ s playing in my ipod.”Let me get a oh,oh,oh,oh,oh-oh”

    Now, I’ve never purchased a Rihanna album but I almost always enjoy her releases. I luv that she has seperated herself from the weave wearing singers. I think she’ll do more than well with this new single and video. AND I must say… her freakin legs are friggin incredible!!! Aaaarrrgggghhhh! Why don’t have her legs??!!

    Since I was being nosy reading other comments- All I’m saying is LimeWire [insert*whistle*]
    I think a large majority of ppl are tired of spending their money helping the rich get richer.
    Now, I do support artist like J*Davey, Eric Roberson, Fertile Ground and some others but rest assurred that as much as I love Beyonce… her album will not be purchased if I’m not feelin it 100%- I mean, I can’t skip 1 song. So, she better bring it!!

    Thinkin to myself now-
    *Should I continue watching America’s Next Top Model* and *I don’t like how Tyra picks on Bianca on her show*

  7. This looks like it will be good. On another note :bowdown: at Rihanna’s endless legs.

  8. I wished she would have released ‘breaking dishes’…now thats a video I would like to see πŸ™‚

    This is gonna be like what? the 6th single from that album ?

    I wish her all the best though

  9. :booty: this is my song…lol..its nice ppl if u havent heard it..check it out..its from her reloaded album

  10. I love this single and I’m sure the video will be good. Rihanna is the “IT” girl right now. Like it or not..and I agree, her legs are ridiculous!

  11. ^^^^”Rehab” was on Good Girl Gone Bad when it first came out and re released for the reloaded version.

  12. This song was on the original version of GGGB…and it’s on the Reloaded version as well. They are milking this album for all it’s worth, so I’m not may. I really liked GGGB


  13. :brownsista: This is my jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so dislike Justin :noway: but I am going to overlook him being in this video…. I’ve somehow reconciled the fact that he wrote the song… but the song was so good I couldn’t help but like it.

    I think folks will buy what they love regardless to how many people are spouting off about that artist… I’ve read sooooooo many posts about how Rihanna can’t sing but I have purchased all three of her cds and I love them… her music is a step different from the usual r&B/pop mix…. I think her her haircut and change of style helped her beyond measure. She is soooo styling and fashionable right now I love it!!!!!

    I don’t see her success stopping because others are releasing music now…. of those coming out like I said her music is nothing like…. I see Rehab hitting number 1 as well and I can’t wait! Work it Rihanna!!!! And I have to agree with all of you…. her legs….. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    The first picture in the lounge chair with the shades….. WORK IT RIRI!!!!! :thumbsup:

  14. I hate this song :loser: , she should have release cry or breaking dishes, But rihanna is the hottest thing right now, and so funny sdom here calling her names and you swear you aren’ t jealous because her body is actually hollywood perfect?Go somewhere!

  15. after amy winehouse “rehab” song, noone should ever release a song with the same name…

    they will never kill it like her…

    cute song though, very justin timberlake.

  16. Love the song and I can’t wait to see what they come up with. I won’t lie and I cannot deny the fact (in my book) that Rihanna is nothing less than fierce and hot. People can say what they want, but no one is doing their thing the way she is doing hers right now or for the past year. Every song she puts out is a hit, and I love her album because every song on it is up to par to me. No filler, every song could be a hit (and every song might be a hit at this rate.) This kind of praise may seem over the top, but I love some Rihanna right now. πŸ˜† I also love some Justin Timberlake, I do.

    I also wish people would stop with the meaningless comparisons. It’s as if some people have to pledge some kind of loyalty to one artist to the point where you have to down another. I say grow the heck up and learn to enjoy what sounds good. I swear it’s hard to read some topic’ comments because some people are so obsessed and defensive that it’s just…sad to say the least.

  17. , I agree with dana and lola,i dont get the comparisons and you’re not gonna get ppl spending their money like that these days, especially with digital downloads and youtube… not to mention the likes of limwire. I really liked GGGB. Reloaded. more than the previous 2 although i wudda preferred to see a ‘Breakin Dishes’ vid.
    but i dont see her stoppin anytime soon cos she makes songs which, lets face it, a lot of ppl like. is there something wrong with havin britney, beyonce and rihanna toppin the charts.. ( separately of course) nope. i like them all for different reasons.

    btw, whats with the legs :bowdown: they go on forever.

  18. lol check justin ogling rihannas batty. Men! πŸ™„

  19. Well i really do not get the rihanna hype but i now understand why, she is pretty, that is it.
    Its not about music it is about how someone looks. Pathetic.

