Pray The Gay Away?

Supposed ex gay preacher Donnie McClurkin has come under fire recently for preaching that “you can pray the gay away” and also “calling gays vampires” among other things. Donnie, Donnie, Donnie, you have just opened up a can of gay community worms. Although, I am a spiritual person I don’t know if I can call myself religious. There is a difference to me. Also, I do believe that there are certain addictions and negative behaviors that prayer, discipline of the mind, focus of energy and support from family can deliver you from. However, I do not consider being gay, a negative behavior, addiction or a perversion. Color me open minded, but I believe that there are other behaviors happening in the world that are far worse and that deserve far more prayer and attention than someone’s sexuality and dating preference. Like the recent up-spring of young mothers killing their toddlers simply because they do not want to be bothered with them or feel as if they are preventing them from having a social life. Such is the case of Caylee Anthony, whose mom was clubbing while her child was “missing”.

Peep The Video Of Mclurkin Praching On Gays Here

Now, there are people who claim that God has delivered them from being gay. Donnie McClurkin is one of those people. I do not think you can truly escape being gay. I think you can suppress your urges but they never completely go away. I do not think that it is as simple as a choice, similar to choosing not to eat meat anymore. I think sexuality, gender identity, and preference runs deeper than that. They are qualities that are embedded in us from birth. They may lie dormant in us at some points of our life but they still exist. Also, while he is spending so much time praying for the gays? He NEEDS to be extending that prayer to the people who are putting their kids in washing machines and selling them to grown men for sex. Such as the recent case of Shaniya Davis whose last hours on earth I would not want to imagine in my worst nightmare. Why is he not praying for children like her and their mothers alike? Could it be because he himself is presently STILL struggling with his past lifestyle? I cannot understand why he is choosing to focus on a person’s right to their sexuality when there are other relevant issues in today’s world that are in a dire state. He also NEEDS to send a prayer up to our young people who are killing each other for no reason and their first reaction instead of calling for help is to tape record it with their camera phone. This is the case of Chicago’s Derrion Albert. Pray for them to learn compassion, concern, and love for others. Or perhaps even the many men and women who are dying in Iraq to this day. This is why I cannot in good conscious, demonize, criticize, or judge a person’s sexuality when we have people in the world committing truly evil acts. They are the one’s who need much more help, assistance and much prayer.

McClurkin has the right to believe what he wants and even preach what he wants. He also has the right to feel that he has been completely “cured” of his homosexuality lifestyle. It would be nice, however, if that same energy was placed into him suggesting ways to help save our youth. To keep them from making life altering mistakes, teach them how to love each other and not be so cold and monstrous to each other. Rather than teach them how to judge each other and demonize people’s sexuality. Teach them to judge a person on his character, morality, heart, conscious, and the way he treats other people.

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  1. DISGUSTING!!!!!!(NOT THE GAYZ BUT DONNA MCFARTIN) I have gay friends, i dont agree with their lifestyle but anywhoo they PEOPLE!!!! DONNIE. GURL, YES I SAID GURL!!!! BYE, U ARE A SNATCHED BOTTOM!!!!!!!! U SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!!

    !! YASSSSSSS!!!!

  2. The idea of “being born gay” is true. We are all born in sin. Just some are different then others. Some are born with lust, anger, etc. WE are all born with sin. If you are a Christian ain’t no getting around it. Homosexuality is wrong, just like straight people fornicating. No, if your not a Christian, then i understand your argument. But im tired of “Christians” twisting the Word 2 fit their lifestyle. There are people straight who think , Oh im just having sex with 1 Person, its not like im a hoe” But God said fornication is wrong, He don’t care about i luv him or im not permiscuos. I don’t look down on gays, i pray for them. I don’t look down on fornicators i pray for them. I was one. And i have met people who have been freed from homosexuality. I have been freed from rage, 12 year addiction 2 weed, fornication. And still got more 2 go. Its black and white, no grey. im tired of the church scared of being unpopular so they blend in with the world. Yes, we should luv them, but not condone, but also not condemn. But they must see the scripture if they are Christian and want the truth.

  3. @l.j knight- Donnie should be teaching them what he is teaching them. i don’t get it. He is a Christian so he lives by the Bible. Should he skip verses to make people feel betta?? that ain’t luv, that’s tolerance. Donnie is showing luv by showing the i was where you are at and now im free. everything FEELS right when you are Lord ova your life. The Lord has law 4 us 2 live by. If we followed them -the world would look different. There is a reason why he made them. Can’t u c the consequences around of not following his Word.

