Pics: Ciara Films “Go Girl” Video

Ciara Go Girl Video

Ciara Go Girl Video



  2. Looks interesting. Clearly she got breast implants, but she could stand to gain a few pounds. She is not gracing anybody’s runway. She looks hard and skinny. Still got love for her though. Hopefully her album does well. Considering today’s standard of good music.

  3. Haven’t ppl learned by now that everytime a chick turn up with bigger looking boobs it doesn’t mean breast implants? Ciara was damn near flat chested a few weeks ago and she still is. Those little boobies we seeing in those pics ain’t nothing but an illusion.

  4. Too bad the song is weak. But then again, these days if you have T-Pain or Lil Wayne on a track and have a distractingly good music video, everyone is happy.

  5. That’s the problem. I don’t know how to make that illusion. Nothing seems to work. LOL!!!! I mean I do have a small frame. 5’3 125. But most of my weight is in my legs. I’ve been a dancer for so many years and I’m very solid. My breast just will NOT grow. Nothing works.

  6. Lingre, you get breast implants like Ciara to create the “illusion.”
    I don’t know why people want to kid themselves and pretend that’s an illusion or push up bra. The girl got implants.

    That costume does nothing for her.

  7. Everytime a woman look good ppl gotta jump in and claim those good looks are fake even when there is no proof to back it up.

  8. Ciara did not get implants. Her breast are bigger because she is taking prenatal pills. She states that she is in the vibe issue. People need 2 learn their facts instead of going off of what everyone else says.

  9. The whole look reminds me of Janet back in the day and more recently, Aaliyah’s futuristic style. I like it because it’s kinda different from what everyone else is doing these days. As for her body, a white girl would kill for Ciara’s shape. But, as sisters we are accustomed to a little more “meat” and curves. It works for her..she has an athletic build and she wears it well. Personally, I think she looks great. Everyone is not blessed with curvy figures and that is okay. As for her breasts, I really don’t see what the big deal is. Push-up bras can do wonders..

  10. A video can beddazle people into buying cds and loving them too should i say “disturbia” or “freakum dress? sometime a video make or break the record, beside everytime T ” who the hell left the zoo door opened?” Pain is like the new thing now a day so that should be selling!

    Ciara’ s body is fine as it is unless you are sexually attracted to her, it shouldn’ t disturb you NEITHER and i have say it the whole “non curve” bashing need to stop right about now I mean i wear a size 18 on jeans and a small on shirt so i’ m a coke bottle but that doesn’ t mean every sister has to have curves, what you like might not suit the next person, and curves are not always a blessing! so enough with calling ci-ci “too skinny” someone too skinny is channel iman

    Anyone got J-hud album? Its 2008′ s Best by a female artist 🙂

  11. ^^^ now I have to agree with you on on Chanel Iman being too skinny, JHud’s cd being good, and a video helping a single

    I think Ci looks okay in these pics…still don’t like the song though

  12. Prenatal pills will not make your breast larger. If they did almost everybody would be taking them. This is the same Ciara that said Vibe airbrushed her clothes off. She got breast implants because you can see them.
    There is nothing wrong with getting breast implants.

  13. Ciara looks AMAZING!!!
    Shes looks like shes finna KILL!!!!!
    Yesss, QUEEN CIARA!!!

    And DEADD!!!
    It NEVER fells!!!
    Why ALMOST EVERY single time I go to a “black” forum, bitches always talkin bout she too skinny and only white girls want her body?? Just cause Ciara dont inject LARD into her and works out DAILY doesnt mean shes skinny!!! Shes just FIT and IN SHAPE!!!

    Then those SAME fat black women wonder why they fat a$ses got liver diseases, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure issues, and EVERY other disease from UNHEALTHY life styles!!! Its a SHAME!!!

    Meanwhile the white folks BOWS to her body!!! And aint it funny how the odds of gettin a disease from UNHEALTHY life styles for white ppl are lower than the blacks!!! Its because some black b!tches look down on being IN SHAPE!!!

