Police File Charges Against Erykah Badu

It appears Erykah Badu’s impromptu video shoot for her “Window Seat” single has gotten her into a bit of hot water. The R n’ B diva’s hometown police department in Dallas, Texas held a press conference yesterday to announce that they would be filing disorderly conduct charges against the singer. During the conference police SGT. Warren Mitchell said the decision to charge Badu came after a witness signed a complaint about the singer’s public striptease. “Having a fact witness that was there is what led us file the charges,” Mitchell said. “She disrobed in a public place without regard to individuals and small children who were close by.” The misdemeanor charge is punishable by a fine of up to $500 and a citation was said to have been mailed to Badu’s residence.


  1. :iagree: Good. Children didnt need to see all that…

  2. hate to say it, but she had it coming. it was totally inconsiderate to the parents of small children. she may be okay with asult nudity around kids and that’s fine for her, but other parents may not be and that’s equally fine for them. her decision to disrobe was totally self-serving with no regard to others.

  3. UNALTEREDBEAUTY- I totally agree with you, I have no problem with nudity at all but that was just disrespectful to the parents.

  4. I love me some Badu…but yes I have to agree. That was taking it a bit too far!!!!

  5. now she has more publicity than she’s ever had in her entire career…so in the end, I think she wins

  6. I, personally, LUV Erykah Badu. She is a “DEEP” SISTA whose message gets lost on the simple-minded ones. Wisdom and Knowledge have no relation with fools. I have her new CD and the song for “Window Seat” carries a message about vulnerabilit, evolving and not conforming to the order of the day.

    However, the message goes right over many of our heads.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4ever!!! RIP “MASTER SHOWMAN”.

    Peace in the spirit of my “Hero”, Brotha Malcolm X

  7. I agree with everything said so far, also they have to punish her because it wouldn’t be fair if they punsihed others for the same thing but not her who is a celebrity n who did it for a video. If not, a whole lotta other people will do it also.

  8. Man PLEASE!
    If Lady Gaga had the same concept with MLK death site… Black folks head WILL role!

    Let Beyonce or Rihanna pull the same ish that Erykah did!!! People who’s giving Erykah a pass would NOT be giving them one.
    Hypocrites at its finest….

  9. This might be good for her. She needs to meditate on what she did, even if its in a jail cell. She probably need her tea, though

  10. Just read the whole article. She does need at least a day in jail.

  11. lol, well i guess she should have kept her clothes on

  12. I think she knew she might have to pay for this. The publicity that costs 500$ is very count.

  13. Why can’t they charge Lady Gaga for exposing her pale ass white cheeks everyday?I’m tired seeing that!

  14. :hater: you guys are all haters, she should be able to do what she want, o well if its kids, the parents should of covered them up. There are crazy things showing all the time, its time we admit this is america and things happen. If she want to show her body o well :bowdown:

  15. you know what with the way things are going i am glad that people are taking a stand against what has gotten out of control. this artist is not a run of the mill artist. to lower herself to that even if the message is about not conforming to today’s low level of character, she does not have to show it herself, she could just say what she needs to say. i am really tired of the carelessness that we show to each other and then wonder what is wrong with the kids. they act the way they have been exampled to. just my opinion.

  16. @Surabi- i totally agree. u can’t tell me with all the intellect Erykah has she couldn’t have found another way to get her message across. B and Rhi can say they have a message to when they are half-naked-to empower women as well 2 be themselves & the body is art. (mind you i don’t agree with any artist being half or completely naked)Don’t let her deep facade fool you, she knew what she was doing besides the message. she was cashin in on the sex sells thing. Its funny if you don’t agree with it, the message went over your head. i get it, i get it, still there are 101 ways she cud have said without buttcheeks in the wind.

  17. @ SURABI and especially RUSERIOUS– yes, yes and yes!

  18. She did do this in public eyes, and by law its called “indecent exposure”. So I’m sure she expected it…

    But she still got her message out, I guess…

  19. I do not know why she still trying to find herself….I really like her but she looked like a coke/crack addict walking in this video!

  20. After reading these comments I”m inclined to agree that there’s ALWAYS another way.

    I can think of an equally (yet less incendiary) way to “WAKE” the masses using a music video. I’ve got a simple treatment in mind right now. E. Badu, if you or your people are reading this ‘call me’ and I’ll hook you up for the next single.


    Much in the same way Janet’s breasticle SHOCKED the nation, so did Badu’s nekkid tushy….hmmm

    But didn’t Matt and Kim do the exact same thing in TIMES SQUARE???


    I’m sure there were chirren present…

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