  4. Donnie McClurkin was brutally raped repeatedly as a child. So he probably had some real confusing issues going on inside him. In that case it is possible that he has conflicts but for people who don’t experience something as traumatic as that then I don’t think that will work.

  5. I totally agree with you RUSERIOUS.
    All gay people need is a little p_ssy then they’ll be alright lol.

  6. @12345- that was funny? i didn’t get it nor did i say it. If you straight and having sex, you in the same boat. If you ain’t a christian bypass my comments. im talking 2 Christians now. Not the ones that just say they are one, cuz the majority do. I can say im a doctor, that don’t mean i am one.
    @Christians-ain’t no way of gettin around it. Don’t claim you one, then don’t respect the word. Ino feelings gonna get hurt but i didn’t write the Bible. ONce again 4 the sensitive souls- If you are straight and having sex you are no betta than a gay. Even tho, it is called an abomination, but still its still sin. Don’t beef with me, beef with HIM. I had 2 acknowledge wrong things in my life. Yes, it hurt. yes, i had 2 say im wrong & your right Lord. AFter he sees ur humble, he will change you. Ino some of ya’ll gay on here & don’t take it the wrong way, im not judging, but i refuse to change my beliefs 2 “fit in.”

  7. bty i don’t agree with abortions either and im a woman. uno ?. Cuz the Word don’t agree wit it.

  8. @RUSERIOUS- It was supposed to be but I guess I failed huh?But you seriously didn’t get it? And I agree a sin is a sin that’s just like what I said on another post when people were downing other human beings about being trashy etc. but have had sex before they were married so how are you any diff.? I mean technically it is wrong because it’s a sin but “we” think it’s not because its reality and most of us in this world have done it. And I don’t agree with abortions either UNLESS they have been raped.

  9. Now, I’ve made a few posts on this site here and there, I thought the stories/post were ok, but what is this? I agree with RUSERIOUS mostly, however I do not think anyone is born gay or that anyone is actually ‘REALLY gay on the inside’, I think people have a potential to go that way based on the sins and unrighteous inclinations specific to them. You can be a man and think you are attracted to men all you want, but until you act on that, you aren’t what this world calls “gay”. God can give you a revelation that tells you why you feel this way and you can turn from it based on that alone without ever committing a “gay” act, therefore the person who has given his ear to God and abstained from doing such is not “gay”. Just like the desires and thinking about having sex doesn’t mean you are not a virgin, it is when you go lay down, that you become a person who is not a virgin. Once you ignore what is right and choose to fill yourself up with your own desires and then go ahead and do what God told you not to do then you are sinning and acting as if you are “gay”.
    I say >”gay” because God didn’t create any man that loved his own kind sexually, he gave man Eve, therefore I do not believe in saying people are gay, this is something we have labeled them as because of something they do. People are not gay, they choose to be “gay”. Of course a child who is abused in his youth does not know any other way, but that still does not make the person gay. He can choose to give that experience to God and do what is required of him by the Father.

    Donnie needs to tell people exactly what he’s telling them, and pray just how he is praying, for people like him… Nobody can be that naive to think this man just prays for “gays” or needs to pray for other people more, I’m sure he’s not missing anyone in any spectrum with his prayers. Furthermore, why is this even on here, does anyone remember “TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED”? If he is wrong to you, this is one of those things where if you have nothing good to say, just say nothing at all. The man doesn’t deserve to be under fire, for talking about his past experiences and how God delivered him, and can do the same for others… SMH@The length of this post. I mean really…

    Lastly and on a final note, I think everyone should look at everything they do and say (notice I said >they do and say) not what they do and say according to God’s word, and give it up to God as wrong at least once, why? Because he is perfect, we are not, so humble yourself and realize that you can be wrong and say God I want to know if I am wrong, he will surely tell you, but some people want to be so RIGHT and have so much pride they don’t even ask or ask but refuse to listen to the answer, they just believe they are right. Even you here will believe what you will believe, but let other people do the same.

    I’m convinced we could have done without this post.

    I’m through…

  10. And that **** in my comment above was because of the word > g a y s
    not any other word.

  11. Poor Donnie. I really don’t have much to say on the issue, but I researched his background & I empathize.

  12. This is just why I DON’T PRAY. For knuckleheads like Mr. McClurkin. You can not pray the gay away. Gays are an imprtant part of society. Get used to it!!!

