Pics: Tyra Banks As Michelle Obama

Is the writing already on the wall? Is Michelle Obama destined to be the next First Lady of the United States? Well Harper’s Bazaar may think so as they have photographed model Tyra Banks portraying Michelle as just that. The images above, as well as those on the next page, show Tyra in several scenes made famous by another former First Lady, the late Jacqueline Kennedy.

So what do you guys think? Is Tyra channeling Michelle to the fullest and be honest- did any of you ever think that such a thing could even be possible in our lifetime?


  1. Wow, Tyra looks very very thin in those photos! They are either photo shopped to death or she lost quite a bit of weight. Either way, I have to ask the question why, as Michelle is not a size 4 by any means. I’d categorize her as a full figured woman.


  3. All i have to say is what the hell. She do not look like her at all. What up with the little girl do not even look like obama kids. What a bad wig.

  4. No Tyra doesn’t look like Michelle, But I think that as a model she still ROCKS! She hit those poses some fierce lol. No I NEVER in my lifetime thought I would see a BLACK man run for President & have a solid chance of getting in. Heck I NEVER thought I would see a WOMAN run for President & ACTUALLY be taken seriously. No they have never done photoops like this for any first lady, b/c no other 1st lady was or is as historic as Michelle will be if & WHEN… hehehe… Obama is elected. Now that the “other” man sees that we will more than likely be runnin his country, He is takin the neccessary steps, @ least in HIS mind, to educate the world of Black ppl & our culture. This is why CNN felt the need to have that Black America special. Trust me as election draws nearer you WILL see more things like this. However, the “other” man is sooo CLUELESS about us, more than half of the documentaries that will come out will be bias & onesided, i.e. CNN special.

  5. LMAO!!!!! These pics are lame Tyra can do better. I would rather see the real Michelle Obama in Harpers Bazaar. What exactly is the point of this anyway?

  6. Love these pics of Tyra they look like Mrs Obama inspired her and she just wanted to play her for the day. Love them. THere inspiring to me!

  7. I like the pics- the photshoot is very Harper’s Bazaar so it makes sense to me….

    I thought I’d be old and gray if ever I were to see a black man running for president. It warms my heart so to see this happening now. My grandparents get to experience this my nephews are able to see how educated black men can be whoever they desire with God first.
    I keep the Obama in my prayers and despite the outcome, Barack nominated as the Democratic elect gives me hope, makes me proud and gives me a special strength to persue endeavors I hesitated to.

  8. Nice pics, Ty looks good. But what are these pictures for?? Did I over look something when I was reading?

  9. Tyra looks good and I’m sure she means well. She’s paying homage to Michelle Obama and I don’t see nothing wrong with that! The third pic where she’s reading to the kiddies is the business.

  10. Did anyone notice in pic #4 Tyra is rocking the same purple dress Michelle wore the night Barack clenched the Democratic nomination?

  11. Lol Lady you took the words right out of my mouth!! I thought that purple dress looked really familiar!

  12. The pictures are paying homage to Michelle Obama, of course Tyra does not look like her. But if you are going to have someone model pictures portraying Michelle, then Tyra is the best person to do it. She will be fierce!!! I am so happy to see that Michelle is getting positive coverage in the media. The media coverage could be very negative and stereotypical, but they have been very classy and inspiring. From Ebony to People to US Weekly, it’s good to see this.

    I am so blessed to be able to witness this historic Presidential race in my lifetime. I think that this will be the first time since I was first able to vote, that I will have a feeling of pride in voting. I truly believe in the candidate that I will be voting for. Not just because I do not want a republican in the white house. I recently visited the Underground Railroad Museum so I am filled with Black pride right about now!

  13. I’m not American, but I do support Obama. Nevertheless, I observe with fear that calling him president (even claiming without any doubt) in various magazines which are so enthusiastic about him being elected is not so good for him as some may be offended by this arrogant attitude. Don’t get me wrong, but even his trip to Berlin where he gave speech as some former presidents of the USA did has been seen in this way (He is not a president, but he behaves like he is…). These pictures of Tyra where she poses as Michelle Obama can do more harm than good… unfortunately. That may be just too much for some people and they will vote for McCain instead – just to show that you cannot call yourself a president when you are not elected yet and even though he is not doing this explicitly some will associate that kind of pictures with that…

  14. @ BL , dress for the job you want. as far as tyra, before i saw them i was a little worried. but they are okay, but by no means great.

  15. Yes I did notice that stephanie. Ironically, I actually think Michelle rock’d it better. Sorry Ty πŸ™

  16. To an extent I agree with BL. I am concerned that all this “glamming up” of Michelle and the Obama family will have an adverse affect on the Obama campaign. Like it or not this is a white majority country and it makes me uncomfortable that Black America is “whooping it up” while Obama’s not even in the white house yet. Yall know white folks is sensitive bunny rabbits and they don’t like feeling like they aren’t on top or in control.

    The Obama’s are world rock stars. But white folks are starting to feel that uncomfortable twinge that “Black folks” are feeling themselves a little too hard these days. Who knows what they’ll whip out to keep us in check. I’d rather be the “Spook who sat by the door” then the bragging fool who gets played.

