Precious Has Done It Again!

Precious2These couple days I have been so busy I failed to give recognition to two of the most deserving brownsistas. The nominations for the golden globes were announced a few days ago and Precious is nominated for three awards. Actress Gabourey Sidibe has been nominated for best actress for her role in precious ( by the way this is her first film). Monique has been nominated for best supporting actress. While the film itself has been nominated for best picture. These nominations are all well deserved!


  1. yes deserve it. Both are beautiful and talented. I had 2 c it twice it was so moving.

  2. @RENE, I pray so too! This movie was very true and I hope it helps others. I like seeing US at awards shows other than just the music & video’s!

  3. Wow thats awesome news. I’m so happy for her!!
    Even if they dont win, getting the nomination is just as good. Some actresses never get nominated at all.
    I hope Mo can try expanding her acting roles. She’s a great actress

  4. Realy happy for both of them they deserve the noms but have to say Gabby is damn unpretty and unhealthy,she realy makes me uncomfortable and its my problem,i know she has a big spirit and dsnt care what people like me have to say about her but i wish she cud do something for her sake

  5. @lizz- wow yes Gabby is BIG, BUT her face is pretty, and im glad you hit it right on-ITS YOUR PROBLEM-luv and accept urself and you will easily do the same 4 others.

  6. Man, this movie is just now getting the the city I live it. UGH. Gotta go see it.

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