  13. Denise, keep praying sista. Don’t let ignorance distort the meaning of something beautiful.

  14. To the author of this article….Who says Donnie is not praying for the other situations you mentioned?…And sin is not beautiful M…but everyone will have to face judgemnt day…so we shall see won’t we….

  15. No, I said that because Denise doesn’t pray due to views she may feel is ignorance. Personally, I have no opinion. I focus on my own life; my own preferences & my own faith in God.

  16. clarification, PRAYER is beautiful. Don’t let ignorant views distort the beautiful meaning of prayer. ‘hope that made sense.

  17. I believe that God is a real entity and a connection to Him is a beautiful and powerful thing, but in my eyes, when it comes to the Bible, it’s a wonderful guide, a great book, but a book written by mortals. Mortal men with mortal tendencies and agendas, much like modern-day politicians. If we were to follow the Bible to a T, then women should not be allowed to wear pants or any type of men’s clothing (Deut 22:5), they wouldn’t be able to hold positions of authority (1 Timothy 2:11) and anyone working on a Sunday would be put to death (Exodus 31:15).

    I love the Lord, but religion divides people, and I won’t have anything to do with it. Donnie McClurkin can continue to push his right-wing morals until the cows come home, but the truth is that he is probably still struggling with this homosexual tendencies. He’s not married, nor has he ever been romantically linked with another nice Christian girl.

    I respect those who choose to view the Bible as a flawless and perfect document, though I very much doubt that anyone has a complete understanding of all the contradictions in that book.

  18. Well 1st off, I believe that as a child Donnie was sexually molested. He was in confusion w/ his sexuality. I say this b/c that trauma yielded alot of what he did in past relationships. His situation & view will be different from person who willingly choose to live a gay lifestyle.

    What Donnie is doing is no different than what most churches.. heck most religions & Bibles, Torahs, Korans, & etc say.. that homesexual lifestyle is wrong. You can either agree or disagree, but what he is sayin is said a million times over @ tons & tons of churches, Senagals(sp?) &etc on any given Sunday or Wed. or Thurs. for Bible Study. My thing is I am NOT about to sit up here & harp on things of this nature. If anyone has ever picked up a Bible they know the stories of Solomon & Gamora( sorry for my misspellings lol) & Samson & Deliah. the point is we have all fallin short of the glory & we sin. If it’s not homesexuality, it maybe pride, adultry & the list goes on. We ALL know how it goes down, so why continue to press it ( of course Donnie is a minister so he has to constantly press). We will all have to reach our judgement day, just pray you make your ammends BEFORE then.

    What I absoultely HATE is that even tho it may need to be said, it’s things like this that feul the DL man, especially in the Black community. Those cowards use this as a excuse to lie & hurt innocent women. My thing is you know how SOME or gonna respond, but why bring others into your foolishness to save face, but still go w/ a man behind the woman’s back? Just do you & forget what others say/ think b/c it’s obvious you have the urges. Better to be free & happy than hiding & stressed. That’s why I give openly gay men props, you may not agree w/ their lifestyle, but @ least you know where they stand & you can pass them by. Also who’s to say that Donnie hasn’t prayed for all those other things. I truly believe that he has. This, like many things, is just 1 of those topics the media has gotten a hold of & is running w/ . But like I said they could step into MANY churches & get this msg… it’s said by MANY, NOT just Donnie. Sorry if this turned out to be REALLY long lol.

  19. Donnie McClurkin is sick! He must really be tormented inside because there is NO CURE for homosexuality.

    Dear Donnie,

    You are still very much a homosexual who is using the bible as a form of brain washing to help supress your gay urges..Just because you chose to live in denial and be miserable by not embracing who are does not mean that you are cured..You can’t turn homosexuality on and off like a light switch no matter how much stand in the pulpit and preach your ignorance and hate you are still gay and always be.

  20. i personally have a lot of gay friends. while i don’t judge them personally, by no means do i think that what they are doing is right. I’m a christian person and i know by reading the bible that homosexuality is just not okay. I understand people who are not religious and don’t believe in God may not agree, but that just the way it is. I believe the bible is absolute truth, and i even know gays that attend church (there are a lot of them believe it or not) and read the bible, so they must know that it is not right. I don’t know about the whole “pray the gay away” thing though because i personally believe that it may be something they cannot control. all i can do is pray that the Lord can forgive them some how

