Pics: Brown Sistas At The 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Despite a fire that destroyed parts of Universal Studios in Hollywood, California, the 2008 MTV Movie Awards seem to still be moving forward and guests, nominees and other assorted beautiful people, are already walking the gold carpet. At the time of this posting singer Jennifer Hudson, who has a lot to be proud of seeing as how her new movie, Sex And The City opened at #1, and actress Meagan Good and her sister Lamaya Good, have been spotted posing for photogs.

Update: Rihanna was also at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards but she did not walk the gold carpet. Instead she was spotted with Chris Brown in the audience and below is Brown Sista’s exclusive (for now) pic of them together. More Rihanna can now be seen on Page 2.


  1. Why must Jennifer Hudson always wear dresses that push her boobs up to her chin and display her breasts in the most obvious of ways? She looks foolish to me sometimes and I think it’s about time she find a real stylist. As for Meagan she and her sister look a damn fool with them oversized wigs ons. Meagan’s sister look the worse but damn must we always go overboard on the indian hair? Good grief :/

  2. Roe,
    Do you have some sort of breast hatred issues?

    You said the same thing in the other post about Jennifer last week.

    Since when do women with great cleavage need to hide it or otherwise downplay it? Are you flat chested and therefore have some sort of jealousy issue with her because she has large breasts, or are you large breasted and feel ashamed of yours so it angers you that she isn’t ashamed of hers?

    Perhaps she is dressing that way because the look works for her. Any stylist will tell her that she needs to play up her good features (which on her body would be her ample bosom) and downplay her less than great features. So she is doing that.

    She can wear whatever she feels good in. She doesn’t look obscene. She isn’t showing her thong or anything.

  3. Nefertari Chocolatepeach, Jennifer Hudson is overweight and her breasts are nothing but a large mass of fat. A mass of fat that either she or her stylist seems darn near obsessed with. All her outfits are exactly the same and make her look cheap, overweight and not sexy. Now if she had breasts like Meagan we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  4. Roe,
    Breasts–ALL BREASTS lmao!!! are composed, primarily or Fatty Tissue.

    Therefore Meagan’s breasts (unless they are silicone) are composed of the exact same thing as Jennifer’s. Lmao girl you gave me a great laught tonight. Thank you.

    So then, on a more serious note, you contend that you have a problem with Jennifer pushing up her breasts–because she isn’t skinny….so she needs a stylist…but its ok for Meagan….because she is skinny.

    That actually makes no sense. On a larger woman, like Jennifer, where EVERYTHING is larger, prominent breasts would actually be more in line with her body and therefore not so obvious and prominent.

    On a smaller woman, like Meagan, where everything is small, prominent breasts would look more like silicone beachballs that are intentionally made prominent.

    But all in all, breasts are breasts and exposed breasts are exposed breasts. Your explanation, while your right to give, is illogical.

    Just say “Nefertari Chocolatepeach–I don’t like Jennifer Hudson because I think she is unattractive…so I felt like saying something negative and nasty and so I did…”

    At least that would pass the smell test.

  5. now that I’ve done my defense piece…my only question for her stylist would be “Why did you think the pink bra matched the outfit…why not a red bra–or a red bra with white polkadots….etc.” So the pink bra is mindboggling. Otherwise, its a Rockabilly look that is pretty hot in fashion this year.

  6. jen-hud look so good have she lost any weight? i agree on the boob pushing up comment
    but i think it is hyporcrite that the same person that complains about bigger women displaying their “goodies” are the same praising the more “fit”(by all american standards) its a sign of insecurity let people be if you’re gonna criticize one person do it with the others.

  7. Roe- you need to get some self esteem salad and eat it.

  8. @Nefertari:

    Speak on it, speak on it!!!!

    @Roe: If my mother had a mustache she could be my father.. Lmao!!!!

    I think all the ladies look extremely sexy. Kudos to the beautiful BLACK woman…

    “D.S.” by MJ in reference to the former DA in Los Angeles who tried to falsely prosecute him. Of course his name is Tom Sneddom so MJ just changed it up for obvious reasons.

