Photos: Meagan Good “Saw V” Movie Stills

Wow! Check out these stills of Meagan Good. The actress is starring in the fifth installment of the Saw franchise and if there was any question as to whether she would get the axe, so to speak- that question has officially been answered with these images. As previously reported here, Meagan will be starring in Saw V as Luba, a city planner who comes from a wealthy family. The film is due to open on Halloween day and co-stars Tobin Bell and Scott Patterson.

And in other Meggy news, the actress was spotted at Comic Con last week promoting the film with the rest of the cast.

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  1. Damn that first photo looks too real. She looks so sad. Saw isn’t really my cup of tea though. I saw the first one and didn’t like. Scary movies just don’t do it for me. This movie will probably do better at the box office than Love Guru though because it is such a huge franchise.

  2. How does this no acting girl keep getting roles? Who is she blowing in Hollywood to keep her name in the press all the time?

  3. Does anyone ever survive these movies and appear in the next?

  4. I agree, Dana. She looks really sad in that first photo. I love/hate scary movies. Won’t watch them alone and when I do watch them, I peek thru me fingers the entire time.

  5. Her eyebrows….are amazing….

    Good luck to her with the new flick. πŸ™‚

  6. I agree about the eyebrows–they ARE amazing. πŸ™‚

    I don’t think she’s a bad actress–I think it’s some of the films that she chooses to be in. Most of them didn’t suit her too well.

    I hope something great comes along for her!

  7. I have always loved her eyebrows too. I think someone here said they were tattooed on. If that’s true they did a great job.

  8. I usually frown at most sequels but I’m a big fan of Saw because all of the following installments have been just as interesting as the original movie, plus Jigsaw is still being played by its original actor Tobin Bell. So I’m looking forward to Saw V.

  9. I was born on Halloween so scary movies are my thing…..but I hate suspense! I peek through fingers too when I know something’s about to happen! LOL

    The first thing I noticed were her eyebrows…fab

  10. Amber,I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO

    can’t wait till this one come out, i worder how will she die

  11. The movie flopping won’t be attributed to Meagan but rather to Mike Meyers who desperately needed a hit after only doing the voice of Shrek for the last decade. Meagan wasn’t even on the poster. Her career hasn’t been hurt at all.

  12. looking at the last picture it seems as if she died. my thing is why the black chick gotta die….yo wassup with that? lol……..had a moment.

    i’m not that into saw……though some of these scary/gore movies make me cringe they also make me laugh……then i become paranoid……then i start to laugh again. i mean sometimes it’s like “damnit don’t you know you gon’ die!?, don’t go in there with yo dumb asz!” lol.

    as for her eyebrows…..”meh”. i don’t know about make-up and stuff like that so whatever. but they do look very smooth….almost milky if that even makes sense. and yes she looks very saddened in the first pic.


  14. I meant her eyebrows are amazing…as in…wow, they’re drawn so perfectly. Don’t really like tatted brows. I think it looks fake sometimes (like here), but the arch…the artist did a great job getting the arch just right. πŸ™‚

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