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Rihanna TRL Ok you guys, you know how we do things around here every Friday. Because I get so many pics during the week that I don’t use, I throw them up here at the end of the week for you all to critique. This week’s batch of pics consists of Rihanna visiting TRL, Beyonce frolicking around in a bathing suit, a new photo shoot with Keyshia Cole, and whatever else I can fit into this post. To get things started just check out Rihanna to your right. She stopped by MTV’s TRL earlier this week to talk about her upcoming Good Girl Gone Bad World Tour which will feature Ciara as her opening act. As always Rihanna was looking fabulous and proving why she is the right choice to be the new face of an upcoming Dsquared ad campaign, or so rumor says.

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  1. Rihanna is so pretty. I Love her style. Not eveyone can rock high waisted jeans. She looks great.
    Thanks Kesh for not wearing the white tee. 😆

  2. Rihanna is tooooooooooooooooooooooo FLY she always looks nice, Bee is wack and she needs to sit down enough is enough, ki ki is GHETTO and no matter what she always looks cheap, she is talented, but she needs an upgrade……………….and no I’m not hating I’m just being real!!!!!!!

  3. Rihanna looks good. Beyonce, errr that’s an a**-shot if ever I’ve seen one. 😆 Keyshia, I like her voice (sometimes) and I like the song “Let it Go”, but sometimes, she just APPEARS just so ROUGH, even in these softened down images here. Will she always have that hard streak about her?

  4. that is not Beyonce in that pic!!

    err, don’t like that top on Rihanna. I guess in order to be any sort of celebrity, you always need to have something hanging out. Tsk tsk.

    One CAN look sexy without showing everything, Rihanna is what, 19 years old?

  5. @ Madame Zenobia I think its the tats that make her look like that

  6. Wow, Rihanna looks stunning. I didn’t realize how beautiful she was.

    The shots of Beyonce always drive me crazy – that is they type of shots. Some guy, through the trees from forever away with a huge zoom. Come on, give em some privacy.

  7. Ok I think RiRi outfit is all the way together. Not a fan but the outfit is hot to death and I can’t hate on good clothes, its just not right.

  8. Go riri alwayS look so good. Her style is so different i want to thank her and her stylist. B and J need to go somewhere im tried of both of them. Keyshia doing her thing LET IT GO.

  9. I’m not a fan of Bouncy she overated but i hve to give it to her she looks get in a bikinni. as ususal RI Ri diong her thing

  10. jay z’s legs look a little scrwany huh?? everyone looks hot..

  11. Beyone is a dumb whore. What celebrity behaves like trash like that in public knowing photogs take pic of your every move.. And Tanning like a dumb whore

  12. Rhi looks amazing :thumbsup: ! Bey looks great in a two piece, but getting a tan 😆 get the hell outta here! Keisha is rockn’ a cheesy grin in the last pic, so it looks like she had fun during the shoot! Yeah, I do think her tats make her look rough, but that’s just Keisha :bowdown:

  13. Rihanna seems like a reall big headed bitch now….she seems really two faced – she can put on this sweet innocent act, and then change to PRETEND to be a diva which she aint as hell, being fake more like so I dont know why she tries it smh… annoys me that ppl say shes fly whatever blah blah and all that ish, but do you have anything to comment on her performance and talent as a recording artist? – No, you dont and you never do cuz all she is a pretty face…

    Keyshia and Beyonce (the real talents by the way ppl!) shouldnt be hated cuz they are doin a much better thang and are more original than Rihanna is…..why is it everyone be gunnin up for Rihanna but she dont do anything she doesnt perform or write songs whatever, but just looks done up wiv makeup for them cameras and just smiles for the damn paprazzi, and at the end of the day SHE of all ppl is gettin credit and cheers…..why is all the original talented artists gettin hated on tell meh???

  14. AND Rihanna wears those damn low cut tops for the pap too TRYIN to look sexy, she just tries too hard she looks skanky at times….she always showin off them set of fake damn boobs which really annoys me…..she only 18 or 19 gawds sake! Why the hell she got a boob job when she 19?? Its not a gd example to set to 18 /19 girls who what bigger breasts…..her body hasnt even developed yet so why the hell she showin them fake ones off…..Rihanna just sickens me smh…

  15. Those Keyshia pictures are so unflaterring. Rihanna looks great,I love the hat and that top.

  16. Ley I agree with you Rih is all made up, but I like her style so her stylist gets the cridet for …she cant sing or dance, but some of her songs are o.k to me……….. its not that people hate on Bee some people just have their own opinion about her, ki ki is just ghetto & talented.

    Ya dig?

  17. :brownsista: rhianna looks great and although im a bit voluptuous bach there i do like the jeans she is wearing.