    They wanna get my ***
    Dead or alive
    You know he really tried to take me
    Down by surprise
    I bet he missiones with The CIA
    He don`t do half what he say

    Dom Sheldon is a cold man
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    He out shock in every single way
    He`ll stop at nothing just to get his political say
    He think he bad cause he`s BSTA
    I bet he never had a social life anyway

    You think he brother with the KKK
    I bet his mother never taught him
    Right anyway
    He wants your vote just to remain TA
    He don`t do half what he say

  9. @Smooth Criminal

    Lol! My daddy used to say “If a buzzard had a radio in his a$$ there would be music in the air…”
    lol, it took me years to figure out that what he meant by that odd comment was that “if” is pretty much useless. It is what it is. I will now be borrowing your phrase as well. Have a good one.

  10. @ Roe

    Meagan Good’s breasts are about as real as her hair and teeth 😆

    I do agree that her breasts are always on display and that at times it does seem a bit much.

  11. I’m gonna have to partially agree with Roe on this one…its not needed to push up your breasts like that. I don’t think its cute on meagan, and I don’t think its cute on Jennifer. The rest of the outfit itself is very cute though, but I think J-hud could do better. my two cents…if u don’t like it, build a bridge 🙂

  12. In my earlier post I meant to say that I agree that Jennifer’s breasts are oftentimes on display in a way that is sometimes a bit too much. I love her as an actress but the truth is the truth.

  13. It’s not so much that Jennifer’s breast are showing as it is the way she has that pink bra sticking out underneath, I find that to be very tackey.

    And Meagan looks a mess most of the time on the red carpet when she styles her own clothes….She only looks good to me when she’s doing a magazine spread which I’m sure other people are dressing her…She always looks cheap on the edge of slu**y.

  14. Jennifer’s bra does look tacky with that dress, I see where she was trying to go with it but it didn’t follow through for me. Maybe she could have done one of those strapless bras in a better color, that would have looked better. Overall both her and Meagan look nice. The show on the other hand was boring! The only thing it did was reaffirm that I am in fact in love with Johnny Depp…and that I possibly have feelings for Robert Downey Jr. 🙂

  15. @Sick of it–I agree that she should have gone with strappless or perhaps even a high end strapless Bustier. I also wouldn’t have chosen pink…

  16. I have to agree about Jennifer and her boobs. Every outfit is an empire waist plunging neckline mess. If her stylist was any good he/she would have other options for her. She would have looked great in a silk tank style top and a nice tailored skirt or flowy pants. A little class and less trash. This getup is just tacky imo.

  17. Oh well, I guess the trolls have spoken but I’ll say my piece anyway…
    I love J-Hud, her bra peaking out isn’t tacky to me it’s very suggestive if you will. Her movie just opened…the outfit is in keeping with that vibe-soooo very Sex and the City. I love her clothes and hair-straight hair suit her. She’s brilliant in that movie btw.
    Meagan looks aite. The outfit kinda swallows her but hey she looks Good in anything! I do agree her hair is a tad bit too long though.

  18. I agree that the pink bra showing underneath is something that Jennifer could have done without. However, as far as her breasts are concerned, it is what it is..As a male I won`t pose as a fashion critic, for I lack the credentials. It`s not my area of expertise for I do not have a degree..

  19. J-Hudd looks good. She’s a sexy full figured woman and I really don’t see the problem in how she dresses. She’s worn plenty of outfits that haven’t put her rack on full display. Right now she’s going through a “pinup” phase and I think she pulls the look off; back fat and all. One minute we’re tired of getting Eurocentric beauty standards shoved down our throats; but the next minute can’t stand to see a beautiful black curvaceous not look like the average Hollywood doll.

    Make up your minds sistahs.

  20. 😆 @ Rihanna being tittie-less. I guess all those people claiming she had breast implants can fall back now.

  21. I don’t see what’s so wrong with Jennifer’s outfit, it look alright to me (though I would’ve chosen a red bra instead) and I think it’s true that people tend to pick on her sometimes because she’s bigger. She did just finish SATC and it does kind of give off that vibe. If SJP wore that, women would be tripping over their heels to recreate it. Can’t knock her or her cleavage, which I also don’t think is that bad or excessive. Now if she wore a belly-bearing top and a navel ring we could all go “OMG, what is she wearing” but this? Come on.

