Preachers of L.A.

If you have an opening in your reality show viewing schedule, then you should definitely consider penning in Oxygen’s new offering, Preachers of L.A.

Consisting of six well known men of the cloth from the greater Los Angeles area, Preachers of L.A. will seek to shine a light on several of the men who lead some of the largest congregations in the United States.

And like any good reality show, you can expect the good, the bad, the ugly… and of course the drama.

The cast will include Bishop Noel Jones, who may be best known to some as the brother of iconic 80’s singer Grace Jones. To others, Jones is a ladies’ man who is rumored to have dated several Hollywood actresses, including LisaRaye McCoy, as well as Loretta Jones (no relation) who is featured in the show as his “good friend.”

Other cast members include gospel recording artist Deitrick Haddon—who currently has the number one Gospel album in the country according to Billboard—who was shunned by his flock after fathering an out of wedlock child while married. Pastor Jay Haizlip, a pro skateboarder and former drug addict, will also share his testimony. Adding their words of wisdom will be Bishop Ron Gibson, a former Crip who risks his life by returning to the streets to rescue souls, Preacher of prosperity Bishop Clarence McClendon and Pastor Wayne Chaney, who will reportedly be going to battle with demons in his own family.

With Evangelicals up in the air about the debut of Preachers of L.A. one would wonder why this eclectic group of men would risk alienating themselves from their core group of followers. According to Bishop Jones, he signed on to “help to reduce the iconoclastic proclivities that church members have about their pastors to the point where if they break any of the rules that the church members are breaking, they completely throw them away.”

Pastor Deitrick Hadden probably had the best explanation as to why he joined the cast, simply saying “I’m a pastor, but at the end of the day, I’m also just a man.”

To see the men and their message, tune in to Oxygen on October 9th at 10pm ET/PT to see the premiere.



  1. help to reduce the iconoclastic proclivities that church members have about their pastors to the point where if they break any of the rules that the church members are breaking, they completely throw them away.”

    The gospel will never be do as I say and not as I do. Like it or not, the public expects their clergymen to be beyond reproach. That is why Jesus was born sin free.

    Either way, I’ll tune in to see what this show is really about.

    Personally, I have always liked Clarence McClendon. I don’t think a loving God would want to be ass out either, Reverend. 😆

  2. I agree Dana.

    As unfair as some may feel it is, the “flock” does hold its clergymen to a higher standard. No one expects them to be completely perfect, but congregants do expect that the clergy should be closer to it than they themselves are. It falls in line with the old saying…one should “practice what you preach”…literally.

  3. I am only interested in Rev Clarence McClendon. I’ll watch it only for him.

  4. It took me a long time to understand that people most often, don’t live what they know or teach. Growing up around ministry, rebelling against the religious vs. the spiritual, I didn’t get it. But, I now know that preachers may have an anointing and this has nothing to do with their conduct, it’s like being able to sing like a songbird and touch people or be a brilliant actor, yet quite disturbed. The church has gone too secular, everyone wants to be bigger, have more, just like movie stars and singers or rappers, very little difference, just the occupation, ministry is a JOB, church is a BUSINESS, wherever there is power, influence, money and idolatry, you will see breach of contracts, falsehoods, transgressions and other human flaws. We should expect more from our clergy and I believe they get away with it because the church is heavily supported by women, something like 70%, Christian women are the new prey, online dating communities, single mixers, workshops, books and other media to help women of faith get her man, while often exploited. I know these men and women of God are human beings, but they should try to not be as carnal and as sinful as the next man, but hey, the money is good (it’s a great gig), almost on any level (currency on many levels), not just the ones with private jets, helicopters, mansions, butlers and Armani suits…but, the missionaries around the world serving the poor, orphans, building schools, clinics, hospitals, wells, after school programs, dynamic youth programs and conferences, computer training, Girls’ Scouts chapters and educational scholarships, there are many bad apples and some very good ones too! I’ll watch, I love Noel Jones’ teachings, I definitely won’t be surprised by any eye-brow raising he might generate. It’s reality TV!

  5. “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me.”

  6. I think it is going to be exciting. I believe that if we can love the Psalm where as David killed a man for his wife and still love the word from him WE CAN STILL LOVE THESE.

  7. No one should be entitled to a leadership position in the church until they have led a decent life for at least 10 years. They need a trial test period before high titles are placed on them. During the test period they should be under the apprentice of an upstanding elder.

  8. In my Wendy voice “I’m Judging”! When I look at these men there is nothing about them that says Godly or Reverend, I’m just saying. Expect a lot of hypocrisy and and more sinister then minister.

  9. The only 2 people I was familiar with on that show last night was Noel and McClendon. I think EVERYONE knows that Noel Jones only has a church because that evil sister of his, Grace Jones, probably bought him one as a mean to enrich themselves and not to serve God.

    McClendon has sorely disappointed me. It is a shame that he let GREED convince him to take part in that show, because everyone thinks of him as a man of God in the highest order.

    The Devil tempted him with bigger fame and money and he should have turned it down. Not only the display of wealth offended me, but the fact that his churches are full of beautiful black accomplished women, and he chooses to love a white woman and ask them for donations to sit her up like a queen. Damn shame.

    Noel Jones and Satan were behind this show likely, and greedy fools accepted the bait when he came to them with this offer. Damn shame.

  10. It’s obvious Clarence McClendon will not be back.

    I actually just realized he is missing in the main banner in which all the men are shown walking.

    He actually turned me off and comes off as I knew he was- very hoity toity.

    I remember seeing him on TV years ago using an iPad instead of a bible. Something about it seemed very pretentious.

    Either way, I don’t think any of the men did themselves any favors appearing on this show.

  11. @Diana

    I believe McClendon left his other wife (I don’t know what color she was though). Asking her to file for divorce because it would make him look bad. He then married his mistress, the woman you saw on TV last night.

    Google “Tammera McClendon”

  12. I identify with Pricilla McClendon just recently. It’s horrible when another woman claims your husband, your house, your cars, your children, your place. Other words another woman wants you to disappear,so she can take your spot. Other than that I thought the show was okay, but preachers do need to get something decent for their time. If you do everything for free, you won’t have lights, deodorant, food, etc. Trust me, if people gave as they should , you wouldn’t have to charge. Maybe Deitrick can give away his next CD’s for free.

  13. Seven days after McClendon divorced his first wife he married Priscilla. I think its safe to say Priscilla too wanted to take the place of the original Mrs. McClendon. What goes around comes around.

  14. Reality TV is not real, just the opposite. It just more drama, the last thing we need.

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