Poll: Was Kanye West Drunk?

Was Kanye West drunk at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards? That’s what some are saying as a way to explain the rapper’s behavior this evening. As many of you already know, Kanye jumped on stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and complained of Beyonce not winning the award instead. Some seem to think this is out of character for Kanye, however, I am almost sure he did the same thing a few years ago when another act took home an award he thought he deserved himelf.

Still, the rapper was spotted on the red carpet this evening with a bottle of liquor in his hand. Drunk or not, rumor has it Kanye and his date, Amber Rose, were asked to leave the event after the rapper’s bad behavior.

So what do you guys think? Was Kanye West a little tipsy and acting out of character when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech, or was the rapper just being his usual obnoxious self.


  1. I read some tweets from a dude who supposedly saw them up close and personal and he said both Kanye AND Amber were drunk.

  2. Kanye wasn’t drunk. The entire episode was a publicity stunt gone wrong.

  3. even if he was, this kinda thing is NOT out of character for him. If i was Taylor i wuda set it off up in that auditorium. LOL im sorry but he wudnt have gotten the mic at all. He wuda had to fight me for it!

  4. He’s drunk with the love for attention. He behaves this was for shock value and is always “apologizing”. Yet he displays the same behavior again. Why? Because he’s not truly sorry. Because he has an overinflated ego that he’s proud of. The best way to deal with someone like him is to ignore him and not give him all the attention he craves. They should ban him from award ceremonies and hopefully this selfish pompous behaviour will cause him to lose his fanbase and he can be taught a valuable lesson in humility.

  5. I’m really starting to believe in all the conspiracy theories i’ve heard from my sister because this is just too transparent…

  6. While MTV is known for pulling stunts, Kanye has done this before this is actually the third time. I agree with whoever said Taylor should have gotten right with him and embarrased him back. Not only was he not nominated it is not even his girl that didn’t win so get over it. I hope they ban him from the awards. If he wasn’t drunk or high I am starting to think he has a mental illness. I guess Amber got the wrong kinda shine this time.

  7. She mind as well came naked the outfit is “SKINTIGHT” literally

  8. Kanye played the villain too well at the 2009 VMAs. I was shell- shocked. He gave me no immediate warning.

    His unfortunate target, Taylor, was the damsel in distress. She initially exited the crime scene without putting up a darn fight. I’m sure the time controller would’ve given her enough time for a come back, or at least to complete her speech. She had the support of the audience. The furious audience members [from various social class and backgrounds] were ready to roast Kanye at the stake for unkindly cruching Taylor’s spirit during her momment of celebration. Finally, you have queen Bey restoring some rightful kind of order towards the end.

    I’m glad Taylor was given another opportunity for her come back [within the program]. It was better to take care of it sooner rather than later. Within the same night, she had a chance to keep her head up and publically putting the bizarre altercation behind her.

    That was great TV. It could not have been better if it was scripted.

    I still got some love for Kanye; Nevertheless, he has to make amends with Taylor [Who I also happen to like. C’mon! who doesn’t like fairy tales whether they are in book forms / songs:-)].

  9. From the pictures you can tell he isn’t right. Why walk the red carpet drinking a bottle of Hennessey? To a small degreee I am starting to think this was scripted. I read somewhere else that quoted Taylor as saying that MTV later on told her to stand by the stage and she said she didn’t know why and she didn’t know what was going to happen but she did it and then Beyonce told her to come back out. Anyway Taylor will be on the View tomorrow so I am sure they will be asking questions about it.

  10. He better have been but man I been smashed out my mind and never did nothing remotely that stupid. He’s a douche when sober so then again maybe he was super drunk.

  11. He wasn’t drunk.
    Hate that he has that bottle of Hennessey on the red carpet but
    Ye been tried to tell ya’ll….

