Premiere: Ciara “Never Ever” Video



  1. I love the song! The video was okay, but I just noticed how long Ciara’s legs are. She is really model material.

  2. The song and video are better than Go Girl. Having said that, I can do without Young Jeezy. His verses were useless and added nothing to the song at all.

    Ciara is very limber and can really move. She still needs to learn to choreograph her videos better. When she dances with a group in unison her moves often don’t go with the tempo of the song.

    She looks great but I didn’t like her blond hair which looked a bit greenish in the video. Also didn’t like the overly made up look and heavy pinkish tinted lipstick.

    Ciara has a horrible falsetto singing voice. It can be down right annoying.

    I still think this video and song will do well though and I expect her album to sell around 250-300,000 in it’s first week.

  3. I agree Ronda what was the point of having Young Jeezy in the song.

  4. Keep trying Cici. She just don’t have that Janet Jackson “IT” factor. Those same dance moves in every video is getting pretty tired as well.


  6. Ciara looks great in this video!
    The way she moves is always entertaining and her body is very inspiring and keeps me motivated to stay toned.

    I don’t care for the song but it’s not “terrible”.
    Good luck to her this go round…

  7. I KNEW IT!!! When I first heard the song it made me think of “Promise,” and if she would try to find a way to incorporate dance moves into a slow jam. And it turns out that she has…tsk tsk, it’s as though she herself believes that the video won’t be hot unless she dances. The only vid she has ever made without choreography was “And I,” and that flopped really hard.

    Not to slam her, but she really needs to dig deeper artistically in order to stay relevant. Many say that the second album is when artists should work harder to avoid the sophomore slump, but in actuality most artists with a successful debut are able to repeat their tricks at least once. It’s those third and fourth albums that transform a one-trick pony to an artist with some type of longevity.

    In my opinion both the song and video are a complete miss. I much preferred the video version of “Go Girl” which to me was way more visually stimulating than this. Even with all her sex appeal, I don’t care to see her writhe around in heels and a midriff top when she’s supposed to be conveying some kind of emotion.

  8. Ok, so I see whatever is saying and true she is suppose to be conveying some type of emtion and think she did that. But I will say this Ciara might have a body but her face looks TERRIBLE to me. And i’ve seen Ciara look good in the face but I mean I don’t know if i’m the only one that sees it but doesn’t she look smaller then usual? Like painfully smaller. Now not saying that Ci was never toned before but look at her FACE……..MY GOODNESS. She looks like she has more muscle there then anywhere.

    Now i agree that society should teach our ppl that we can be healthy to have longevity but to put so much presser on a celebrity to where they just don’t look like there NORMAL self is ridiculous to me. And that blonde hair is a mess. That isn’t for eveyone and I wish black women would accept that.

    Overall the video was good minus Jeezy to.

  9. You allready know hahahaha youre the only one lol. She Looks great in this video. And there is nothing wrong with her face.
    Ciara looks like a grown woman now. Not like a teenage pop singer. She 23 and ready 2 show the world that she has grown and improved her self.

  10. the video was so damn hot. i loved it and she killed the dance moves.

  11. I think she looks great in the video but I don’t really care for the songs and the vocals.

  12. Don’t care for the song, maybe it will grow on me, but her body is sick! No homo, lol

  13. I hated the chorus! The fact that its a sample and its alot worse than the original says alot. However this is a massive improvement from Go Girl! I hope her album isnt due out in a few months because its album suicide to release your videos months before the album is due! By the time the album comes out the hype around it will be dead!

    She looked good in the video, but the blonde weave thing is annoying, she should just have brown hair its much better and Weezy (whatever his name is) wasn’t needed.

  14. Better than Go Girl, but still weak. Ciara was sorry from the get up, with Rihanna, Keyshia, and Keri in the game, she may as well throw in the towel.

    On the video. Call me a hater all you want, but Ciara looks ugly as hell in all that nude pale make up. And look at those streaks, she copied Ashanti’s vid with that whole look. She’s not pretty anymore. She looked better when she was a little thicker. Promise was the last of her cute days, and also the best of her music.

  15. So…I watched it again, and figured out why I don’t like the song. It sounds kiddie, especially the chorus! It sounds like a song that Tiffany Evans, or Karina Pasian, or even KeKe Palmer should be singing.

    I also agree with UK girl, in that the original is ten times better than this chorus. I think that instantly ruined it for me as well.