  20. ^^^^^ you really think it because of her looks stop playin..she came back out different thats why people like her.. people like different.. you know why because was as a people dont like seein the same thing over an over a gain :noway: …@DSOM have you seen maroon5 video she did or disdurbia video so go some where with that she’s copying somebody.. :stop: AN PEOPLE DONT MATTER HOW YALL FELL ABOUT PEOPLE COMPARIN THEM TWO (RIRI&BEY) ITS ALWAYS GOIN TO HAPPEN WHEN TO PEOPLE ARE WELL KNOWN LIKE (RIRI&BEY)THEY ARE ALWAYS GOIN TO BE COMPARED THATS JUST THE WAS IT IS ..THEY DID IT TO (MARAH&WHITN) FOR YEARS THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS..I EVEN WENT ON THE BILLBORDS AN THEY EVEN COMPARING THEM(RIRI&BEY) THERE :lol2: AND I DO WISH SHE WOULD OF CAME OUT WITH BREAKIN DISHES NOW THAT SONG IS HOT :bowdown: :bowdown:

  21. Say what you will about her singing (and personally I dont think she’s that bad) she is gettin her shine and the one to knock off the top of the charts.

    I think she should do more modeling cause the girl can take some fierce pics.

  22. Rihanna used to have a butt, however with all the booty that we sisters have, when ever we lose weight, the Butt is the first to go!! What ever, she still has a banging body. Yet I have to wonder why she is wearing long sleeves and stockings on the beach??? πŸ™

  23. No Beyonce stans like to compare Rihanna just to put her down knowing that Beyonce herself has more experience and in the industry and talent than Rihanna. They just like to do it because she is an easire target than someone like Alicia Keys. I don’t understand wh yRihanna and Beyonce were compared to begin with. Jay-z is only her boss and Jay-z is Beyonce’s husband lol. People can be so idiotic. People been hating in Rihanna since she got in the game, and people have a love-hate relationship with Beyonce lol. Anyways. these photos are nice. I haven’t heard the song yet.

    @ Nne.

    I heart j*daVey!!!! you gets a gold star for supporting my favorite duo! oh yeah stay way from limewire it’s the devil. I haven’t downloaded from there in over a year.


  25. i think rihanna can sing as well as b if you ask me she sounds like b on all three of her albums rihanna can sing its just the tone of her voice you dont like but she can do those beyonce runs trust me beyonce is played out her new songs are wack and rihanna is original when it comes to being a artist b is not you know that i dont care for :booty: shaking beyonce shes not even a r and b soul singer

  26. Rihanna………her legs are SICK.

    Justin Timberfake………he is a douche, but I can’t help but love his music.


  27. WHY is this chick coming out with yet ANOTHER single off of that DEAD album??? SMH…

    MOVE ON to the next project… GEEZ!

  28. I totally agree with you NATALIE. I said it before and I’ll say it again…the girl is manufactured from head to toe. They struggled with her image in the beginning, but someone eventually came up with the perfect design and now she’s selling like hot cakes. She’s a product not a performer. It’s not about talent at all! Hopefully, B will come thru and put a stop to this train…wreck.

  29. dsom said,
    October 22, 2008 at10:08 pm 1 hour, 2 minutes after
    that thing she has on looks similar to beyonce’s in single ladies….hmmm???

    And the one Beyonce is wearing in “Single Ladies” looks similar to Lady Gaga’s. It’s almost a Lady Gaga uniform. Her whole mood is all through that video. Check her out. She uses technology in inventive ways (the cyber arm is so her).
    And if you’d like to argue Beyonce wore the leotard in “Check on It” well that was Madonna’s style. She wore a leotard in the same color…it was the whole “disco, dance” theme around her record several years ago… Confessions from a Dance Floor, was it?

    a beyonce stans CANNOT complain about -ss cheeks hanging :thumbsdown: :loser:

  31. I’m so happy cuz she choose Rehab and not Breakin’ Dishes … Rihanna is the best! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  32. I totally agree :iagree: KATRINA :iagree: …. she can’t dance, she can’t sing… so I guess she’s just selling PRETTY, SMH! :noway:

  33. Chris Brown’s Sex Slave said Chris Brown’s Sex Slave said

    Jealous much? I cannot believe people in 2008 at one step to having a huge change in our history, and in the middle of a recession still have time to day dream about an inaccessible man YAWOW

  34. uhhh go find me a pic where bey’s ass is out, she wears shorts stuff yes, but i have never literally seen her ass cheeks hanging out of her clothes. she even wears shorts under the dresses she wears in concerts. rihanna’s half-a$$ed self always has on something that damn near fits like a thong

  35. Ummmmmmmmmm Boo, I’m @ work earning a paycheck while playing around on this website… WHERE are you? @ home wit yo 8 kids by 10 different baby fathers??? SMGDH Ppl really believe they have room to talk! SMDH :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty:

    AND :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  36. :hifive: I agree w/ the majority… Rhi does have nice legs!!

