Pics: Gabrielle Union At The “Meet Dave” Premiere

Gabrielle Union Meet Dave Premiere Actress Gabrielle Union, TV One’s runner-up for the title of Sexiest Black Woman Alive, was spotted last night in Hollywood taking in the premiere of her new new “Meet Dave”. In the film Gabrielle plays one of several little people who operate an alien spaceship that resembles a human (Eddie). Gabrielle is the “Cultural Officer” and somehow the ship, Dave, becomes smitten with an Earth (white) woman (Elizabeth Banks) and blah blah blah. Meet Dave looks like it will suck monkey balls but the fact that this big black alien space craft comes to Earth and falls in love with a white woman is just too much for me to bear. Who thinks of this garbage and why do Black actors just go along with it? Stupid looking film or not- shouldn’t Elizabeth and Gabrielle’s roles been reversed?

Anyway, I love me some Gabby but Meet Dave won’t be on my list of films to check out this weekend.

I need another Love Jones or Love and Basketball. Hell, I need another Black Love film period.

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  1. Totally agree with you.

    They were probably thinking that if the roles were reversed, it then becomes a Black movie.

    I don’t like Eddie Murphy anymore and i really think that even the mainstream have gone off him. I miss the old funny guy, Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop and Coming To America. Maybe its the movies and not him?

    ……… Nah actually its him.

  2. yea this movie reminds me of spaceship or something all i know was Dennis Quaid was in it ! either way i will not see this movie and i wish them luck with it …

  3. I agree–the movie is going to suck. I cringe when a commercial comes on… I’m embarrassed for anyone in the movie. The previews look terrible. Also, Eddie lost so many points, as he’s still denying Mel B’s baby AFTER the “You ARE the FATHER” paternity test. He sucks.

    She looks pretty–not a hair outta place. Her dress is beautiful–great color! I wonder how Gabrielle feels about this movie. Wonder if she’s REALLY excited about it or is she just going along for the paycheck and a role next to Eddie Murphy. Interesting…

  4. Yes I agree!! Where have all the black love stories gone? Meet Dave looks like corniest film that will hit the big screen this year, I don’t know why Eddie keeps taking these roles, I guess his career must really be over. But good luck to Gabby, she looks pretty

  5. I have no respect for Eddie Murphy after the way he did Mel B and his child, this fool even had the nerves to say that Mel B tricked him..How do you trick a grown a** man into having sex with no comdom..He has never acknowledge their child or publically owned up to his responsiblity so for that reason alone I will not support his movie besides the fact it looks corney as hell.

  6. They’re not even going to trick people into seeing it in theaters. They’re just going to let you know it sucks from the beginning. Gabrielle, no matter how much they paid you to shoot your acting career in the back, you should have said no.

    I can’t bring myself to care what color woman they picked to play Eddie’s Love interest. For one I believe in branching out and dating people for people (so I am all for interracial dating as long as it involves no ignorance or crazy preferences) and two, for another Eddie Murphy is bad news and I feel the same sadness for any woman that ends up dating him, or having to pretend to date him.

  7. What stuns me is that many of the respectable African American “love films” or buppie flicks are 10 years old or pretty close to it, such as The Best Man, Love Jones and even 30 Years to Life. Unfortunately, studio bosses seem to be plugged into movies that 15-year-old boys will watch, and I bet that this Dave mess will be in that genre.

  8. Pointing out obvious trends (trends that border on color preference, discrimination and preconceived notions ) about interracial couples in Hollywood films isn’t necessarily indicative of closed mindedness, you know…

  9. @ UnalteredBeauty:

    Indeed. I know that people also see it as a bit of an annoyance when it comes to how some movies cast the love interests and black women’s role in movies, I get that. Worry not, I’m not accusing anyone of being closed-minded. I was more speaking in that frame because I was also talking to a friend at the time and we got on that subject.

  10. Lovin’ her look!

    The dress color with that necklace; her highlights are beautiful against her skin tone. Gabby looks so pretty and radiant.

  11. “Meet Dave looks like it will suck monkey balls” 🙂 Now that is funny!!
    But so true. I am not excited to see this movie. I love his classic movies: “Boomerang, Coming to America, Harlem Nights” I know all the words to those movies. They are classic. It seems that he is played out now. Also, his business is now in the streets and who can respect him after that.

    I really feel you on wanting more movies like “Love Jones” and “Love & Basketball”, I love those movies and can watch them over and over. That is why we (Black folks) need to start owning our own companies. Hire Black writers, actors, and directors. If we don’t tell our stories (true stories, not glamorized stereotypes) then no one will. We have to stop depending on someone else to tell our stories and the stories we love.

  12. This movie will be one of the biggest flops of the summer. It seems like Eddie doesn’t have the passion for what he does anymore. It is like he just shows up to collect his pay check.

    “Coming To America”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Trading Places”, “Boomerang”, – classics.

  13. Man, Gabby looks absolutely stunning in that dress; flawless. She`s such a gorgeous woman. The movie, however, is another story. I`m quite surprised that she would lend her name to such a movie. The storyline, itself, spells disaster. She`s much too talented to be taking on roles of this kind. She such be very conscious about her resume. I luv Gabby but I won`t be standing in line for this one.

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  14. Correction:

    She should be very conscious about her resume.

  15. If Black Actresses really wanted to work, and branch out of the lable of, “black actress”, than they would hustle to get work. Period. So, Hollywood isn’t checking for you, well, Europe, Asia, Africa, Carribbean have markets as well. Put yourself out there. Will Smith, was asked by a reporter once, why isn’t that of all the black actors out there, he seems to get the parts. He said, it was pure hustle, that he’s not the best actor, great looking, etc, but it’s the hustle. He wants it, so he goes for it. That’s how these black actresses has to be. i, believe that Diana Ross, hustle , and look at her Supreme Diva. Tina Turner’s career was shot here in the states, but she went to Europe and blew up.