    I don’t care about Meagan Good, I just don’t. She blows past my mind like sand in the desert. Rihanna didn’t walk the Red Carpet? Oh my. Wanna talk about cleavage? Check out Rihanna dress. Jennifer should donate one of her cup sizes to Rihanna (humor implied).

  22. I thought the same thing about Rihanna when I saw that pic

  23. The problem with Jennifer’s dress and many of the dresses whe wears is that her breasts are forced up into a position that is way too high often leaving Jennifer’s face fighting for attention with her breats. Those things are damn near on her chin and it looks unnatural. If she wants to flaunt them I say more power to her but why push them up so high and why not at least wear a dress that fits. This outfit is not for her and I suggest she just stop wearing things like this especially with a belt so high up around this waiste.

    This photo of Jennifer is just terrible.

  24. Jennifer Hudson is like a size 12 that is hardly full figured. Queen Latifah is full figured.

  25. I luvs Megan but I’m not feeling this new hairdo too much- I guess a change was needed though and I don’t care very much for the blue shoes w/ that dress… maybe it’s the style of the shoes… yeah, that’s it. Anyways, why does her sister always have her hair similar to Meg’s when I see her?? That irks me. My sister and I are very close but we definitely don’t try to look-a-like or even resemble each other. My hair is long and brown, hers is short and jet black. I hate when friends and/or whoever a person hangs out with all resemble one another. It’s like, “Get your own style! Stand out as YOURSELF!” I’m babbling- whtev…

    Rih Rih looks cute! Wonder why no red carpet?

    Isn’t J.Hud’s belt and shoes more on the hot pink/fuschia color level?? I think the pink bra goes *shrugs*

  26. Jennifer you look great. I’m not crazy about the dress but I do like the way it fits her. Megan, you are making a statement with those shoes but what are you saying?? Rihanna, yooooz a pretty young thing!!!!

  27. Jennifer Hudson needs to hire Queen Latifah or Jill Scott’s stylist. Her clothes just don’t compliment her body these days. Before she won the Oscar, she looked beautiful. Now it seems she is trying to squeeze into everything and it is not at all flattering.

    Meagan Goode and her sister look cheap. What is up with sistas and these wigs and lace front weaves? Nobody goes natural anymore.

  28. I don’t think Jen looks bad. Tocarra be lookin WAY worse wit her watermelons and some of the stuff she be wearing.

    I don’t think Rihanna is that small. I think it’s the dress flattening her a bit. I usually like her style, but that dress is not very flattering on her.

    But on another note, what the h%ll does Chris Brown have on? That’s usually my boo, but the whole Captain America look with the mohawk is a little too much. Maybe its a tribute to Michael Jackson. I don’t know. Rhi, get yo man together.

  29. Oh wow, I didn’t even realize a page 2. Rihanna is usally on point, but I don’t like that dress, it IS different though if that’s what she’s going for!

  30. JHud looks very cute and some breasts you just can hide. No matter what you do. Rihanna and CBrown are totally cute and adorable. Rihanna gear is fab. Meagan Goode looks good!

  31. Wow. Well, the ladies look nice sans some wardrobe mishaps, big-titties, too-small-titties, fake-titties, real-titties or not. 😆

  32. i love what ms j-hud’s wearin’ but it is true most of the time them tittie are movin out of her top and there so tight so it looks like there wanna jump out and show them paparazzi how 2 pose lol it’s alwys good to pull e’m up but j-hud shud watch out they might pull of a janet jackson moment lol just kiddin’ i love janet tho lols

  33. Jennifer looks ridiculous..she’s a pretty girl but she looks cheap cheap cheap! And her size has nothing to do with it!! It just looks tacky!

    Oh and Meghan’s weave is huge!!!

  34. I think Jennifer been looking good lately. She just got some titty on her that all. Why need to hide them. As long they not pouring out the dress she ok with me. She big beautiful woman that doing the damn thing. Go JEN-HUD

  35. Well… I am glad the the stylist for J Hud has stepped it up a bit… she still has a way to go, but it is def a step up.

