‘School Daze’ Sequel in the Works


Is a possible ‘School Daze’ sequel in the works? According to the movie’s writer/director/producer Spike Lee, the answer is… MAYBE.

Over the weekend Lee participated in a round table discussion with Black&Sexy TV where he was asked about the longstanding rumor of a sequel/remake. Below is what Lee had to say.

“I had the script for [the sequel] to School Daze… a contemporary version, same school… 25 years later. Hopefully I can get Laurence Fishburne to play Dap… he’ll be the president now of the school. It would deal with issues in HSBCUs today… some of the same stuff from the last film… like the pledging process… but also lots of new stuff… like homophobia… it’s a big subject in it… class issues, color, hair texture… but it’s stuff happening today.”

Spike didn’t reveal whether he would seek for any other original cast members to reprise their roles, or if he even had a distribution deal. At the moment he is probably more corned with his Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his next film.

At any rate, the original ‘School Daze’ was classic and if anyone can do the sequel justice it is Spike himself.


  1. I would have loved a school daze sequel 10 years ago. Now I donr think a o.

  2. Even 10 years ago would have been too long. The film was originally made in 1988. At best there shouldn’t be more than a 10-12 year gap to do something like this. After that the target audience has pretty much moved on.

    Still, it would be nice to see what Spike has come up with.

  3. 25 years later is too big a gap. No one cares anymore.

  4. But nobody is really checking for that movie anymore. I was 4 when School Daze came out and didn’t even see it until the early 2000’s. He should’ve done a sequel no later than 1994 in my opinion. Just do a new movie, Spike Lee…just do a new movie.

  5. This could work because Greek life is still petty. Things have not changed that much, so he could just deal with the new set of issues they would be dealing with.

  6. I love this movie! It was made in the 80’s when I was a baby so I don’t remember when it was first released, but its a cult classic! I’m not sure about a sequel thirty years later but good luck!

  7. Wowzers! I was just dreaming about performing “I dont want to be alone tonight” at a talent show…I said I knew all the steps and everything..I just needed to find three other ladies..lol. he should just do a re make and cast beyonce as jane Toussaint and have jasit x play dap..that would be dope!

  8. I think it could work, but it should not be called a sequel if its about college now. It should be maybe school daze : new beginning or something like that.

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