    Anyways “Fantasy Ride” is on its way!!!
    Get IN or Get OUTT!!!

  14. ok i usually dont go and post under a subject of a female artist that i dont really like, i mean i loved goodies back in the day but that was it for me though i dont like most of her music i must say that these pics did catch my eye. i have not heard the song but from looking at the pictures i am excited about watching the video?? so maybe she can win me as a fan i donno but im open minded about it 🙂

  15. White folks don’t bow to Ciara’s body. Gay white men do. Straight white males bow to Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian type bodies (you know it is a sim for a white male to show any interest in Black women). Black dudes don’t think Ciara is cute anymore. They thought she was cute with Goodies. Ciara is too skinny and yes muscular and semi-man looking. Calling Black women fat, a name they give to Black women who narurally have bodies like Lopez and Kardashian, won’t change the facts. Ciara is not half as attractive as she used to be and it’s because she has lost everything about her that made her sexy and feminine. Brothers ain’t checking for Ciara anymore. They checkin’ for Ashanti and women with real women bodies.


  17. I guess calling people who don’t like Ciara FAT is the new calling people who don’t like Beyonce UGLY. But I’m gonna call Ciara stans what I call those crazy azz Beyonce stans :loser: s

  18. Go Girl is already a certified bomb. Has anyone heard it on the radio? I haven’t. Leaked tracks get radio play like any other track and her joint is neither blowing up the radio or blowing up online. The writing is on the wall. Ciara’s single and album will flop because the single is boring and most of the tracks have leaked online already.

  19. Stephanie, you did not say Children of the Corn! :lol2: That movie scared the MESS outta me back in the day!

    As for Ciara, her boobies have been lookin a little bigger lately. But if she did get implants, what makes her any different than any other female in the industry? Who cares?? Shoot, she need a voice implant. 🙄

  20. What’s “manly” about Ciara? I just don’t get it. Is it because she really doesn’t have hips that people want to scream she’s a man?

    @ Traci, can you honestly say what Black men are checking for? I mean, how do you know what all Black men like? And congrats on ‘meeting the Beyonce-quota in a totally non-Beyonce related post’. I knew someone would do it. 😆 :brownsista:

  21. Ciara has can see them under her skin. No natural breasts look that round..there is nothing wrong with getting implants if that is want she wants to do with her body. Also I am not fat and I do not like the way her body looks. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on what they find attractive and since she has on that outfit and put her body out there for everyone to see I can and will express my opinion freely. Her body is not attractive in my opinion…there is nothing cute about your waist and hips being the same size. She has a hard boy’s body minus the boobs. We all have flaws in our body and most of us try to minimize our flaws not accentuate them.

  22. ok ok… that we got that whole breast implant crap outta the way….cuz seriously i don'[t give to bits about her tits….. :lol2: that rhymes….but i’mma get me that soup bowl hair cut and rock it like tootie(facts of life) did. i mean i have nothing else to do with my hair it’s either that or those moesha braids lol.

    but that “children of the corn-ish” comment was hilarious.

    oh and that motorcycle/atv thinger mabober she and chris brown are riding looks fun.

    outtie 5000-y :brownsista:

  23. Ciara,Ciara,Ciara :stop:

    There something about Cici that makes me think she is trying so hard to be more then an urben artist which isn’t bad

    But she should had a track by herself not with t-pain whatever

  24. Ciara can’t change her bone structure or waist-to-hip ratio. She is not too skinny. She is in shape. If her skin was falling off her bones like Amy Whinehouse, I would say she is too skinny. I clearly see muscles on Ciara’s body. While some of you prefer her appearance when she was heavier, others may disagree. She is slightly smaller than before, but she’s not a walking stick figure. So I wish some of you would stop encouraging her to be fat.

    Why do we insist on tearing her apart? When her breast were smaller, people made fun of her. So now they’re slightly larger. How they grew is a controversy in itself, but isn’t that what you all wanted? It seems like she can’t win. If I knew Ciara personally I would give her a big hug and tell her to ignore all of these comments. She needs to do what makes her happy because she’ll never please all of you. If anything, I would only recommend that she cover herself up a bit more. I think her lack of clothing is what’s fueling this fire.