  36. Blame it on tha Rain, You are right. J Hud’s stylist has stepped it up a little. That much I have noticed. So from now on I can and will be expecting improvements. Not over night improvements, but none-the -less, better outfits in the future. When I look at her, I still see someone who is still new to this Hollywood world. And When I look at other stars pasts I can see their improvements through out their careers. I’m not giving up on Jen. Eventually she will find a look that fits her just fine.
    Megan looks fine. I just hate the blue heels with the outfit. Maybe it’s fashion, but Iwouldn’t have worn them together. I guess I’m a bit Southern and old school and can’t understand how that works well together.
    I love how RiRi does her own thing. Seems less like a Robot to me. And it looks like she is enjoying herself whenever she can. After all isn’t she something like 19 yrs. old? So I don’t expect her to act any older. When she is working we see something different, but on her off time she’s definitely someone else. Good for her.

  37. Jennifer is a beautiful full figured woman! No one ever questions why Janet’s breasts are always to her chin. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Janet). She is showing them off. It doesn’t look slu**y, but sexy as hell. She is reping for us ample breasts women out there! Jennifer wants to look sexy, so let her.

    I agree that she should have the same stylist as Queen Latifah or Jill Scott, even Monique, cause sometimes she misses the mark. But she looks good here.

  38. Jennifer looks a hot mess! She really needs major help!SMH

  39. Jennifer Hudson should take notes from Queen Latifah – a woman of size who always looks polished, sophisticated and gorgeous!

  40. @Jazzybelle

    I don’t dislike anyone’s opinion. We all have them and they vary. An opinion, however, is different from venemous hatred that is spewed with no logical basis. I do dislike that–very strongly in fact. I don’t believe your post was illogical or venemous, so I won’t need to “build a bridge” *smile

    I’m going to be honest, I am starting to hate gossip blogs because on every single one is post after post of essentially what follows:

    “so and so (fill in the blank–it doesn’t matter who the celeb is, but I’m referring to black female celebs) isn’t cute….she is ugly…she is stank…she is fat…she is skinny…she is plastic….she needs to sit down…she needs to get up….she needs to stop dating around….she needs to stop faking marriage….blah blah miscellaneous blah full of negativity”

    I really didn’t know that we (black folk) took so much pleasure in finding fault in one another and honestly I didn’t want to know and wish that I didn’t know now.

    If you notice, I tend to defend whichever black female celeb is taking the brunt of the negative critique at the time. Other than Janet–its rarely because I’m a huge fan of the celeb, I’m just really fighting against the negative energy.

    I have rarely seen a black sister who I couldn’t look at and find something beautiful about her….I stop black women in public and tell them they are pretty–and YES I get some really strange looks and have to constantly tell people “i’m not gay….I just think you are pretty and thought it was fine to tell you”. The looks don’t get any better after that but anyway, its my mission so I do it. That being said, I just utterly HATE sisters who can’t wait to tell another black woman or say that another blackwoman is unattractive. I hate it. We don’t need that. The last thing black women need is to be told or hear or read those negative things. We’ve been fed that poison for so long that it oozes out of most of us like some foul infection. So…its my mission to combat it. Onward!

    @ The people comparing J Hud to Queen Latifah and Jill Scott–there is no comparison. As someone above correctly stated, J Hud is about a size 12 which is Misses size by seamstress standards (women in my family are dressmakers) and not plus sized. She gained weight for the Dreamgirls role and looks to have slimmed down now.

    Queen Latifah, by the way, looks great on the red carpet, but outside of the red carpet, I would hardly refer anyone to her “stylist” unless they all wanted to look like her Cleo character from Set it Off because that is Latifah’s style off the red carpet.

    Jill Scott, who claims to be a size 14, and might be a size 14 in “Womens” clothing, is not a size 14 by dressmaker standards. Few people realize that a size 14W, 16W, 18W etc. is not the same measurement size as a 14, 16, etc. in Misses. Essentially, the clothing industry has tricked millions of plus sized women into thinking they are smaller than they are–by craftily changing the measurements. For instance, a size 14W has the same Bust, Waist, and Hips measurement as a size 18 Misses. Pull up a Lane Bryant size chart and put it next to a Spiegel size chart or any other Misses size chart and you’ll see what I’m referring to.