    “What more could ask for? The INTERNATIONAL ASSHOLE…” K. West Diamonds From Sierra Leone


    “You say I think I’m never wrong… you know what? Maybe you’re right! Aight?” K. West I Wonder

    I fux w/ Yeezy just because he ain’t never tried to be or claim anything other than what he is,
    a dude w/ a big ego
    Love him artistically! Was it wrong what he did? YES! He apologized whether sincere or not. It’s now up to God and Taylor to accept his apology. Eveybody else really need to get over this. I’ve seen so many passionate comments over this incident.
    Where were all these ppl who just loathe speech disrupters when Congressman Joe Wilson interrupted Pres. Obama?!

    “You gotta love it though, somebody still speaks from his soul.” -K. West Diamonds From Sierra Leone

  12. And just to think if that was a black congressman and bush was givin the speech dont you know he would’ve been escorted out, and without a job in a matter of minutes.

  13. Where are the girls who love Amber?? Please show ur face. This is a lady??? This is sexy? the reason why erry1 think she hot cuz she always naked. Yeah, she cute but she ain’t the baddest white chick out there- MEgan Fox slay her. Kanye is doin gay moves, the next step from being a metrosexual is gay.

  14. Amber does not dress anymore naked than anyone else who walks the red carpet.

    How many times does this man have to apologize? Black women and hispanic women get disrespected on a daily basis on this same network when those show those god awful videos who’s making them apologize for that. But let this little blonde bombshell get disrespected and even the President gets asked about it.

    Yet in the mean time people are carrying signs calling the President every name but a child of God and no one is suppose to apologize for that. The Senator calls him a liar during an address to the Congress and nothing is going to happen to him. I say get over it. That’s enough he doesn’t need to apologize anymore. It was studpid she got to give her speech now get over it.

  15. Obama is a what??? The 1st week in office he passed a law where tax payers’ went 2 fund abortions across the world. But we in a depression, but we got & money 2 kill babies?? Oh yeah, God did say in the Bible if a baby is living in you-its okay rite?? He said in his inauguration, that”AMerica is not a Christian nation” What?? but God is supposed 2 bless us.What pres has ever said sumthin so blatant. I d on’t care im black, but im a Christian first. ANd the God i serve would never condone this? This is why Judgment is upon this land. People-there is no economic recovery-the media is paid 2 lie 2u. We are in a depression, they fudge unemployment numbers. God can’t bless a land who is beyond arrogance and refuse to acknowledge Him. My God is not sumthing to be played with & america & the world will soon find out. But many will fall to their knees, when catastrophes come 2 this land and will come to him, He does this cuz he knows if we remain comfortable we will 4get him. Trust-his hand of wrath is coming DOWN. gET UR SOUL RITE! Im sorry ya’ll got me started on here.

  16. WE WILL SEE in the next couple of years what the outcome will be and right now i believe he can recover America because right now he hasn’t given me a reason not to. And I REALLY hate to say this because I only believe someone should get an abortion if they were raped, but the abortion funding may be the right thing to do because there’s TOO many rockheads and etc not raising their kids, starving them, leaving them on their families doorsteps its rediculous and sad.

  17. i think the question should be is amber drunk. look what she wearing!

  18. That fool wasnt drunk! well he may have been tipsy, but if he can remeber what he said the next day, that mean he wasn’t too drunk

  19. I think he was totally out of place, and I would like to know what would he do if he won an award and someone did him like he did her. I am sure if he did anothe rapper like that we would have seen a fight on stage.

    Althought I think the entire issue has been overly exagerated….let it go…and lets find a new topic to dwell on..

    One thing I did like is that it did take the spotlight off my girl Serena…and bravo to her…I would have cussed out that ref also beacause they keep right on trying to cheat her beacause they aint her……

  20. People are trying to use alcohol as an excuse for his behavior..the fool acts like that when he’s sober. when it comes to award shows kanye sets out to make a spectacle of himself..he thinks he can just do an say what he wants but this time it blew up in his face..all the apologies in the world won’t give that girl her moment back.

  21. Kanye wasn’t drunk when he went out their, he felt he was standing up for what he believed. He was drunk when he got caught up w/ that stripper, bad idea. How did that hideos woman get a modeling contract, whoever gave her a contract was drunk, not Kanye.

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