    These are my fears; but I pray for the Obama’s. I will be in DC when he’s inaugurated. God Willing.

  17. @Harlem Chick not to get u upset but why we can not feel r self. This man made alot of black folk feel good about there self. We was calling bill clinton r first black president but look how he felt when obama beat out his wife. Im tried of us black people taking the back seat for white people. We do have so much power if we stick together like they do. But we have so much envy and hate for each other. That what is messing us up because how we feel about each other. If we take that away from us. We would of been had a black president in the white house.

  18. The problem I notice here is the fact that as much you are going to emphasize that – We Blacks have the right to have our first Black president – then it becomes as a green light for other groups – mostly white – to claim that Obama will support only blacks and then most of whites become afraid of that… It is a huge step for this country to have a Black president and you will not do it by claiming to fast that you have won before you didn’t. Obama is in a terrible position – either he is going to be too ‘white’ for some black people or the other way round. You know for me it is interesting to observe all of this right now when I am here in States… I do not see myself as ‘white’, although I am – but I am only reminded about it when I read comments from black people on various pages (I read because I love certain type of music, etc.) Where I come from race is not the matter as such, we define ourselves in terms of nationality rather ethnicity. Therefore, I wish that Obama could be the president of all people here which he is trying to say about his candidacy. I don’t know if it changes something when he will become a president – people still stick to their groups and it’s not bad as long as it doesn’t divide whole nation…

    Iris – of course you have to be confident especially Obama because he would have lost a long time ago when some probably told him that this is impossible to run for presidency in his case. Still you have to show some respect for people and their rights to have a choice…

  19. @BL you are right. We need too calm down and let this man run his campaign. I mean we have Ludacris coming out calling Hilary a B and saying McCain should be in a wheel chair. We need to calm down. Because he can’t win an election with just our vote. You don’t have too take a back seat too anyone too calm down.

  20. Did Tyra and Harpers have permission? I think she and Hapers may have made a grave mistake.

    What woman wants a model to have intimate pictures with her husband?
    Is the american public aware that celebrity is not necessarily leadership?
    Do these pictures send the message that celebrity is what it takes to run a country?

    I really hate that this happened.

  21. Tyra modeled as the model she is, but it’s unnecessary and pointless. Obama doesn’t need it, at all. I’m sure this was supposed to be a form of support, but it only gives McCain another example to add to his view that Obama is a celebrity. To put him on such a high pedestal and call him president before he has won isn’t a good idea to me. Let him win and then celebrate.

  22. I’m with bria. As exciting as the prospect of the first black president being elected, everyone needs to calm down a bit. I’m over the moon excited about the Obamas and what Barack means (he’s broken a whole MESS of barriers with regards to racial equality and he’s in a dead heat with McCain, with McCain being a step or two behind him!) to people everywhere.

    Tyra is beautiful and she looks great, but I don’t know that all this is necessary. There’s a time and a place for everything and I think she should have waited until AFTER he’s elected. πŸ™‚

    Also @ lady, we couldn’t have “been had” a black president because no one that has stepped up to the plate has been qualified, in my opinion. Who is going to vote for Big Perm or JJ? Not me, that’s who! LOL!

  23. There she goes again. Miss Tyra can’t help but to bring everything back to her! She brings all of the interviews with her guests back to her and her opinions/interests. Now, she’s trying to bring Michelle’s shine to her. FYI Tyra! We are just not that into you diva!

  24. Maglet that’s why I am a little bit worried although it is not my country. Obama is the person who can gather both groups – WASP and the rest of people from this beautiful country. Bush with his attitude and policy divided nation and the whole world and Obama seems to be a perfect guy for this position as long as he will not turn into a superstar. McCain reminds Bush me in some ways…
    I know that here it is all about a show… I was happy that Obama is so much supported by celebrities, but these photos are just too much and as you said Maglet – after he would win these pictures could be perfect!! What’s more, they seem to be tacky… too perfect, artificial – smiling everywhere Tyra wannabe Michelle, perfect family circle just like from these old commercials of a perfect housewife. Maybe they want to create this illusion and say – look we can have that kind of president – he is perfect unlike Bush is/was and McCain can be… American style – I could say…

    Brie you wrote: ‘You don’t have too take a back seat too anyone too calm down.’ It is sooo damn right – I hope that Barack and his advisers will focus now more on political matters (here he can also lose as he is not specific enough!) than all the show he is making. I’ve just read somewhere in news that people are getting tired of him all over tv, news, papers… Hope he will make a clever next move.

  25. Lol @ Big Perm! Ahh Al needs to let that hairstyle die a peaceful death πŸ˜† !!

  26. I love tyra to death. I am a huge fan. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE black folk can they get into the office yet. DAMN IT.

  27. well I always believe this would and could happen because i want to run for president one day and tyra banks can definetly be my michelle

  28. I think this photoshoot is an incredibly stupid idea. Leave it to Tyra Banks to turn something serious into a joke. I’m sorry i’m not even hating on Tyra, but she’s an airhead with good business sense. She always thinks she’s being serious or doing something ground breaking like with her “tyraville” on her so and though these things start out with a good premise, she always turns it into a joke. Being first lady isn’t about sitting around and looking cute and dolled up.

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