Poolside Fab: Teairra Mari in ‘Chain of Fools’ Swimsuit

I’m not sure if the above photo of T.Mari is from an upcoming video shoot, or just candids of her enjoying life. Summer is nearing and Teairra is making me oh-so-jealous that I haven’t reached my ‘summer body’ goal yet! She looks awesome in this gold chain detail two-piece Chain of Fools bathing suit by Beach Bunny.

This design is a limited edition style, so you better hurry if you want your own! The top retails for $169; and the bottom for $150.

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  1. She has gotten to be a very pretty girl. I use to just consider her average and too too ghetto for my taste.

  2. You’re right. She IS an incredibly BEAUTIFUL young woman, and I’m happy she’s doing the hardwork on her own to keep her name in the game. But yeah, her music is TRULY very weak to me and while she has a ok voice, it’s nothing to write home to mama about and other than “Make A Girl Feel” I really can’t think of anymore of her songs other than that garbage gold-digging national anthem “Sponsor”. which shouldn’t have been banned from BET like it was ’cause Gucci Man and all of them talk about “Girl let me be you’re sugar daddy” and get played no problem. But when a girl says “I got me a sponsor” (a cheeky way of saying sugar daddy,etc.) it won’t get played?

    I mean, there both crap, and I hate the image that is being perpetuated to our youth, but I think that if a network is gonna allow a male artist to say “let me be your sugar daddy” they should allow a female artist to say “I GOT me a sugar daddy” not just “I want one, or I need to find myself one.”

    I think society has issues with a woman actually being in control like that over her own body. It’s like…oh, let’s market to kids to have sex, sex, and more sex and tell girl’s to sttrive to be the ultimate sex symbol or “5 Star Chick” B.S. But, when a woman stands up and says, “you know what, I’ma do some freaky stuff…BUT I’ma get paid for it,” there’s an alarming cry of “oh, that’s prostitution, yadayada…” from the general public or head hunchos of major networks like BET.

    If the woman was gonna have sex anyway, why NOT get paid for it? I’m just saying…I don’t agree with the message, but BET should be fair in it’s exploitation of negative images and concepts towards are youth and not just let male rappers and artists have a free for all.

  3. ^^^BET is on some other -ish with their refusal to play that video.

    They pick NOW to censor what they will and will not play?

    And I agree, this woman’s music is WEAK and STANDARD FAIRE and it’s sad, really. I went to YouTube, listened to a number of her songs and it all sounds the same. I actually hate the message in this song but I recognize the double-standard BET has going here. Ridiculous. Rappers can rap about drug deals and big pimpin’ but when a woman wants to talk about having a dude by her things, it’s suddenly too much for our children.

    *blank stare at BET*

  4. I dont really care for her because she is conceited and her state of mind is ghetto and stank.

  5. she look good in that bikini though. Make me wanna get one.

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