    Oh, and people– I eat healthy and work out 5 times a week. I get really annoyed if someone calls me skinny. I’m in shape. I don’t want to have diabetes and heart problems like many of my family members. So I make a conscious effort to treat my body like a temple. Now-a-days anyone that’s smaller than a size 10 is called skinny. Now that’s ridiculous. Stop trying to fatten Ciara up. She’s good and she’ll proabably gain weight as she ages anyway.

  25. And whoever said that they wear a size 18 jeans and a small in shirt size was exagerating a bit. Stop the denial folks. That shirt must have had a misprint in the tags. I’m sorry if I sound mean, but fat does not equal womanly curves. “womanly curves” is defined by waist-to-breast and and waist-to-hip ratios. There are larger women with womanly curves and there are some women who are just fat. I’ll keep away from naming examples, but use your imagination.

  26. To whoever said thar “Go Girl” is a bomb answer this question for me: Why is it in the top 10 on iTunes if it’s a bomb? :hater:

    Anyway Ci looks great! She’s my motivation to go to the gym. Others should be motivated too because there’s nothing good or healthy about being fat.

  27. @Lingere: I use to be like you to and then when I got in my thirties they started growing. They may come and they may not. Just like who you are. Everyone not ment to have big boobies.

    I think Ciara looks nice. I don’t get why people say she looks like a man. I think she’s a pretty girl. She is not drop dead gorgeous but she is pretty. Like most of us are pretty women.

  28. There is nothing wrong with being skinny. It’s being skinny and muscular. It’s not a good look.

    I just checked the itunes chart. Ciara is nowhere near the top 10.

  29. Teeda: Sweety I exagerate In nothing , And i’ m not in denial i’ m sorry if it disturb you Or sound insanely FAT to you But that’ s how i am and honey I am thicker than a sniker and loving it. Now how do you NOT WANT TO BE JUDGE yet you are Sooo Opinionated about bigger sisters? Explain that to me? You are Judging me and calling me fat, I can turn around and be as childish as you and tell you to have an oreo cookie shake and we can make our own “yo mama” Brownsista’s edition but is it reasonable?
    If a “fat” chick like me can give ciara her props why cant a “stick” turn around a do the same to others? drink some soy milk And Relax!

  30. This whole deabte in here is hilarious. Fat ( thick) chicks versus Skinny (healthy) chicks.

    This is the O8 version of the never ending light skin versus dark skin debate. :stop: 🙂 🙄 😆

  31. ok, people chill! we all need to recognise that there are different body shapes. some people are naturally curvy, skinny, whilst some people have athletic bodies. these body types are different and can be enhanced to look even more beautiful naturally or some just like the fake look but there is no need to say the women that don’t have curves are not real.

    regardless of race, men are checking for women with different body types that they find attractive. not all men like big butts (believe me i live in england) and not all men like big boobs (think about those guys that only date catwalk models), not all men like skinny women and not all men like fat women. there is room for us all but as long as we take care of ourselves, well groomed, clean, neat, fashion is what you make it, have a good heart, personality, loyalty etc and are healthy! the world is your oyster, open up and explore, its not always about looks.

    anyway, ciara looks good, i like the hair and make up in the third picture where she is sat down. i love my brownsistas!

  32. My husband thinks she looks so masculine too! All of the time. He goes on and on about how good she’d look of she’d gain some weight and didn’t look so manly.

  33. lmao y’all are funny. I think Ciara looks fierce and I agree with Dark Cocoa.

  34. everyone remember the camera adds about 10 pounds so the people who look in shape on television or in pictures are really skinny in real life. ciara is probably extremely thin.

  35. I am a slim person, always have been and I have no desire to be any bigger. The chick that says she is small framed at 5’3 125, shows how these things are very subjective, as I(or the health department) would call that average. I’m 5’7 120 lbs. Why do people keep bringing up what guys think is attractive. As a woman, I understand that having men find you attractive holds some weight, but their opinion of how you look should not be paramount(sp?) . Ciara is not too skinny…she is in shape…and unlike many of our thick sisters she won’t have to worry about the multitude of health concerns that come with being over weight.

