Porsha Williams As Thelma from Good Times…?


“Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Porsha Williams doesn’t seem to be sweating the loss of her peach these days.

As we all know, the 33-year old beauty was replaced as a housewife on the popular Bravo reality show by newcomer Claudia Jordan when the seventh season kicked off on November 9th.

Porsha however seems to be keeping things moving, and recently alluded to shooting her own reality series via Instagram.

Porsha posted an image of herself driving around in her Rolls Royce, the one she was rumored to have recently sold for a quick influx of cash, along with a camera crew. Porsha captioned the photo “Stay tuned… #TheUntoldStory,” and let her fans she had a lot more goodies in store for them.

One of those rumored goodies is reportedly the role of Thelma in the planned big screen adaptation of the 70’s comedy “Good Times.” As previously reported, Sony is looking to remake the comedy and reportedly gave the go-ahead to producers Scott Rudlin and Eli Bush.

Of course this is all speculation and rumor until Sony announces otherwise. However, if anyone could pass as a modern day Bern Nadette Stanis, it would definitely be Porsha.


  1. Good Times was a stereotypical mess, that made black people look pathetic. I hope that black actors in Hollywood, have enough decency and respect for themselves, to turn this mess down. First, reality shows, now this, Hollywood sure love to tell th world what it thinks of black people, sadly we fall for it, under the guise of “some black people live like that”, or ” I’m not like that”, ” these stories need to be told”, funny because other communities rather be non existent than tolerant such nonsense. BTW: Would you ever consider doing a story on WWE Trinity Fatu and her sexy husband Jon Fatu. Now, that is a hot celeb couple.

  2. NO! The OJ Simpson Trial with Cuba Gooding, all the embattled athletes, the downfall of Bill Cosby, the change to White-faced R&B (the soundtrack to our lives), Beyonce and Rihanna categorized as R&B when they are pop/r&b like others before them. The Racial divide and tensions, the blatant and ridiculous disrespect of the First Family. The daily news reporting of fatal shootings looped. Major cuts in education and financial aids. Prep for the 2016 election, Ebola scare that can return at any given time, gas prices down to squeeze out smaller US suppliers, we don’t need anymore buffoonery or to be asleep at this time!

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