  21. I’m spiritual and support gay people who lead a spiritual life,Christ lies within all of us that is what authentic Christianity is all about,male and female we are all created,thats the first creation of God,he created us very good and labeled his creation as good,Jesus came here to teach about Christhood and was aligned with christ,this man died for our sins,why do we still call ourselves sinners? yes,we do make mistakes and i find it challenging to align myself with my christdom but very careful with using the name of God in vain and as an excuse to attack people,i dont agree with the overthetop toxic lifestyle of other gay people but i know plenty gay people who are as gentle as a dove and contribute towards the greater good of humanity however i do believe you can be cured from being gay by asking God to balance your male and female energy or using medical science like balancing your hormones and spiritual psychology to let go of issues,gay people have always been amongst us and have been cruely suppressed by culture,false beliefs and religion just like women or people of African descent who are a cursed nation in the scriptures if your take of the bible is literal,we must understand that these are allegories,the earth has been in existence before the allegory of adam and eve,ask spirit to give you a spirual understanding of the scriptures,missionaries have used christianity to oppress other people,islam is a wonderful religion but a small group of its followers have inflicted pain on humanity coz they lacked spiritual understanding.

  22. He’s PATHETIC … and to hear the grapevine tell it he is still doing his thing. Don’t be fooled by these Bible thumpers. Most of them are the most wicked people on earth. Live and let live.

  23. I agree with Discernment and Russerious most, however, in my own words let me say that while Donnie McClurkin may have not handled this issue completely in compassion or love, or really even class, I strongly believe that homosexuality is a choice and it is wrong just like any other sin is a choice and wrong, be it heterosexual fornication, murder, drunkeness, lying…however, let me poit out that homosexuality is listed as an abomination as well so I believe that’s why there is such a deeper outcry against it though I agree with LG Knight that there are more pressing matters of evil in the world to pray about and for. Also, it’s true that in reality, if one was actively gay and then is miraculously not any more they are “surpressing” those feelings but I agree with whom ever said it that no, that doesn’t still make them gay. A recovering alcoholic may have desires for that sip of alcohol, but he/she must supress those cravings and as long as he/she manages to do that, according to the worlds standards, they are sober. Likewise, a heterosexual may desire to fornicate and have cravings for it, but unless they participate they are being what? Abstinent or Celibate. I must admit this was perhaps the first “YeahSheSaidIT’ where I was like…WHAT? DId she really just say that?! Often times I agree with LG Knight with no controversy ’cause we’re of the same beliefs it seems even somewhat in this article, but I must admit I was deeply thrown by this, but I’m not saying it was a bad thing, it actually was really well written and fulfilled it’s purpose—to get us thinking, and talking—but dang, let me just say it was completely unexpected and definitely has a wow factor of man, I wish she didn’t open this can of worms, but since she did….lol

  24. WOW!!!!

    This is amazing. LOL I can’t belive how many people think you can say your spiritual and have no guidance in the spirit. It does not come down to what you think or feel, the bible clearly states HOMOSEXUALITY is an ABOMINATION. You still love the person not the act. READ PEOPLE, PLEASE READ!!!!! LOLLL

  25. I don’t ever hear these strong pronouncements about black heterosexuals who have pushed the rate of bastard black children in this country to over 70 percent. I love the cherry picking. Everybody loves to quote the Bible where gays are concerned but don’t want to deal with the other issues … SMH … Considering the number of heterosexual blacks having unsafe sex outside of marriage, there’s no room for fingerpointing and quoting scripture. Sorry.

  26. First of all if you are “black” you’re ancestors were NOT christians. This country was not christian either. Native American’s, the ONLY true Americans, were not christians in case you don’t know your history.

    If you are going to quote the Bible quote all of it and not just the parts you like. God doesn’t have a problem with slavery. Anybody wanna pick cotton?!?!?

    Don’t were mixed fabrics, don’t eat shell fish and allow your brother-in-law to impregnate you in the event your husband dies. Don’t wear make-up and jewelry for that is the sign of a harlot. The Bible says if a woman is raped and does not cry out she is to be stoned. If she does cry out, the man has to MARRY her. Nothing in there about prison. Oh, my personal favorite death by stoning for adultery. How many cut off your hand for stealing and tongue for lying?

    The Bible was constructed to manipulate the masses and here it is 2000 years later and yall still in that slavery mode. Speaking of years, according to the scripture the world is only 6000 years old. The Earth over 4.6 BILLION YEARS OLD!!!

    I dare you, DARE YOU to research your so called christian religion. Most of you would lose your minds.

    As for DM, he can kick rocks.