    But, I do agree that black actors need to demand sometimes for a black love interest, but when it’s hard for you to get in the door, get a shot, it’s kind of hard to demand your love interest.

    But as far as Eddie Murphy goes well, he can only go by what the Executives at the Studio wants, even if he’s a big star. Many, times the executives only look at the white demographics of white boys from 18-24 years old, and many times whites donot have exposure to black women, and if they do, it’s what they see on t.v., in which black women are ghetto, loud, boisterous, masculine. So, if the images of black women are only that of Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Cops, news. A man does not want to fantasize about that type of woman, or black women.

    But, black men need to make an effort in depicting black women as objects of desire, how can any other man say , a black woman is beautiful, if they aren’t do it?

    Black women need to stand up and start demanding change , now. If that means black women should stop supporting R&B/ Rap music, black producers and directors, Hollywood period. We are one of the biggest consumers in this country, we should demand change.

  16. @ Bohwe
    I totally agree with what you said about black actresses branching out into international markets..I think somebody like Gabrielle Union would make a lot of noise abroad *interesting side note: many foreign men LOVE black women (dark-skinned especially)..ofcourse it may be purely sexual objectification but sex sells here and everywhere else.
    Yes, Gabrielle should have played the love interest in the movie, but someone else said that then it would have been considered a “black movie” which is interesting…remember the movie, “Hitch” with Will Smith did not have a black woman as the love interest, either. It was Eva Mendes..I guess they said she was “close enough.” White enough for the white audience to still feel comfortable but still a woman of color so that black women wouldn’t be offended. Latinas fill these types of roles all the time. Politics as usual.
    I agree with everyone else’s comments about how wack this movie looks..sorry Eddie but I’ll be keeping my $9.50

  17. Black movies do poorly overseas so I don’t know why you all think a Black actress can make it there better than they could here. Singing isn’t movies and just because a Black singer can make it big overseas doen’t mean a Black actress can. Black movies are rarely even released overseas because they do so badly. Black ppl just need to make their own films and stop looking for major studios to fund them because they clearly don’t seem to want to.

  18. Love to try and support black films, but this one naw think I’ll go see August with Josh Hartnett, Naomie Harris and Andre Royo. At least this film has a black actor and actress in a non stereotypical role.

  19. @Dana
    I didn’t say anything about black movies and how well they do abroad..I am specifically talking about black actresses gaining more exposure and diversifying which could mean venturing into international markets if the opportunity arises. It’s not about “black” films, its about having the power to pick and choose your roles, which doesn’t seem to be the case for many black actresses here in America. Maybe an international market could open up new possibilities. The problem is that most of the times black actresses are pigeon-holed into “black roles” ie Vivica Fox and all of the straight to dvd movies (nothing wrong with that, but if you are looking to diversify yourself, this is the wrong avenue.) I agree that white studios are slow to get behind black projects, so you have to make things happen for yourself like Tyler Perry and Megan Good are doing.

  20. I, would personally love to see black women venture into the Asian movie world. Because, Aaliyah and Jet Li were great together in Romeo Must Die. What I’m thinking is that black actresses could take their little recognition , go abroad , and become a success, and will probably get picked up here.

    Image is everything, and once again, the black woman’s image has been ruin, and we can thank, Talk Shoes, music videos, News.

    And what really could be the problem is how black actresses come across as closed-minded in a way, always talking about their preference for black men. Just like black women are put off with black men proclaiming being attracted to nonblack woman, If I’m a consumer and a reporter or talk show host ask my favorite actor his type of woman, and he says blond, well then the idea of going to a movie and fantasizing about him is shot, because reality is clouded. So, my interest level in the actor is gone. Look, at Vivica Fox, she was on this late night show once, Craig Fergueson and he was flirting with her, and asked her, where she was from, and asked her preference, and she said she loved all men, but her preference was for black men. Ding wrong answer, she should have made a blanket statement like, Honey, I love all men, thus giving the illusion to nonblack men that she would talk to them, keeping the illusion that their fantasy could happen. It’s about playing the game in Hollywood, and for the most part black actresses are so stuck in this keeping it real thing, that they don’t play the game.

    Look at Sanaa, this actress has been out for years, but not until she made a movie called Something New, where her love interest was a white guy, and she did interviews stating she dated nonblack men in the past did she get more visible parts in Hollywood. Black women need new PR people in Hollywood.

  21. I love Gabrielle but I’ma have to pass on this one. I dislike Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence…for me their characters peaked when they started making movies with their big black women caricatures. That whole Mel B drama also left a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t think I will ever pay for an Eddie Murphy movie again…Martin Lawrence perhaps but not Eddie Murphy.

    As for Black actresses looking for work overseas…why? Why should an American actress have to do that when there’s an American film industry that is booming. I mean seriously how many movies are out this summer? The actresses (Sanaa, Nia & Gabby) say they are auditioning and not getting hired because of their color. Movies should represent the multiracial society we live in. No amount of hustling will change a casting crew trying to hire a blue-eyed blonde! I’m shocked sometimes when I watch movies with no Black/Hispanic people at all…where in the America are there no black peeps?

  22. so i thought she cut her hair? what was all that fuss about, if she still prancing around town fully weaved?

  23. Gabby looks flawless but I don’t think I’d watch this movie for free on a plane. She definitely deserves better than this.

  24. Gabby is cute and all but I’m surprised she made the sexiest women list. Beyonce definitely should have been before her.

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