Plastic Surgery: Is It Worth It?

Dr I am fairly young, but even I can remember when having a big ass was a standard that only the more ethnic girls strived to have. For some, it was natural to them so it was more so that they HAD to learn to love it. Having a figure with all the right curves made you a hot commodity. At that point you would be hard pressed to find a White girl with the astronomical assets of a sista. Now, however, good genes are not a necessity. All you need is a quick trip to the butt shot doctor and you are squared away. The proof is in people like Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, rapper Nicki Minaj (even though they both deny that they have had work done) and others. My question to the ladies is: Is it worth it? The expensive plastic surgery, the time, the health risks.

Nicki Minaj


Plastic surgery on any woman of any color concerns me. I do not think that cutting yourself open and undergoing so many risks for vanity purposes is worth it. Personally, I am too much of a punk to ever venture off into the other side. Yeah, I know I am on my soap box. I do not want anyone cutting me unless they absolutely have to. I’m just not that vain. I could not imagine going under the knife so that my B cups were magically turned into D’s. As far as butt implants, the irony in this is that at one point it was viewed as disgusting to be voluptuous. Black women were not viewed as beautiful as their White counterparts by the public eye. At least, that is what they wanted us to believe (side eye). Somehow, someway, things changed and suddenly being thicker than a snicker became a mainstream attraction once it was available to the mainstream and not just a ethnic/cultural anomaly. Hmm. I’m going to let you marinate on that for minute.

Kim Kardashian


Kelly Rowland


According to reports, it is as easy as taking a quick trip to Mexico for cheap plastic surgery. Mexico has got another feather in its cap. It is getting famous day by day for its medical tourism. All sorts of cosmetic surgeries are being performed there successfully as the doctors are very capable and experienced and good medical facilities are available. There is one very strong reason to opt for surgery in Mexico. It is a lot cheaper compared to the prices in the USA. The main risk of getting a gluteoplasty the procedure is fat absorption, in case of the first technique, occurring in approximately one-third of patients. Bleeding, infection and scarring are rare.


Beyonce breast implant

Lil Kim


I may seem like a naive kid in a candy store when I say this but whatever happened to loving yourself as is and working with what you have? Is that D cup really what is going to make you feel like you are pretty? Every woman that I listed as an example were attractive before the enhancements. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing with self improvements. You know, working out in the gym, eating healthy, hair and make-up etc. At the end of the day you have to be happy with you. The plastic surgery is where I draw the line. Who are we trying to impress? Mainstream media has definitely played a role in what we view as beautiful, however that idea of beauty is one that constantly changes. There is no way you can keep up! Why cut on yourself to be in style? Especially when there are health concerns to the surgery. I know that there are trained doctors in this field, however mistakes still happen. Look at Kanye West’s Mom who went in for a procedure and lost her life. My only plea to the ladies is to think twice, and then think again before you allow anyone to come at you with a surgical mask.

By: LJ Knight

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  1. u sound like your are jealous of women..Who look good period. I guess a women should not get lipo after having kids either….i think your are a lil’ jealous

  2. I totally agree with Ms Knight. it is wrong that beauty is squashed into one tiny box. All and everything about women is beautiful and we should accept that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes

  3. Its nothing wrong with plastic Surgery, Its nobodied business what a person gets done……And Um Beyonce does not have a boob Job, she had her nose done, Her breast looked bigger when she was 15, in that picture…Who carez, its their, if they mess they self up, its their problem.

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with cosmetic surgery but there are some that take it way too far (lil kim, vivia fox). When its done to the point where you don’t look like yourself, that’s too much.

    Bey had a lot more done than just her nose.

  5. O well they will all find out later in life..It’s their choice and they had the money..Michael had it several times..(may he rest in peace)..but dammit that doesnt change who he was an entertainer/celebrity. Music was still fiyah and gave a great show..and so do Bee,etc…They have an image to portray and we all know sex alrite with me no matter what..FAke or

  6. Nicki Minaj looks toon plump in that must’ve had a high dosage of that injection…Did anyone see the 2 girls on the Tyra Banks show talking about their butt injections???

  7. There’s nothing wrong with a a LITTLE plastic surgery or making some small adjustments to one’s body, but being obsessed with going under the knife until you don’t look normal or to where your perception of beauty is kind of twisted is not good..I honestly believed that Lil Kim looked much better before she messed up her face and nose. The breast implants were okay, however, I do believe that Lil Kim has some self-esteem and body image problems as do a lot of women in Hollywood..Kim Kardashian is starting to look like a freak to me, her face looks horrible with all of the botox she looks like plastic..Beyonce and Kelly both look good and not over done.

  8. I agree! Plastic surgery is silly & not worth it! It shows how insecure you are with your body! All women should accept themselves as God created them. If HE approved of you while you were yet in the womb, why wouldnt you approve of yourself?!? Note: He holds more AUTHORITY than you do! Women need to be appreciative of their bodies; and lives for that matter. Surgery is a very serious procedure. Women should be giving thanks to God for what they are and who they are. I think it is selfish and a waste money just to make yourself look like a unresponsive doll. You cant take any of that mess with you when you leave this earth!!! All good things come to and end. Really, how long do you think the plasitc surgery is gonna last?-Not forever! Its just silly thinking when one gets it done just to make themself feel better! That money could be well invested in saving someone elses life or giving back to the community in some way!