  36. I find it rather atrocious how Black women are willing to sell themselves out and cater to white racist ideals of who is fat in the Black community in order to support Ciara. So many of you have come on here blasting Black women as fatties even though none of you have proof as to what any of the women on this site look like. Fact is, Ciara is as BONEY as she is now because she is trying to be model and in order to be a model you must be a stick thin. What proof do you have that Ciara is healthy? What proof do you have that this super skinny, muscled up waif won’t fall out and die like so many other models have done from malnutrition? You have none. Just as you have no proof that the women calling Ciara too thin are too fat.

    I have never heard anyone call Kelly Rowland or Cassie too thin? Why not? Because their frames are natural. They haven’t starved themselves to achieve the look they have. They are naturally slender women who still have their girly curves. Ciara does not and that’s that. Get over it. The girl is underweight and looks manly. Ciara was a fine foxy sister before she decided to bow down to the pleasures of gay white society.

    Stop attacking sistas based on racist white society that claims 80% of us are fat. Prove that shit? When you walk down the street are 8 out of every 10 Black women you see wobbling down the street? I doubt it. As Black women we got the bodies the world wants (ask Kim K.) and because they can’t have them without surgery, they curse us and claim we are fatties.

    Some of you insecure little girls need to grow up. Ciara is not cute anymore.

  37. Oh yeah, you all should visit the white blogs and see what they are saying about Madonna who is also super thin and looks like a man. Go look at pics of her on tour in that bikini and you may just throw up. She looks like a man too and whitey ain’t scared to say it and when it’s said they don’t attack white women even though stats claim that a high number of whites are fatties as well. See Negroe self hatred always rears it’s ugly head in one way or another. God sometimes I am embarrassed to be one of yall. :thumbsdown:

  38. Okay so technically speaking Physical fitness is the capacity of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and muscles to function at its full capacity, Okay?
    Now i’ m sure people talking here thinks that fit means skinny,slim,small because society said so!Now In couple of years if fit means having big breast and chicken legs are you people going to turn your life around to meet the requirements? Start living for yourself and stop infringing in people’ s choice of life! Now i exercise regularly , I eat healthy most of the time and have no disease what so ever, yet i’ m still bigger than ciara ,Now what is your excuse to criticize me? I know slim women that eat more than i do exercice as much as i do yet are much smaller than i am does that mean they are sick? or something is wrong with them? I’ m so tired of skinnier sisters coming at us with the disease and all bullsh-t, Is that your way of protecting yourself? or masking your insecurities? Because if you have to diss somebody on their body shape expecially somebody that is happy with themselves than you have a problem deeper than you think and you need HELP . I’ m so happy that they are people like “stay true” that don’ t know every Big women on earth yet care about each one of them so much to make a comment like she did but come on!
    Now you Skinnier people do you know that smaller women are most likely to have issues with pregnancy? because women are suposed to carry a certain amount of weight in the hips and over all body to make them strong enough to carry a fetus, Now does that mean that you can’ t have kids? Lets go a little deeper does every slim women suffer from anorexia?does every black women have aids just because the statistics show that our community is the most affected?Do You know that some big women are healthier than smaller ones? do you know there are an incalculable number of slim women suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure?

    So what do you have to say now?

    Everywhere i go i see skinny chick dissing bigger ones, I know big women also play that game but usually the slim side of the fence startit what is up with that? Do you know that some slim women are uglier than bigger one? And none of us are men how do we know what men likes? I’ ve noticed rappers having very thick music videos model yet being spotted with skinnier model-like women,Look at denzel? he is a sex symbol yet his wife is a big women,Look at LL cool J his wife is also a big women, So stop hating for the sake of you because skinny or big when your time comes to die you will… No matter how fat or “fit” you are!