  16. I’ve already commented on this song a little while back. The chorus sounds too much like “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes from back in the 1970’s.

  17. wow Ciara can’t score here for nothing lol. To each its own. I think the song will be hit because it’s a catchy and its for the young kids. I can see little young girls singing this song in the high school hallways. Now Ciara didn’t sample. Ciara interpolated which alot of artist do. I don’t see a problem with that, however, if you prefer the original “If I You Don’t Know By Now” by Harold and the Blue Notes, than that’s fine because I love that song even though it was before my time.

  18. The song was alright, nothing really to write home about. same to the video….. But she can really dance though…
    I hope her album does well…

  19. I loveee the video but I didn’t really like the song. Jeezy ruined the song, especially with his vocals in the beginning..I wish she debuted one of her better singles, like “Echo” or “Explode”

  20. Ciara will always be one of the best female dancer in the industry to me! That’s what I call a true dancer ( not like Bey or Ashanti even if I think they’re great )!

    BUT the song is not strong enough to be a first single (maybe a 3rd or 4th…) and the video is just okay. I agree with Truthteller she’s not pretty anymore…Idon’t know something has changed…
    BUT Ciara will always be one of my favourite ententainers and I hope she’ll do well…But if she doesn’t do well with her next album I’ll understand why…

  21. I think Ciara is still a pretty sista. The make-up was very bad is all. I agree with whoever said the lipstick was horrible and her hair does have this greenish tint to it that is not very flattering. The scenes with Jeezy and in the club her makeup looked fine… almost like she had none all. A bad make-up job can make you uglier than you are like a good make-up job can make you look prettier than you.

    I think the song is pretty cool, definitely better than Go Girl. Why do producers always feel the need to add a rapper though? T-Pain was worthless on Go Girl and Jeezy’s rough voice on this slow jam was just as bad.

    Overall this video and song is light years better than Go Girl and I hope Ciara succeeds.

    She will have to do better next time though. Promise was a huge step for Ciara and she showed amazing growth. Go Girl and Never Ever aren’t big steps musically and won’t up her status. She needs better writing and producing on the her next album to stay relevent.

  22. She is bringing slim back and i am not mad at her, Ciara look gorgeous and very sexy Coming from a thick sister , Bow dow, Girl, And i’ m feeling the song

  23. Ciara looks beautiful in the video and I like the dance moves. Not really feeling this song, though.

  24. AMAZING!!! HOOTTT Beautiful and Dancing is off the meters as usual!!!

  25. Why is Jeezy in everything? He ruined Love in da club. His verses are unintelligent and simplistic.

    Anywho, Ciara’s body makes me wanna go run a mile and do some squats. LOL

  26. She looks hot in that red jacket. This entire outfit, hair and makeup are on point. I’m feeling the video. Her dance moves are sexy! It makes me appreciate the song a bit more. I could do without Young Jeezy in the song/vid though πŸ™

  27. Anywho, Ciara’s body makes me wanna go run a mile and do some squats. LOL

    Girl i just did looool

  28. @Voice keep up the good work. Working out can be tough.

    I walked/ran earlier today but obviously, looking at Ciara, I ain’t doing enough. Geez.

  29. Ciara and BeYawnSay are both tired. They need to switch their styles up!

  30. Talula i am telling you1 i was all sweaty and stuff the thing is i need to find a great combo so that i won’ t lose my curves

  31. I started walking with my camera in a park. I run/walk, take a picture. It helps break the tedium. There are ducks, a pond, a waterfall where I live.

  32. Nice video. I didnt really like the song but the video is making it grow on me. Ciara really has a very nice body and shows it off here.

  33. Ok was I the only one who noticed the STRONG Janet Jackson vibe. I was seeing “Miss You Much” & “That’s the Way Luv Goes” in the beginning w/ the group conversation scene & the majority of the video was like “Pleasure Principle”, but slowed down. I think the end could be many many JJ past vids. Anyway, I tell ya what saves this chic & others like her ( Rhianna & etc) is the catchy songs i.e the beats, chrous & melodies b/c if one had to go solely on vocals they wouldn’t cut it. I like “Never Ever” like someone said up top it’s in the same category as “Promise” & I luved that song by CiCi. “Never Ever” is no doubt much much much much better than “Go Girl”. Ciara looks pretty in the video, but u can definitely see the weight loss. I hope she doesn’t lose anymore b/c she is tall & any more weight loss will make her look crack headish. I coulda also did without the long extensions… but she was still pretty. Plus as always the chic can move… one thing about CiCi the girl can dance, I give her much props for that.

