Pics: Erykah Badu In Concert

Singer Erykah Badu showcased some of the beauty and flair that made Tom Ford sign her as the face of his new fragrance, while performing in concert last night at the Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton, Florida. The singer, who is in the midst of a whirlwind 48 city, 42 show tour, took to the stage wearing a tiered black dress that looked something like a folded shower curtain, a plumed hat that was perched askew atop a black knit stocking cap and fake eyelashes that would have made 1970’s Diana Ross proud. Don’t let the weirdness fool you though. Erykah’s “Vortex” trek has been getting rave reviews from the American press and will no doubt garner the same acclaim when she takes her act overseas during the European leg of her tour.


  1. LOL. That E. Badu is something else, aint she? But I love the heavens out of her! Her personality is so “colorful”. Has anyone heard her recent album? I haven’t bought a CD in a while…

  2. @nesh nesh her album is FIRE!! i love it!! especially ‘telephone’…and ‘the healer’ gotta go get and the part 2 is supposed to come out in july i think…

    but anyways i’ve always admired her style…thats what keeps her in her own lane and not be compared to other artists….

  3. It looks as if she puts on one heck of a performance. Those pics have my mind wondering what the rest of the concert was like.

  4. I have loved Ms. Badu since her first album. She is such an original artist.

  5. A Clockwork Orange or should I say black? Lol. Love the woman. Love the artist.

  6. I love Erykah’s music! She’s so soulful, spirited, and centered. I so want to see her perform live!

  7. Been reading the reviews. Will try to go to her show in Denver on June 2nd!

  8. Miss Erykah is super talented! I don’t know about her sense of style though. I heard her latest single, Honey. The song is great and the video matches her personality. Nowadays its hard to find an artist like her who is true to herself and always keeps it real

  9. She can do whatever she wants. Wear whatever she wants. She was just in New York and she ripped as always.
    much love Badu

  10. At least you won’t be bored when you attend her concert! She will put on a show. LiLi I second you.

  11. Erykah Badu’s album is the BIDNESS! I have been listenin to it consistantly since it came out! It brought alot of spiritually out of me. It is and was the drug I’ve needed to get me through. I cant wait till part two comes out!

  12. She was in Toronto recently. It was an amazing concert!!!

  13. So proud of Erykah she looks lovely and her album is bangin’ lover her!

  14. Erykah is a NON CONFORMIST as she marches to the beat of her own drum and I applaud her. This sista is very conscious. She`s one of the very few who`s not all about the bling bling and the glamour; it`s good to see.

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