  39. First of all, the cyber-bullying must stop. To each her own. Some people on here need to stop acting like bullies and let other people have their own opinions. I still think Ciara looks fine. If you don’t, then don’t look at her. Better yet, stop bashing her..does that make you feel better about yourself? A black woman who decides to lose weight does not mean that she is selling herself out. That is ridiculous. Some of us just choose to live healthy. Many of us probably have mamas, aunts and grandmas who are struggling with diabetes and other weight-related diseases and we don’t want to go down that same path. Yes, Ciara has gotten thinner since she first came out, but so has everybody else…that’s the name of the game in Hollywood. Tell me who hasn’t lost some weight since they first came out and I’d be impressed. The truth is, Hollywood is very much a white man’s game and a sister is just trying to compete and appeal to a wider market. I don’t blame her for courting white fans..cuz the money is still green regardle$$

  40. STEPHANIE: what do you think of ciara’ s body shape?that’ s wht i’ m interested in girl You made no comment tell me girl!

    Mmm hmm I thnk ciara is hella sknny in those pics too and she look like a man, dnt all bonny girls look menish n y way? and i also thnk that sknnier flat butted women are so quck to hate on a curvier and womnly sister anhd call her fat, I can guaranty yu that there is nothng sexy bout a bg of bones and d spend yur time being obsessed about how fit you r 1: u wont get a man 2: you’ ll get stomped trying to diss bigger people than you

    My mama have big hips and a round butt yet small breast and a very flat stomach my older sister london is shaped the same yet she has huger hips and butt than my mama, i’ m small but i have a round butt and i love it and being fat does not mean being sick if he did ciara need hospitalization cuz the girl is anorexique
    I think being “fit” is a great thing everyone should get daily exercise but i also think people took the wurd out of context to jstify the fct that they could stand to rob a macdonald for french fries!

    and i hate when people make comments like “some people should” some ppl WHO?its internet u wnt get beat up jst say the name and dead the drama stop being chicken! and address the cncern prson

  41. Like I said, there are larger women with curves, and there are some that are just fat. I won’t apologize for saying that because I meant what I said. What I will apologize for is questioning Dark Sista is a Pisces’ actual shirt size. I’m sure you are beautiful, and I did not mean to hurt your feelings. I was just trying to stand up for Ciara while addressing the obesity epidemic. I don’t know why people feel the need to tell her she’s UGLY all the time. I feel bad for her.

    For the record, the cyber-bullies and attacks on “skinny women” are hilarious. Am I catering to the “white man” because I eat healthy and work out? I have a history of diabetes and heart disease in my family. I got tired of losing family members because of preventable diseases. So I went to college, majored in Kinesiology, and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Its funny because the very same people that made fun of me and called me skinny were the same people that came to me for help to lose the weight and reduce health problems associated with their weight. And I helped every last one of them get fit! According to the Body Mass Index (BMI) used by the Center for Disease Control, I am NOT skinny. I’m actually on target for my weight and BMI. So don’t think I’m hating because trust me, the curves are there babygirl. I just have to work twice as hard physically to keep my sugar levels and blood pressure at a healthy level b/c of genetics. So hell yeah I’m EXTRA cautious!

    The growing number of overweight people in America, have made it the norm and some of those people feel the need to criticize smaller people…. It is TRUE that an UNDERWEIGHT person can be as unhealthy as an OVERWEIGHT person. I won’t ever deny that, but it is foolish to think that an unhealthy lifestyle won’t catch up to you later.

    And if you want an example of a FULL FIGURED woman that’s in shape, that would be someone like Toccarra from ANTM. An example of someone who was Obese and was in denial— Monique. Even Monique’s doctor told her she was unhealthy, and after years of Skinny Women Bashing, she lost some weight! Now she is considered full figured, and she’s larger than a stick figure model BUT MUCH healthier and looks GREAT. I give big props to Monique and Queen Latifah and Oprah because they are ABLE to make the DISTINCTION between what’s healthy and whats not when it comes to their weight.