  34. @ Blame it on tha Rain

    I love that picture of Marilyn Monroe in your Gravitar. Could you tell me where you got it?

  35. The video was kind of boring. And yes she had too much weave and makeup on. Her body is on point, but the dancing was blah–like she was bored or something. And the song was terrible. That sample has been done a billion times before. I am actually pretty neutral on Ciara, but frankly I’m sick of all these medicore artists her, Beyonce, Rihanna, sometimes Ashanti (lol), Solange, Keri, etc. It’s just basically a bunch of pretty girls, with average singing voices. I really hope 2009 music scene continues in the vain of the Jhuds, Jazmines, Leonas, etc. I want real singers to comeback.

  36. @ Tosh, I AGREE! I am happy JHud is back and Jazmine is doing her thing and most important, Kelly got away from that blood-sucker Matthew Knowles! I think(hope) 2009 will be a great year for talented brownsistas in the music industry.

  37. @honeydrop

    Why thank you :-). I actually just googled “marylin monroe black & white pics” & this shot was one of the ones that came up that in the line up… no particular place. I luv pictures of Marylin, she was one the few White females who took tuff(great) pictures @ least IMO.

  38. @Blame it on tha Rain

    Aw your welcome. And I agree, Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner were two white women that I greatly admire physically.


    LOL @ yo hating azz…. BEYONCE IS THE SH*T and you cant take it!!! Its funny how you hate on Beyonce so much but she STAYS ON YOUR MIND?!? Its Weird… This post is about WHACK azz Ciara AKA SUPER C not the fabulous Beyonce.

    This song is OK the video is BORING she looks pretty in the video though….this song will get NO bigger then #38-40 on the chart next week, right now its on #70 on the Hot 100 chart. Poor Thang…

  40. @ REAL TALK

    I didn’t mention Beyonce anywhere in any of my posts. I think you need psychological therapy.

  41. Its amazing hw sum1 said kelly is much more talented than beyonce, yet everytime she’s on stage she kps on singing as tho she ran a mile b4 hitting the stage. Even michelle sounds much better on stage. Anywho, cici is okay i guess…nothing much special, she’s in her ashanti stage nw. Oh well, she enjoyed her 15min of fame.

  42. @TOSHA

    Beyonce is a real singer and her album his HOT! Im a Leona fan but I cant hate on Bee she is very very talented and I think she is an icon. Anytime your album goes 2x platinum in 2 months, you release ur album at the end of the year and its still the 10th best selling album of 2008 ,you got the president practicing your songs and dance moves with his kids is very much good. I just think everyone hates on her because she is hella successful and beautiful. Thats how they treat Leona in the UK bashing her because she sounds like MiMi and has gone 4x platinum selling over 6 mil copies in the world. She reminds me alot of Beyonce, she’s our UK “Mariah/Beyonce”. I love Beyonce’s album personally.

  43. I luv Ciara! She looks AMAZING! but i don’t think those dance moves were neccessary for this song. I like the song though and ciara is one of the best dancers. I also luv her hair! I wish her the best of luck!

  44. I think it’s time for Ciara to have The Dream and Sean Garret write some songs for Ciara like Beyonce and Rihanna has been doing for a while now.

  45. How can ya’ll say ci needs 2 quit she’s still young @ age 23 how olds bey & brit(rhetorical question), & Kelley how long has she been n the game & she still can’t make a hit, let Ciara continue 2 climb her way up, she already has many hits

  46. How can ya’ll say ci needs 2 quit she’s still young @ age 23 how olds bey & brit(rhetorical question), & Kelley how long has she been n the game & she still can’t make a hit, let Ciara continue 2 climb her way up, she already has many hits, let her do her thang cuz ya’ll hav no life I can obviously tell cuz u hav nothing better 2do but post rude comments, Ci is the best!

