Pop Star 101


I love discovering new and interesting performances by my favorite artists on You Tube.

I was actually fortunate enough to be sent a link to the video below and watching it brings such a smile to my face. It is of a young Whitney Houston, circa 1987, performing her smash single ‘How Will I Know’ at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

This performance is Whitney at her peak. She is beautiful. Her stage presence is flawless and if they ever teach a class in college on how to be a pop star, this is the video they should show.

Whitney forever!

Here is another Whitney video with an extra twist. It is Whitney’s first performance on The Merv Griffin Show, also singing ‘How Will I Know,’ which you will see is quite appropriate considering what happens to her half way through the performance.

Funny and cute.


  1. Love the first video. Read the comments on You Tube. Love the one where dude calls her moves the Whitney Shuufle.

    The second video is hilarious. That is the funniest nip slip ever.

    Its funny to see how Whitney was at the start of her career. She was a whole other person. She seem to actually enjoy herself.

  2. This woman was a gift to music. Who today can just command the stage with just a microphone and backup track? No backup dancers and lawd have mercy she was damn near wearing a business suit. Who can touch this today? No one I tell you. No one at all.

  3. her teeth are EVERYTHING…i still love her old colgate commercials

  4. Whitney was the best. What a memory. We will never have another like her.

    The second video is hilarious.

  5. After listening to hot ghetto mess in that Beyonce post, I had to come back again to take in some more Whitney. She let her vocals do the talking. No ego trips. Just good singing.

  6. She let her vocals do the talking. No ego trips. Just good singing.


    I, VEHEMENTLY, agree with you. A, truly great, iconic, artist is humble and modest and can always find it within themselves to give others their props. They also pay homeage to those who`ve gone before them. Other artists think the world revolves around them, not realizing what a turn off that is.

    Anyway, Whitney was, indeed, one of a kind.

    MJ & The GOLDEN 80s 4ever!!


  7. Thank you for sharing your gift with he world, Nippy. Thank you for your voice. =)

  8. @Dana I totally agree! As a Whitney fan I have saying that for a while there is no one out right now that can come close to comparing. You know you are bad when you can where a pants suit or nice elegant fitted gown, tear the house down, and while peforming have the men gaulking! I love and truly miss the GORGEOUS Whitney Houston!

  9. She was one of a kind Real Talk… and yes, that lil business suit she has on kills me every time I watch this video.

    The Whitney Shuffle at the 3:15 mark ain’t so bad either 😆

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