    My point is that Jennifer Hudson appears to be around a size 12 Misses and that is nowhere near the size of Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, or Monique, all of whom are beautiful sisters, but each of whom clearly wear “Women” sized clothing and not Misses. They aren’t the same size so why people are insisting she should dress like them is beyond me.

    Furthermore, and I’m not saying that over a certain age you have to dress like grandma moses–however….Jennifer is younger than any of those women so if she wants to “dress her age” rather than dressing matronly (my personal opinion is that Queen and Jill dress much too grandma like for their ages), then she should go for it. Nobody else in Hollywood is being asked to cover up everything like they just stepped out of the tent revival and neither should Jennifer. She looks good.

    @Nne You know–I thought the belt and shoes were red but you just might be right-and if it is hot pink, it would look fine.

  41. Why are most of you bashing the position of Jennifer’s boobs? They are sitting up perfectly. Boobs are not supposed to sag, girls!!! I know we are are used to see the girls with no boobs, and therefore they don’t where bras such as Eve. But girls with with big boobs should always make sure they are in the upright. If they sag then it makes the woment look larger, when they sit upright it defines the waist and shows are the hour glass figure that men love!Do you see her nipples? No, so the cleavage is sexy, but in good taste, leaving something to the imagination. I am a 36DD and I always have my girls in the upright position and show a little cleavage when appropiate. Again the men love it! Jennifer is an entertainer, so it is appropiate!! I haven’t seen any man complain on this post, cause again they love it!! If you got it flaut it, if you don’t, then don’t hate, work what you do have sistas.

  42. Thank you, Tip. I’m a 36DD as well and breasts aren’t supposed to be sagging…they need to be sitting upright regardless of what outfit you wear. Otherwise, you look silly. Jennifer looks beautiful…don’t understand the backlash. And Nefertari Chocolatepeach I agree with you as well. I was wondering too why our celebrity black women are always getting hated on by other black women. Folks are quick to call somebody ugly which I can’t stand. Just alot of nick picking. Anyway, Jennifer, Meagan, Rihanna look beautiful…and I wish them the best in their careers.

  43. @Tip and Jay

    I wear a 38DD (I have finally gone down from DDD and I’m elated because I’m too cheap to pay over $100 for a bra!) but I digress…

    So when I see Jennifer, I’m thinking….hmmmm where can I find a bra that works that well on breasts that large. They don’t usually make push-up bra’s for that size.

    But breasts are supposed to sit like that in a bra–at least I’ve always thought that.

    I also think they are all beautiful. I honestly can’t think of a black female celeb who I think is “ugly” or any sisters I know personally. I just think black women are gorgeous and I love to see us looking gorgeous. When you glow, I glow. It makes me happy. So its kind of a selfish thing.

  44. @posters above with whom I disagreed, if I offended you or belittled your opinion in any way I apologize. You have a right to have it. I don’t know what experience or ideology you might have that makes you see it that way and I don’t think my way is any better than yours. I come on strong a lot–I’m passionate…but I’m not always right, in fact, I’m wrong quite often.

    Please understand that “black women are beautiful” is my personal life mission statement and I’m passionate about it–even so, that doesn’t mean that I think you are horrible or wrong for the way you feel.

    Maybe you are just more honest than I am. For instance, I see celeb pictures that make me think WTF is she WEARING?!!! all the time. I skip those posts and don’t say anything but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the thought.

    So if my posts made you feel slighted I am sorry. I didn’t intend that and if I did intend it, there would be no mistaking my energy. I don’t really come sideways, I tend to come straight at people. But in this case, I was really just on my soapbox about sisters. I really do think we are beautiful and just awe-inspiring. I want to share it and sometimes I guess I go overboard.

  45. Jennifer Hudson always represents brown sistas well. A class act 🙂

  46. I do not like meagans choice of color when it comes to the shoes.
    I like J-Huds dress…
    her hair looks fabulous

    Chris Brown & Rihanna look like a cute couple {if they are}


    CB is always right next to his woman! lol

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