  18. @Sun Shyne

    At least you get me girl….Im just saying Rihanna just tries too hard being someone she aint, and at the end of the day she gettin all the credit and claps from ppl mostly cuz of how pretty and stylish she is, all she does is look nice for the cameras, and that is it, not on her as an artist…..I think she aint a good artist & performer than Beyonce and Keyshia cuz they have their own original style, like you said Ki Ki being ghetto fabulous and Beyonce being a talented booty shaking performer, but I feel Rihanna just faking to get to the top…..just trying too too hard, thats why I get put off by ppl just commenting on her just cuz she is pretty and flyy blah blah, what about her talent and performance live eh? Ppl have nothing to say about that so she knows she has to look good to get noticed and even sell records…..thats what makes me shake my damn head at her smh…

    I remember her being this quiet innocent ‘girl like me’ image, but now

  19. lol wow…rihanna tries to hard and beyonce doesn’t? isn’t beyonce the girl who always has on a lacefront and makeup? and beyonce has been showing skin since she was 15 so it aint nothing new! they both are overexposed and i’m darn tired of them. and lol at beyonce trying to convince herself that some of her momma’s “creole hair” genes were passed down to her lol! she always wears that curly weave when she hits the water! the funny thing is the front of her head always goes straight when the water washes out the styles in crimps while the weave stays curly! lol! lol!

  20. rihanna can sing why yall hating beyonce is boring her best music is ballads or gospel she is a gold digger too she will try to sell anything to get paid how much more money do she need rihanna is unique all her albums are good she can hit those same notes bee doing but her voice is different and shes gonna be a legend one day shes pretty and nice kesha cole sucks shes sounds like she sucked too many ***** and whoever thinks she can sing cant sing she aint nothing close to mary j.lil mo got a new song why nobody talking bout her i love rihanna her new album is the shit shes trying different things unlike bee

  21. Rhianna looks great people can say what they want but you gotta admit she always looks fly. Those pics of Beyonce and Jay-z are old as dirt by the way and to the person that said Beyonce is wearing a wig sorry but your wrong that is her natural her that’s why it always looks that way when she hits the water. I never use to like Keshia Cole but after watching her tv show I kinda understood where she was coming from and became a fan. She’s still alittle ruff but she’ll grow out of it, I kinda like these pics of here she looks happy.

  22. :iagree: Beyonce is doing whatever she can now for attention. She know the cameras are there and she’s gonna take her top off. How desprate is that? Rihanna is giving her serious competition and i’m glad. Rih Rih looks beautiful and classy in her photos so does Keisha.

  23. bee can do betta jay is ugly im sorry if i was her i would be with somebody like jim jones jarule or morris chestnut they bodys look better jay is bony with the old man chess popin off he is not fine and bee is skinny and far from thicky thick they make a ugy couple bee suppose to come out next year with a album her last album sucked and kesha cole cant sing im sorry and her personality stinks the only thing that made her song hot was missy and lil kim kesha i give u a 3 on the singing tip



  26. Some of your comments show your age and ignorance. How can you make judgement on Bee. Are you perfect? Try living your life being watched all day. Think before you type!

  27. rihanna is garbage, her album ain’t even selling cause she is wack 😆

  28. love rihanna dang she and a.k are my breath of fresh air in the entertainment world cuz i’ve been suffocating seing the same hideous painted nasty plant for too long
    go riri go a.k
    I love keyshia’s smile she is real pretty and have a great voice

  29. First of all, to anyone who says Keyshia Cole can’t sing needs to really reevaluate how much they really know about music, or if their sorry a#$ can sing. Rhianna sounds like she sings every note thru her nose. Beyonce and Keyshia can mfn’ BLOW-regardless what they blow in their bedrooms, they sure as hell can sing. Rhianna is just something commercial for the white folks that can’t get down with the soultry sound. I’d like to see Tray sing any song off “The Way It Is” and see what his stupid a*@ sounds like! I guarantee Rhianna won’t make it-all she has is collaborations with powerhouses like Chris Brown who MADE the umbrella song bearable! These people are fkg idiots!

  30. @Shannon

    LOL here bouncy sells to those white folks more than Rhianna and Keyshia far as the singing part bouncy is the better singer out the 3 but her vocal talents are not that damm good either, their tolerable at best.

    You have to find a ninch in the music business today so if you can find one and sell a certain image i.e. Boyounce why the heck not

    But good luck to all those sisters

  31. shannon yep keyshia can blow the rest of but her sells are not that good because she stay true to herself and wont change trying to please the white side of the world that’s sad but that’s what it is you know halp of us black folks wanna be white and that half support anything that looks white so keyshia would never sell that much because of that

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