  47. I think there is room for everyone, truth be told, If we were to go to the fundamental rules of singing, Neither beyonce ashanti rihanna ciara alicia keys or even keri will be standing because they are average singers to people that really know music, You need to ask but at the end of the day they all bring something to the table that the other is missing and that’ s the beauty of it, Some might say beyonce is our best entertainer but time is catching up with her and she is becoming less and less appealing as time goes by , Rihanna some might say can’ t sing, but she has likability and the girl is fly and we all seen where “flyness “can take you ,ciara can’ t sing but if beyonce and rihanna had her stamina they would praise the lord because the girl is a true dancer , So i can go on and on about it but that is useless each sister bring something to the table and that’ s the end of it, Now of course everyone have their tastes but come on now, let’ s not bring someone down to uplift the other, just be fair in your criticism

  48. Some of you need help. There are other female artist who are talented, Beyonce is not the only one. IF we want to get technical Beyonce’s album is actually garbage, and if every artist pays to play like Matthew Knowles then their music would be #1 too… many people are being fooled. Rihanna has only been out for about 3 1/2 years and she is tied with Beyonce for having the most #1 singles in this decade….this recently changed only because of Single Ladies., how could this be if Beyonce is an “Icon”? Rihanna’s album has been out for a while and she has sold over 11 million copies worldwide…..which means people are checking for her. Beyonce has only sold 1.6 million albums in america (check her wiki) and has gone double platinum in the US not world wide because Americans are the only ones checking for her, UK are not they are into Leona/Adele/Duffy.
    When Beyonce steals ideas its called paying homage? and When Ciara steals ideas its called jacking? Cant have it both ways.

  49. I like the video and song! Ciara looks great!

    @ Kenny, IASF has sold 2.7 Worldwide and 1.6 in the US in two months. Rihanna had 3 albums out when she hit that record. Beyonce just released her 3rd album! B’Day sold 3.2 mill in the US and 6 mill worldwide. Rihanna has sold 7mil of GGGB world wide and 2.3 mil in the US.

    Can this topic just be about Ciara!

  50. @Melissa

    I understand. My point was to say RIhanna has been out for a short period of time and she is doing extremely well compared to Ciara and other female artist.
    I think Ciara’s video and song are really good! Many dont want to give it a chance because the Beyonce comparisons starts to surface. Each artist brings something to the table, if we only had Beyonce then what a sad world it would be.

  51. I agree! Anyway, this is about Ciara. I think she looks fab and I like the song and video!

  52. Very catchy tune. Since I heard it yesterday, it’s been playing in head. I even overlook Young Jeezy now LOL. It’s a hit.

  53. in essence beyonce sold 240 000 copies in her first week remember this is a double album and her marketing is massive with gimmicks and all, she shud have pushed more, so all her album sales must be halved if you want to get real figures,j-hud didnt do to badly on her debut first week sales with 217 000 and with minimal marketing.

  54. lizz,

    um, know what the hell you are talking about before you talk. bee’s double album has 16 songs and it is only an hr. long so it gets certified as a regular album gets certified (which means she really has sold that 1.6mil in 2months…so i guess the gimmick that you call it is working). you have to have a certain amount of songs and minutes and in order for you to get that double certification which units shipped each week. know your facts. i hate when haters try to hate and they don’t even know what the hell they are talking about. also, if what you are really saying was true (although it’s not), billboard would have reported that when the album first came out. but billboad waited until she sold that mil before they gave her the plat certification

    anyway, the video is okay, but i don’t like the song!

  55. @Tosha
    You said a mouth full, ( I really hope 2009 music scene continues in the vain of the Jhuds, Jazmines, Leonas, etc. I want real singers to comeback.) I think that’s what most people want. Ciara’s music has absolutely no substance, and that goes double for her image. Look @ her face. the work she’s had done is something a 40 yr old does, now add implants, lip injections and a white girl nose job, everything about her is contrived.

  56. Well i’m a big fan of ci ci i like the song alot and i think its gonna do well. The video i was not to big abou it,t but i watch it a few times and its really nice and simple not over the top and she looks really sexy …..?? does anyone know what happen wit her and victory secret like is she going to be modeling for them or what??

  57. now add implants, lip injections and a white girl nose job, everything about her is contrived

    ^^^ Where do people get off assuming that she had all that work done??? Like can we do a compare & contrast please so people can stop fabricating or hearing rumors & running with it…

    So annoying.

  58. this is by far the song I like the most on her new cd
    I don’t really like the black & blond weave

  59. Also if the music industry was filled with only Jhud’s, jazmines, & leonas, powerful voices & heartfelt ballads music would be boring. Not every singer needs to sing at a high register to be good at what they do. rhi, bey, ci & the like offer a different dynamic apparently. Whether you like these artists or not diversity is important & we can all agree that there should not be one of two extremes, there should & can be a balance.

    I like both jazmine sullivan & ciara.

