Precious Sets Box Office Record

Precious Though “Walt Disney’s A Christmas Carol” was the clear winner at the box office over the weekend- taking in just over 31 million dollars- it was the gritty urban drama “Precious” that ended up setting a record. The film grossed an astonishing 1.8 million dollars with only 18 runs in the United States. That number averages out to just about $100,000 per screen, a record for a film being shown in under 50 theaters. Starring Gabourney Sidibe, Mo’nique, Paula Patton and Mariah Carey, the film has been a fan and critic favorite at film festivals all over the country and is already being touted as an Oscar favorite.

Sapphire, the author of the book “Push” which “Precious” is based on, opened up to Entertainment Weekly recently about all the hoopla surrounding the film and disclosed that both Brandy and Madonna were once names being thrown around to help bring her novel to life. The writer says she declined Madonna’s offer to produce the film because she didn’t think the “Material Girl” was the right fit, as well as an offer from another producer because he wanted to cast Brandy in the lead role- something Sapphire said almost made her hang up the phone on him.


  1. I have been hearing good things about this movie, and I cannot wait until I see it. I like the way the author held her ground and made sure she had the right support for bring her novelto life.

  2. Im in ny where there are 5 boroughs-guess what only playing in Harlem-MAgic Johnson Theatre-me & my traveled from the bronx-not far, about 45 minutes public transportation-but still i left my borough. ANyway for the 3:30 show, sold out.. and the 4:45, and 6:00 pm at 3pm!! i was tiiiiight. im panting for next

  3. Brandy/ Brandy who?? Betta not b the singer. I dont’ blame Sapphire. And precious is so beautiful. ya’ll seen her on the red carpet.

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