    Psalm 139:14

  9. I don’t see anything wrong with plastic surgery if one really wants it. Sure, some people go too far but if they like the way they look why not?
    What I think though is you can’t compare celebrities and “everyday” people on this topic. Anyway… (I don’t want to post a long post and my English is not good enough for that).Another thing: it’s not because we see the women of whom you post the pictures in your article as beautiful that they see themselves as such and don’t have complex (is it a word in English?).

  10. I think plastic surgery is down to the individual, if they want it then its their own choice and not up to anyone else to judge. My own belief is to make the most of what you got, if you wanna lose weight then go to the gym. My cup size is a D so I’ve never had problems with that area but I speak 2 a lot of girls who say they feel less feminine without the right curves, they dont put on weight easily so surgery would be their option.
    So yeah, its down to the individual really. We live in a society where image plays such a huge part, I’m not surprised that plastic surgery has risen in popularity. If society cared about more important issues, then image wouldn’t be so important.

    PS: I swear Beyonce has never had plastic surgery?

  11. I think about one or two of these are incorrect im not going to say who, but then again I MAY be wrong.

  12. Plastic surgery is a personal choice. If a woman (or man) wants to enhance themselves then I say more power to them, as long as they know that the surgery will not make them feel better about themselve (or in some cases even look better). We are all quick to judge someone who gets plastic surgery, but unless you live a day in their shoes we have no place to pass judgements.

    And FYI just because you get bigger in a certain area does not mean you have gotten any surgery. Weight gain can cause a bigger butt and bigger boobs. I know from personal experience! Women especially store excess weight in their thighs and hips and breast area.

  13. If people have the money then I guess they can do what they want. The only thing is they run the risk of never being satisfied. Especially the pressure that is in hollywood to look a certain way. Often once you break the ice and get the first surgery done it often leads to more things. What scares me with black women even more is that as a race we are at a higher risk to keloid/scar than other nationalities and it is hard to fix surgery gone bad.

  14. I think if it is not grossly over done then it’s okay. But I think when a person is not emotionally strong anything can become an addiction. That is when you begin to look monstrorous. Skin is not plastic and it is not going to stretch and you can’t mold it in a certain way. It is skin and if you keep abusing it it will like you abused it.



  17. all i`m going to say is that i agree 100% with GOODTODAY comment. Very, Very well said.

  18. I co-sign with everyone who has said that Bee has not had a boob job. She hasn’t. She uses body tape and bustiers, push up bras (like Nina said) to even out her shape since she has a natural pear-shaped body.

    She may have had a little slimming done to her nose, but even with before and after pics the difference is miniscule.

    And Kelly didn’t need a boob job, I actually preferred her natural. She has a lean and muscular body and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just hate that she used couture outfits as an excuse because everyone knows those high fashion outfits are made for women with no boobs.

  19. How odd is it that we question Black women with Black women’s asses but we rarely question white women who now have bodies they didn’t have in the past.

    Lady GaGa was a typical white chick until she bought an ass. As was Coco (Ice T wife) and Kim Kardashian.

    Not every sista is born blessed in the back but most of us are. Stop questioning what God gave us naturally and making it seem like something only the other races posses.

    I don’t recall J-Lo’s attributes being questioned.

  20. I completely agree with GoodToday. Why cant we just be happy with what God gave us. Its not like your looks will get you into Heaven anyway. You may disagree but… this aint yo comment.

  21. @ stacey
    Yea I c nobody aint questioning jlo’s biggest attribute lol (i think its real though lol)

  22. Why do black women want to look like white women ( nose jobs, straightening of the hair,colored contact lenses) and white women want to look black (tanning,boob jobs, butt injections)? What does it all mean?

  23. can you silly beyonce worshippers get real SHE HAS HAD A BOOB JOB its clear to see and nose, it looks good on her anything that improves you but i will draw the line at skin bleaching like lil kim or michael, it takes it too far

  24. To each his own. Would I do it? Probably not … But that’s easy for most of us to say because we don’t have the resources that it takes to get anything major or extensive done. I think a lot of the people who judge those who get surgeries harshly would act in the same way if they had the money, time and other resources. I just say do you. I don’t always get the choices some people make where these procedures are concerned but at day’s end you have to be happy with you.

  25. Well Kelly Rowland looks good. I think if it is something simple that will really make you look better go for it. Niki Manaj is ugly. I hate to see black women conform to that hip hop beauty standard. Don’t these idiots realize how cartoonish this makes them look. Angel Luv, Niki Manaj, Lil Kim, HORRIBLE. Stop the madness sistas.

  26. 1st nikki menojois-her name says it all-so her wanted to enhance her butt to arouse men isn’t shocking. Kelly just followed Beyonce like a lil puppy and get her breasts done. Who else?? Kim, we all know HOT MESS! and she was so cute BACK IN THE DAY-she didn’t need. What is wrong with B CUPS -dag. Females in Hollywood act like you might as well commit suicide if you aren’t Dolly PArdon.
    Who said B didn’t have surgery? Only her boobs, sorry that face is hers. I know hard 2 imagine sum1 that beautiful lol, but look at her pics b4-same nose=SORRY. But the breasts-so obvious. She didn’t need it either. But in hollywood you are neva too “beautiful” all these black females just got caught up in hollywood-that’s it.
    But 4 the record, go Alicia Keys, yeah ino, she’s a mistress but at lease she didn’t get NADA done. Alicia said im beautfiul how i am, too bad that confidence wasn’t enuff to stop her from degrading herself and settlin for a married man. still luv her, in my prayers.

  27. I do not envy these women in the spotlight who feel pressured to transform themselves so extremely.

    To those who get a little something done to the point where you can’t tell then I think that’s cool.

    Great examples.

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