  27. I too believe in God but I also believe people use religion to control things they don’t like such as homosexuality but no one is praying that pastor’s will stop cheating on there wives or that priests will stop touching little boys. In a world with gay straight transgender intersex dragqueens etc. what exactly can the church say about that…

  28. @Denise stop putting your faith in man and put your faith in God the Most High. That sounds ridiculous what you just said. You don’t pray because you have lost your way and the only way to find it is to begin praying and letting go and letting God.

  29. Gosh as a Christian I have to say that some of u ladies give us a bad name- so damn judgemental. Being gay is not an abomination. God does not make mistakes which is why people are BORN gay. You cannot pray the essence of sum1 away, i dont care who says what. If God didnt intend 4u to be gay, uwouldnt be gay. If u are gay its coz uare gay, not coz u r possessed by demons or anything like that.

    As Christians we need to realise that we make it hard for people to feel accepted and loved by God coz we take the judgement thing to a nu level. I agree fully with Yachi.

    God is love and the crap that y’all are spewing here is the opposite of that. Donnie must eat a d*** as far as Im concerned.

  30. you know I hope you can pray it away. I’m a victim of dating a guy for 5 yrs and he was a transsexual lover and we had a child! I’m healing and overcoming but honey I tried to pray it away and IDK…but I do know God Got me and my baby girl! We are bless and better off now!

    I’m sorry I don’t think your born gay..My opinion. you may feel masculine or feminine but once you cross that line and you know it’s an abomination then your wiling doing wrong. Just my thoughts

  31. Goldilocks you claim that you are a Christian but you clearly do not understand free-will, as far as being born gay is’nt it possible a person could be born cellibate and influenced by society to think that sex is a necessity and therefore recognize that they are not attracted to the opposite sex so therefore they must be gay. I don’t believe that anyone is born gay anymore than I believe anyone is born a pedaphile. True we are all born with sexual desires and that’s when free-will comes into play, you freely choose whether you want to transgress against God or to live in accord with his way. This is the first nation in the history of the world that has changed Gods family arrangement and that is why we are no longer receiving his blessings, and are no-longer the dominant world power, we are no longer a productive nation we are a consumer nation our blessings have been greater than any nation in the history of the world as a God fearing nation, are we so blind that we cannot see the more we try to remove God from our schools, our money, our minds the more we fall further and further away from his blessing’s. Keep promoting support for ungodly act’s it does’nt matter God’s will will be done, abuse your freewill as you please, only Gods judgement will matter in the end.

  32. By the way I belong to no religion, I am simply a student of the word, religion is reffered to as stumbling blocks in the Bible, Christ is my High Priest and he sits at my fathers right hand side. Please believe Christ want’s you to come to him to be taught not a man.

  33. If you are born a man you are a man if you are born a women you are a women. For those that say you cant pray gay away, You are wrong!!! You must pray to God in order to win any battles with your flesh.

  34. @ Yachi, you feel the Bible is out dated and you are wrong, you quoted scriptures from the old testament, if you took time to read the Bible looking for truth instead of looking for ways to disprove it(which much smarter people than you have failed to do)you would understand the reason for those laws that were given directly to the Israelite’s, and you would understand what Christ meant when he said “Do not think I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I came not to destroy, but to fulfill”. Read his Word with humility, faith and a desire for truth and he will give you the necessary food at the proper time.

  35. I’ll be honest I don’t know the most about the Bible but… If God doesn’t approve of homosexuality why would anyone be born gay?

  36. I dont believe in homosexuality, but I wish people would leave gays/lesbians, and what have you alone. I dont want gays judging my sexuality, so its not my right to judge theirs. And I really cant stand some people that use religion as to the reason why they feel a certain way.

  37. Its up to God how things will be dealt with so whoever is gay is gay don’t matter if its by choice, confusion or by fashion. Judging, crtitcizing, and damning them will not help at all.

  38. I’ve read everything written and feel exhausted and saddened. Spirit is not free of feeling. I understood everyone, the what and why you were saying what you said. It’s highly believed by me that it’s very difficult for some to remember to forgive , especially when you are talking about someone else. No matter what, unless you’re better than the one you are praying to it’s unjust to point the finger in rightousness. That being said I honestly think that there’s a struggle for alot of you to forgive that finger you point…for whatever the reason I want to say I know you can do it. Classy intelligent mature women here – all different kinds too, and for different reasons. So I forgive the idea that you should decide how to be when you’re not that way – that you should even think positive what’s right for all people. If it’s not concern or a helping hand you’re lending I pray that it doesn’t cause pain. Please, God bless us all with forgiveness of ourselves and others.

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