    I also have never purchased any music sung by Rhi, so I have never heard this song before, but I like a majority of the songs Rhianna has sung while listening to the radio. I look forward to seeing this video on the net when it’s ready to air. Only one thing, I am NOT looking forward to hearing from Justin T :thumbsdown: ….lost TOTAL respect for him after that Superbowl fiasco and leaving Janet J. out there to fiend for herself! :loser:

  37. lol girl does look good! just surprised that people had to comment on how what beyonce had on made her look…but those same people can appreciate this…but anyway i like it…looks nice on her! :bowdown:

  38. leave that girl butt alone like she the only one that have it hanging out. People crack me up when it come to her. Let her live.

  39. really? mr jones? what about the live of bad girl with usher? all the time we saw her booty and even got p– shot? You have what the french call “mauvaise fois” which mean you will blame someone for trying to look white and wear short stuff, yet when it comes to beyonce you’ ll lie

    Chris brown’ s stalker, your name says all about you homegirl πŸ™‚ i’ m just sitting here at home chilling yet earning more than you could ever, by doing whatever that is u do so just go away with your mess πŸ™‚

  40. Hey, y’all, check out the picture to the right. Poor ol’ Justin is gettin’ hot and horny looking at Rihanna’s booty cakes. Justin don’t know what to do with himself :lol2: .

  41. If you haven’ t heard the song you should, I’ m a “you better bring the vocals” type of woman but i’ m telling you the song is all that plus a bag of chips, and who wants to talk about her booty hanging out and what not? Get a hold of yourself woman just because she is slimmer than you does not mean you have to bash her, it’ s being a hypocrite you can’ t condone rihanna or call her nothing compare to no beyonce isn’ t beyonce 27 and married? Yet she is still acting like a 12th grade horny hood rat no one is talking about that, Leave that lil girl alone hating on her will not stop beyonce from aging as quickly as she does, on the other hand i hate leotards , just hate them, and rihanna legs are not that great she pretty but stop Over complimenting!

  42. Cute chick, can’t sing, but she’s cute! :brownsista: Ok, this is like the 8th single, yet this chick still hasn’t crossed 2 million in the USA! πŸ˜†

  43. @Melissa
    But close to 6.5 millions worldwilde!!! That means that tough she doesn’t sell so much in usa she’s very popular worldwilde !! Her album is the 7th best selling album since 2006!! So imagine if she has sold 3 or 4 millions in the US like Beyonce or Alicia Keys!!!
    I hate to compare but Rihanna has sold near to 4.5 millions albums worldwilde: 2 TIMES MORE THAN BEYONCE OR ALICIA!!!!
    Can you imagine? If the USA were supporting this girl like they support others brownsistas she would have sold 10 millions or even more!!!

    And even if they don’t support her she’s still selling more than many others (Alicia et Bey: 5.5 millions!!!!, Rihanna: 6.5millions!!!!!)
    So I think that say Rihanna doesn’t sell is unfair cause you just take the us sales!! Take the total and you’ll see that she’s far away than your favourites!!

  44. ^^^honey the only thing rihanna has outsold beyonce on is selling ass. bday sold 8 mill and gggb sold 6 mill.

    beyonce has sold over 130 million records overall so holla when rihanna sells even a 1/3 as much as bey. bey 1st album alone sold more than all 3 of rihanna albums combined.

    rihanna has never had a #1 album in the u.s and it took her a year to go platinum. and you have the nerve to say she outsells bey and alicia? GTFOH. you are clearly delusional.

    but ‘voice’ is the biggest psycho rihanna stan by far. i saw that performance with usher and you can not see her butt or vagina. you are a beyonce obsessed liar. if you dont like her then why watch her performances? see crazy and obsessed that’s what you are.

    and rihanna does not have the beyonce body to pull this look off. she has no ass no hips no nothing.

    so holla when rihanna stops copying fefe dobson and beyonce and can get a #1 album or 10 grammy’s.

  45. If the USA were supporting this girl like they support others brownsistas she would have sold 10 millions or even more!!!

    Do you want me to get started? Black people don’ t support this girl , they say she makes white music, just like they said ne-yo is gay, Because both explore new territories, Black americans wouldn’t see the light if you held their eyes open,
    lil wayne kisses baby in a mouth to mouth tongue twirling titanic should have been featured in kiss, yet he is no where being suspected of being gay, Some of our singer , explore features that are clearly Not ours, and make comments seriously putting in question their black cards, yet people swears up and down that others are hating, women are using their body to get on top, Yet people swears rihanna is the only one that does it, You people disgust the life out of me, it’ s so funny, And for someone to think that Sales in the United States, Matters more than worldwide, has the kind of mentality that got us into this economic and social mess we are in right now,Rihanna did one thing and one thing only, defied the standards of beauty that whitey and blackey imposed, they try to control her, then she said you know what? I don’ t care if i never make it, i prefer never make it being myself, Then from now one it was war, No one accused her of copying anyone until she became her own person, and yes a haircut will do you like that, Everyone is mad at her because she doesn’ t stay in line, You people don’ t know what hating is if you did you will write yall names instead of the actual word, You all are jealous, If you can’ t find one nice thing to say about someone, knowing that everyone got at least ONe thing working on their favor, It’ s jealousy, It’ s ridiculous. Keep on supporting only the one that represent the “ghetto” side of us and i do mean the word in a pejorative way,But don’ t say rihanna is “acting white” once she start paying attention and representing the people that love and support her

    You people are sad!

