Pics: 18th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards

The Beverly Hills-Hollywood branch of the NAACP held it’s 18th. Annual Theatre Awards last night in Hollywood, California. Honorees included actress Vivica A. Fox and Fox television show “American Idol”. Actress Kimberly Elise (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Set It Off) and Anthony Anderson (Meet The Andersons, Kingdome Come) hosted the show which was held at the Kodak Theatre. Vivica was awarded the “Spirit Award”, while American Idol was recognized with the Service Award for their “Idol Gives Back” fundraising telecast.

Above and below we have just a few of the Brown Sistas who attended this event including actress Jill Marie Jones, Eva Pigford and Vivica Fox.

Also in attendance were actresses Tichina Arnold, Malinda Williams and Ananda Lewis.

LisaRaye McCoy, Donielle Artese, and Tiffany Hines also made an appearance.


  1. Ooo, Eva is so pretty! She make me sick!

    Ananda looks the same as she did in her Teen Summit days.

    And Malinda is usually my girl, but I don’t know about that corset thing. It looks like she just threw it on over that dress. Like maybe her stomach was showing and she just didn’t feel like changin. It’s kinda smushin her boobs! But I still love her!

    The rest of the ladies look nice as well!

  2. Ananda looks like a sweaty mess. She looks like she just got out of the shower. I think Jill Marie Jones looks really nice as well as Vivica and LisaRaye but that’s about it. I am glad Kimberly Elise is being recognized, that’s a sister who is doing it. I really like her. and she is not the average looking black woman in Hollywood, that’s why I’m so proud.

  3. Elise hosted the show. Unfortunately when I posted this no pics of her were available yet.

  4. Damn look at my twin lisa raye go girl everyone look good to me. GO BLACK SISTAS

  5. Also forgot to mention, is Tichina Arnold pregnant? She shole do look like it in that dress.

  6. Ever since I heard that Ananda slept with Damon Dash while he was with Aaliyah I haven’t been to keen on her. I mean I don’t know if its true but I really liked Aaliayah (as yall know) and they were supposed to be good friends 🙁

  7. Beautiful Brown sistas. Nia, I’ll feeling you on Malinda with that corset. It does not go with the dress. It does look like they just put it on her. The dress would look so much better without it.

  8. Everyone looks great! I love most of the dresses. God, makes me want to go shopping NOW! 😆

  9. I agree with Nia on how gosh darn pretty Eva looks and on Tichina looking preggers.

    Also agreeing w/ Liyah on Ananda. Not only am I turned off by her on that story but also based on some factual stories of her being a well known “jump-off” before and after her HU days. I’ve really tried liking her and not judging her but…. hmm… I dunno *shrug*. I can be a bit of a prude from time to time- lol.

    Jill Marie looks radiant!!!
    Am I the only one to think that LisaRaye looks like Raven Symone’s big sis??!! LOL!!

  10. The head shots are gorgeous! I love Malinda’s hair. Tichina looks better than usual. LisaRaye looks different with big hair. I have never seen/heard of Donielle & Tiffany. Pretty ladies. What is their claim to fame?

  11. All my beautiful black sistas are representing! If Malinda would just take off that corset…

  12. Eva is so beautiful she almost don’t look real. She is absolutely gorgeous. There is just something about us black women we are just the original and naturally beauty.

  13. Ananda look is so not current, that looked worked back then, She needs something more edgge like cut her hair and get a relaxer or something. I like Melinda’s look I think she’s cute I like how the corset looks from the back not so much in the front. Eva look kinda wack to me dont like the hair at all, I love Jill marie shes always on point, people use to always say to me that I remind them of her and i use to get a’lil offended, but I like her I dont mind now.

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