  42. @Teeda:
    Girl It’ s all good , I just think You can’ t put one sister down to put another up you know?
    You can’ t stay ciara is healthy at least she is not obese, or ciara is boney she could stand a few meals because men love them some meat Both statements are wrong for they are just used to justified one’ s lifestyle.
    And i feel you, Ciara Is not ugly at all remenber i’ m the big sister that stood up for her I think she is a very pretty girl ,And some people like voice and i told her right away when i read her message need to get out of the ghetto mentality that defines a beautiful women need to look like a hustler’ s dream. Now you come from a family with history of disease and sister i will not stand in you way because of my profession i’ ll be the first one to get you in a diet and make you stick to it lool, You are in no way catering to whitey because you eat healthy and exercise, no way and i am happy that you were upset at something got up and did something against it that’ s very brave of you. I get your point and i respect it i can even agree with you on some points,An unhealthy lifestyle will catch up to you eventually But do you think the way to raise awareness is aggressivity? I don’ t think so .

    Some big women are perfectly healthy they are just big,that is their nature they are just big boned why are they being judged bashed and insulted? Remember after big girls make fun of skinny girls they have to go home and judge an entire society judging and laughing at them so both parties grow pains and it ends up in a big “fight” for nothing.
    Like i said because of my profession I will never condone Obesity and an unhealthy life choice , I might not judge it, because mama said i judge too much, and i’ m too opinionated, BuT i also can’ t be defending the right of a skinny sister to be… skinny and be insulted for not being so…
    You know what i’ m saying?

  43. WOW WOW WOW people is going off on this story lol. Ciara body is cute to me cute like i said. I do not see nothing special about it. I love my body 6’1 44-38-52. My mother bless me with a wonderful long body. God, mom and dad built me right. I did not like it at first because i was the tallest student in my class. But now i except it and love it when i have heels on it make more special. We all different shapes and sizes. Some black women can except there body and some can not because of the society you have to b a size 2 to get except it. I wear 14-16 if i get down to a 2 i be a certified crackhead.

  44. Go,Go Girl !! i know she’s lookin a lil too much musculin’ 4 woman but she’s doing her thang !!! got’s to luv her the new Janet Jackson !! :brownsista: 😆

  45. @ Voice,
    I will address this straight to you since you were obviously talking about my comment above when I said “some people.” I said it that way because there is more than one person who I was addressing. I simply don’t have the time to name all the names. And seriously, who made you the comment police???

  46. No one 818 i just dont like chickens but stay in your mood k? when i have to adress people i name them because i’ m not scarred of my opinion NYWAY

    @dark sista and teeda
    ciara still look like a male crackhead and can stand to eat some cheese burger that’ s fact! stop being in denial saying ciara is healthy and fit is like saying mo’ nique is healthy they are both extremes bot need to seek help because when its too much its ugly when its too less is horrible!

  47. @Voice,
    Thanks for proving my point about cyberbullying.. I work with children and don’t need to deal with them on this website. I am too through with the cyberwars. Not a good look for adults. Anyway, my opinion of Ciara remains the same. Next!

  48. i aint bullying u dont tell me u afraid you haven’ t even seen me yet! girl please aint nobody bullying but stans!

  49. To all the haters you all are back seat drivers CICI is healty and fit because you can’t dance
    or keep dancing the way that she does and plus she’s getting older.So she is doing the right thing keeping the weigth balance and staying fit. With the weight and dancing there will be problems with her body and for the record she looks “GREAT” !

  50. These pictures do nothing for Ciara.

    I like ‘Go Girl’. To those saying it’s a flop, the song hasn’t even been offcially released yet.

    As for Ciara’s weight, I also think she looked better when she had more meat on her bones. The weight lost took some of her cutness away. She is naturally muscular so having weight softened her up. Yes, I do hear men say how they are not feeling the skinny Ciara.

    To the person that said your breast can’t grow from taking prenatal pills, yes they can. Very much so. Everybody’s body is different. What affects one is not neccessarily going to affect the next. When I started taking the pills, everything on m body grew.

  51. Sashay_Shante, i think you are being a bit racist to the white community when you say that they claim 80% of black women are fat. that`s very prejudiced

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