Pics: The American Music Awards

The 37th Annual American Music Awards just wrapped up a few hours ago and without a doubt the evening belonged to Justin Bieber. The teen idol took home 4 trophies, including the coveted Best Pop/Rock Male award. Bieber beat out Usher, who probably wasn’t too upset seeing as how he took home two awards, including one for Best Soul/R&B Male. Other big winners of the night included Lady Gaga (Best Pop/Rock Female), Black Eyed Peas (Best Pop/Rock Group) and Rihanna (Best Soul/R&B Female).

Click here for a full list of all the winners.


  1. So Proud of Rihanna’s performnance, She really stepped it up,usually award shows are not her strong points,but she did awesome,and she definitely should dance in her performances from now on, much more entertaining.And I like her looked for the stage and red carpet.

    Keri hilson looks amazing I think.Willow is just too mouch lol. And Nicki Minaj?

  2. Rihanna that was a great way to win my love back over for you. that performace was awesome! She gon make everyone wanna be carribean now. NOT me I already am and I know how to whin go down just like her! POW!

  3. I know y’all say I hate on Rihanna but that was the funniest showing ever. It took her five years to do this mess and she still used singing over a track, and had too lip sync certain parts and she slipped doing that and y’all loved it, now that’s the funny part! Her vocals as usual was a hott mess when she was singing, the dancing took everything the poor child had.. Now I will say this is her best showing and her last cause if she had to do this on a regular she’d be dead, she’s cute! Overall performance is a D, when she can do it on her own and without assistance then she moves up. Out of breath for a 7 to 9 minute skit and she sang only 2 of it on her own FULLY… FUNNY!!!

  4. WOW! Rihanna just won back my attention! I was in love with that performance! Her BEST yet to date! If she keeps performing like this, maybe I’ll buy the album!

    @BORED – You really do have a STRONG hate for Rihanna, don’t you? I’m not even her biggest fan and think that at times she deserves to be in the non-talented spot, BUT damn… give props where it’s due! Who else do you know that DOESN’T LIP SYNC during their performances? Hell, every artist does it!

  5. I didn’t watch the awards, b/c they give awards that don’t make any kind of sense, like Rihanna winning soul/r&b when she’s a pop artist….it’s rediculous!

  6. @neka ur rite they could have put monica in that awards…BUT RI RI MINI CONCRET WAS COOL AT DA MOST

  7. I am so proud of Rihanna, she definitely stepped it up last night. I might actually show up to her next concert.

  8. So to be perfectly honest, this was probably her strongest performance, though it was just barely above average by most standards. The vocals on love the way you lie part II were good, her best even. Then, What’s My name, was very strong vocally, until after the dancing, then she was out of breath and started screaming to compensate. Only girl live has always been a problem for her. She should NOT do that song live. Overall, C+.

  9. Unlike the stans of a certain other brownsista, i refuse to gratuitously hate on rihanna, i don’t play the “fave game” and since we seems to be stuck in high school, i’m going to keep this short.Congratulations on your award and performance.

  10. I was pleasantly surprised by Rhi’s performance she did step it up and I enjoyed it. But I have to be honest she still has a ways to go with performing. I have never felt like Rhianna leaves it all on the stage when she performs. You don’t have to necessarily dance all over the stage but I want to see her just go in, she has the songs. Like Whitney didn’t dance much but the woman took you to another place when she sang. Or when Alicia gets behind that piano…or when Bey steps on the stage…or Janet..or Fantasia. After you see artist like these perform they leave you wanting more. I want to see Rhianna perform like it’s her last time. I think it is in her.

  11. I agree with Koko. Rihanna definitely stepped it up and this has been her best performance to date. But I agree, she has a long way to go with performing. Rihanna’s voice is on point in the studio with all their tricks and gimmicks, but live, she always leaves me cringing. Not that everyone else live sounds perfect, but like Koko said, the other singers leave you wanting more. Personally, though, I don’t think she hasn’t in her. I have all of her CDs and thoroughly enjoy her music, but she’s a lot like Britney to me — all image, all bark, little substance, little bite. I wish her the best of luck though because I always forget that she is so young. Then again, some of the youngest have more heart and soul than I’ve ever seen from her, but that’s just my opinion. Anyway, I’m being too harsh now. Best of luck to, Rihanna. You still have plenty to be proud of.

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