  46. LMAO @Rihanna stans, just your name alone tells me you need a life sweetie. Who cares who likes who. If you are a fan of Rihanna, Beyonce, Alicia Keys who gives a damn!!!! People need to grow up b/c ain’t nair one of those chicks give a damn about any of us on this website talking about how rich, fancy and care free they are living. I’m trying to get my hustle on and build up my paper. I’m not buying cds ( I just got Jazmine Sullivan but her voice and talent was worth the purchase). I barely listen to the radio to care about these dizzy broads. Get a life PLEAAASEEE!!!!!!!!

    And for the record Rihanna sold more than Beyonce get it right!

    According To Soundscan, the latest figures show Beyonce selling 5,992,540 copies of B Day. While Rihanna sold 6,057,280 copies of Good Girl Gone Bad.
    And she hasn’t been out long enough to sell 130 mill like Beyonce. Rihanna wasn’t in a backstabbing girl group with her uppity daddy! Bringing drama in to sell more records. Rihanna is what 21 or something, Beyonce is 27! There you have it, Bee is pushing 30 they have slowly but surely pushed her out the way for a younger & fresher look and sound. She can be in all the movies she wants to with her no talent having tail. She can make a double cd that means nothing. The industry will tell it all! You take your dumb behind out and buy Beyonce and give her more money I’m not buying nothing from nobody especially someone as overrated as Beyonce and numerous others. :noway:

  47. ^^^ Umm, you do know that soundscan only reports in the USA! Google is your friend! πŸ˜†

    Really trying to understand how this thread turned into a Beyonce versus Rihanna thread, but I’ll bite. B’Day has sold more than Rihanna’s last TWO albums put together in the USA according to SOUNDSCAN! Worldwide sales are not reported by soundscan. Most folks got to MTO) and yes, Beyonce has crossed 6 mil and Rihanna is at 6.3. So, she has sold 300, ooo more worldwide and Beyonce has sold over 1 million more in the USA.

  48. I just wanna know what is her talent?
    its Not singing or dancing oh I guess its FASHION :lol2:

  49. I don’ t know judging by the pictures, and knowing the song, It doesn’ t really seems to add,
    It’ s a beautiful Beautiful song i’ ll be dissapointed if rihanna Oversex it, and leave the truth message of the song behind.

  50. excuse you ivory? jealous because she is slimmer than me? ha, rihanna shape is not all that, i will take my shape over her’s any day honey, so you can just SHUT UP. i have my opinion on her, and that’s exactly what it is, an opinion. you don’t like it you can KICK ROCKS.

  51. Love the song ‘REHAB” about time she does a video for it.

  52. Lmao U got that right i’ m lmao at you right now , just sht up u sound so stupid it’ inimaginable, of course i’ ll watch beyonce performances instead of accusing of stuff i have no proof over doesn’ t it make sens? You watch rihanna too don’ t you? You know u do

    Ivory :iagree: 100% :hifive: sista πŸ˜€

  53. Ok damn how long ago did this albulm come out? I definately dont wanna get attacked by any rabid stans, or fans. but what is the logic behind releasing a song from an album that was released years ago, is that supposed to seduce more purchaces? I think the people who were gonna support the album already bought it, and anyone else who likes the song is just gonna download the single, so this makes no since to me. πŸ™ with all the new albums being released in the coming months, whats the point of this?

  54. Rihanna sells more singles digitally than albums. It’s profitable for her to release singles.

  55. How many singles did fergie released from her garbage dutchess album tho it was released time before?
    the point of this is plain old milking the album from what it worth the more single she released the more people like hr style and , when the next album comes out people will be curious it’ s marketting, it sucks, it might work on our nerves but its marketting.

  56. I’m getting fed up of Rihanna
    we are on a global recession and chicks seems too superficial to me
    maybe you don’t get what I mean but she’s not real, I know she’s an artist and they’re supposed to entertain however I won’t criticize Meagan for wearing the same pair of shoes or even Beyonce new fresh, clean and SIMPLE style because they looks more down to eath than those artists like Rihanna, Timbaland chicks…
    I’m not hatin at all, I’m glad to see beautiful black women doing their thing, it’s just that I might be fed up of too much extravaganza and fakeness

  57. Shes on fire, other females can care about b and brit but RIRI knows she is the FIRE!!!!!

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