Tamar Braxton Announces Retirement + New Music


New Music: ‘Pick Me Up’ by Tamar Braxton

We have some good and bad news for all you Tamartians out there. First, the good news is that your girl’s upcoming Bluebird of Happiness album is available for pre-order via iTunes beginning today. Fans who cop the album before its official September 29th release date will be able to download the single Pick Me Up in full, as well as listen to snippets of several unreleased tracks.

Now for the bad news. Tamar says she’s retiring from music and that Bluebird of Happiness will be her final album. The Love and War singer made the announcement via her Instagram page, where I’ve noticed she tends to get very personal with fans about her life. Tamar didn’t explain her reason for wanting to retire her mic, but it should be noted that she made a very similar declaration back in 2014.

For those of you who don’t follow Tamar on social media, let me be the first to tell you that she is a drama queen and bonafide attention whore. I adore Tamar, I truly do. But she is notorious for sweeping displays of emotion online. She truly loves attention and was guaranteed to get exactly that by declaring her musical retirement just days before releasing her album.

I suspect Tamar may be trying to juice her sales, which have taken a slight hit over the years, as has R&B music in general. But something tells me that if the new album performs as well as Love and War did, Miss Tay Tay will be putting that retirement on hold indefinitely.


  1. The article is well explained. I will share my two cents on Tamar. She is definitely talented and perhaps this will be something she needs to consider. I’ve supported her since day one. Although I didn’t agree with her unnecessary antics I do want her to still continue to do records. Whatever the case is with her I suggest she really do a favor for her supporters and rethink about this. Yes she does have the right to don’t make anymore records but seriously the r&b genre needs artist such as her to allow the genre to flourish. She has the soul and quality of r&b. She and the likes of other r&b singers such as Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy, and etc have stepped up their stuff with r&b because they just got that soul. If she thinks that retiring will do service for her and do other ventures that’s fine. But I think as a supporter she needs to get herself in a positive space and get away from the b.s. She has managed to achieve success and yes she has. But I do want her to step away from the spotlight for a while. Just take a break and if she decides to put out new material she needs to do it because she wants to. And I’ll get the new material when it releases. “Pick Me Up” is a bop! I dig it and I wish the best for Tamar.

  2. Tamar needs to hire someone to handle all her social media accounts. We need to return to the days where celebrities were enigmas and what we knew of them came from their managers and agents. No artist should ever announce a retirement before putting out music. It does not make people want to run and buy their final project. It makes them do just the opposite. People don’t want to invest in music from an artist who they may never hear from again. Singers today stay pulling stunts for attention. Tamar needs to refocus on her music because what she is putting out is not as good as what she was doing only three years ago. She’s relying heavily on samples and the songs are generic. Love & War and Hot Sugar were amazing songs. She needs to reunite with her old writing and producing team. An image makeover wouldn’t hurt either. She’s really pretty. Just as pretty as Toni. But the horrible blond hair and makeup add ages to her and makes her look like a wanna be Lil Kim. Tamar needs a professional team to lead her in the right direction and help her make common sense decisions about her career. I’m rooting for her too. But she’s got to come correct and put music first and antics aside.

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