Pics: Alicia Keys In Concert+Mentors J. Hudson

Singer Alicia Keys performed before a sold out crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Monday night. Ne-Yo was on hand to open up for the singer and quite a few celebrities took in the show as well, with reports of both Gabrielle Union and Britney Spears being in the audience. Next up for Alicia is a performance on Ellen and after that reports have Alicia mentoring Jennifer Hudson and possibly doing writing and production work on her debut CD, along with India Arie.

Tune in today to catch Alicia’s performance on Ellen and you can check out Alicia’s gallery on for more concert pics.


  1. MAN,THAT YOUNG WOMAN IS FINE!!! Her music will be around for a long time. She could play Lena Horne in her autobiography. She favors her especially on that first pic. She would just need to cut and style her hair. She already can sing so there would be no need for a lip-sync show. I wish her the best and a long career, with her FINE SELF!!

  2. Alicia Keys is such a great artist. I read another report that she and Idia Arie were mentoring Jennifer Hudson on her debut album. It should be a pretty decent album with those two talented Artist bringing their different styles of music and awesome producing and writing skills.

  3. Wow alicia looks stnning1 she didn’t strike me as a gal that wants to show off her body like that. but she has done that so tastefully. on the suject of jennifer hudson, when is her new album comming out? i cant wait for her to give all these amateurs a run for ther money1

  4. She is amazingly stunning always. Love this chica. How cool of both she and India.Arie to mentor JHud. Awesome! 🙂

  5. I LUV me some Alicia and I feel an obligation to always comment on her post. Yes, like always I`ll also say I can`t get enough of her curves. Her body is BANGIN`… Stunning is definitely hers and she has the best curves in the business, she has no equal. I wish her a long lasting successful career and she shows no signs of slowing down. I also thank her for being a NON-CONFORMIST for not following the norm of the day and choosing to write meaning long lasting music. She marches to the beat of her own drum and I luv it. She`ll definitely have more detractors for this reason because the world in general doesn`t take too kindly to NON-CONFORMISTS, but what the hell because she continues to do it her way and “No One” can argue with the results.

    It just goes to show you that shaking *** and gyrating is not the only way, and believe me Alicia has a lot to shake. I read an article on her the other day and she was quoted as saying that when she first started in the business there were certain people (record company execs) who wanted her to shake it and drop it like it`s hot but she refused as she remained true to herself. Not many artists would have done that because many would sell their souls if it meant getting a recording contract. Alicia choosed to go against the grain and it`s evident that she`s having the last laugh. I`m pretty sure there are other female artists who hate on her for being different but in the end it`s you who has to luv you .

    Once again Alicia is ROCKIN` and that body of hers is a sight to behold. Pants, a dress it doesn`t matter because those curves aren`t going anywhere. Sorry to sound redundant but I just can`t help myself. I`m a huge admirer and I make no apology. Alicia is doing the damn thing with her FINE AS HELL self. Gotta LUV this NON-CONFORMIST………

  6. AKeys is doing it big! She looks good and i know her conert is off the chain! I can’t wait til she does another Unplugged album!

  7. Alicia has always been beautiful and a wonderful performer. I’ve been a fan since “fallin”. She has been really showing off her figure. In a tasteful way. I ain’t mad at you. I really can’t wait to hear J-Hud’s CD if Alicia and India.Arie are working on it. I can’t wait, I hope it’s good!

  8. In 5-10 years Alicia will be a pig. She didn’t used to be that big and sloppy. That is weight gain pure and simple. I bet she has on a girdle to keep all that fat in place. Not a good look for her at all. Look at how she looked when she started off a few years ago and how she looks now. That is fat yall. Pure fat.

  9. @Willa

    Again…WHERE do you people come from??? Are you all the same poster using different names??? There CAN’T be this many people in the world who just say negative, silly, things for no reason.

  10. @Nef:

    Don`t waste your time. There are a lot of people in the world unhappy with themselves. If that is fat I LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There`s definitely a HATER IN DA HOUSE… (LMAO, LMAO, LMAO)

  11. Let it never be said that Alicia Keys does not do her thing and rock the world. Love her. While she at times seems to fly under the radar slightly, she is definitely on top of things right now. This is an artist of my generation, and probably one of the few that I’ll remember for being truly talented.

    And in 5-10 years Alicia won’t be fat…she’ll be even more of a super woman she is now and will, very most likely, still be rocking those curves.

  12. If that is fat. I WANNA BE FAT!!!

    I am glad she is helping J-Hud. She is at the top of her game and is willing to help anothe fabulous sister, that’s amazing.

  13. Do you guys think Alicia is a strong vocalist? Once upon a time I did but the more music she puts put, the more I question it.

  14. @ UnalteredBeauty: I don’t believe Alicia is a super strong vocalist. She’s no Christina, Jennifer, or Mariah. I believe it takes either a ‘Boom’ voice like those singers, or simply an original voice,sound, and plain talent. She does have her own sound, voice, and she’s quite talented with her writing and composing. All of her talent combined makes her great to me. She’s never made me skip a breath with her voice, but she’s good.

  15. There is nothing wrong with Alicia’s Vocals, Just like Prince vocals are not Lionel Richies, and Lionel Richies’ vocal are not Luther Van Dross’. Music is not just about vocals….Women can be so catty! I love Alicia voice.. I’ts pure and real not manufactured Music that makes you feel and emotions is music PERIOD

  16. I’ll always think and feel that Alicia has a strong and exceptionally beautiful voice. She sings from her soul!!! I never once heard her sound off beat yet alone skip one. She’s cool as a fan….voice and all.

  17. Would I say that she is on the same level as say Jennifer Hudson, no. But she is still a great singer. You feel her when she sings and to me that’s a great singer. I love her lyrics you can relate (or atleast I can relate) to them. I think that’s the difference between artists who write their own songs and are poets as oppose to artists who have writing teams for them.

  18. Alicia Keys is gorgeous and very intelligent. I really enjoy her style of music. I am very fond of the way she takes her time to write music with substance. I have all her albums, I have seen her in concert in the past, and I can’t wait until she comes to a city near me. I will definitely go and see her perform again. She definitely has longevity in this business. Hello Terrance I must co-sign there are a lot of people in this world that are unhappy with themselves and they will try to tear anyone down. Indie Arie is one of my favorite artists as well I have also seen her in concert she was excellent. If any of you get the opportunity please go and check both of these ladies out in concert it is well worth the money.

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