  60. Get It Ciara! You Kilt! Amazing video and just so beautiful never mind the haters!!!

  61. @ Lizz

    According to the RIAA, Beyonce’s album counts as 1, due to it’s length being under 100 minutes. So…in essence, she’s sold 485k the week of debut(Nov. 18), and was certified double platinum by the RIAA on Jan. 16. If you’re going to hate, and bring her up when she has nothing to do with the post, could you at least get your facts straight?

    ***back to the regularly scheduled program of Ciara and her new Never Ever video featuring Young Jeezy!!!

  62. I wasnt really feeling the chorus but I understand the song. Maybe because I’ve just gotten my heart broken but I can relate to it.

  63. I like this video alot and just realized that the main guy is actor,Kevin Philips who recently appeared in the Notorious movie, but is better known for the movie Pride with Terrance Howard; he is a piece of SEXINESS; I love this song but wish Ciara could do something about that hair, she is a pretty woman but that blondness is not cute at all.

  64. Song… ok. Rapper…useless. Hard grinding dance moves…not necessary. Extra hair….too much. Overall look…..beautiful. A for effort.

  65. To the Leona Lewis fan…..Leona physically reminds me of Mariah. When I close my eyes I hear Toni Braxton.

  66. i personally lurv the video i find ciara did a great job
    this chick just always brings it with the dancing
    especially that matrix move and then its lyk she rewinded
    and came back up that was hott!!
    i also lurv the salute move and the way it went with the beat
    Ciara still looks oh so preetty to me and her body is on point!!

    buh song cud hv done betta without jeezy
    his lyrics made no sense what so ever
    4 sum reason i think she shud have worked with kanye on this one
    ALL in all GREAT VIDEO! one of the best ive seen

  67. All the people want is good music. People are tired of wasting their money, hence the rise of the online music store.

    @ball player

    You would have to be blind, dumb, stupid, dishonest, etc,etc,etc, to not realize she has had work done to her face. I agree w/some of what you said, but there is no balance in the music industry. Like Tosha said “I want real singers to comback”. All that’s being affiord(crammed down our throats, passed off as talent) are artist similar to Ciara. I stand by what I said before, her music and her image have no substance. But you call that a different dynamic.
    Why is she dancing in this manner on a slow song, to distract people from the fact that the song is weak. Only teenagers or really gullible people will put more emphasis on or pay more attention to how she looks and dances, than the actual song. The song is weak , period. Like most folks, videos don’t get my $$

  68. Ci kilt and super sexy and song have all substance! One of her songs the is a clear cut substant message haters just keep hating! I hope she does well on Itune sales tomorrow and the rest of the week because her airplay is starting to do well. Which is a good sign so many people are feeling it!

  69. The People are Starving
    Why do others have to be blind, dumb, stupid, dishonest…if they disagree with your CLAIM…ESPECIALLY when you do NOT have access to her medical reccord, or her personal statement? Some people…SHM

  70. @ snijanafleur
    Obviously a blind person can’t see the changes, a dumb person can’t articulate,a stupid person is too slow and a dishonest person fan/stan won’t admit it. You can exit now, thanks for playing.

  71. The People are Starving…WTF?

    Again, you can only make a CLAIM since you do NOT have credible FACTS to back it up. Therefore, you, my dearest, have NO room to call others dumb, stupid, dishonest…for disagreeing with your claim. If anything, it makes you like all these wonderful terms you like to spew πŸ™‚

  72. Please allow a Real ARTIST to say something.
    1. For Ciara to be the age she is, I’m very proud of her for performing a song that’s actually looking out for the ladies. How many of Us (have been/are) guilty of not wanting to let go of someone who clearly doesn’t regard or respect us? I’m talking about 15 year, 15 kid “Engagements” (with no wedding date in sight), being cheated on so much we don’t even NEED appointments to get tested for STD’s (unless being the ‘laughingstock’ is more preferable), and the ‘rolling stone’ who magically reappears around Tax Return Time professing everlasting emotion deeper than the Atlantic ocean (I ain’t gon’ front. My ex from 6 YEARS ago just tried talkin that s–t this past Friday! Boy did I laugh!) Don’t forget ‘the booty call that never includes daytime phonecalls, contact, or activities outside of the bedroom, never meeting any of his family or friends with a million excuses for him why, and/or zero time for activities with clothes and shoes on. And I can’t leave out all my women KNOWINGLY sleeping with someone else’s man, and justifying it, “If she was doing what she was Suppoooosssssed to do….”—-and more sadly still, convincing themselves (and their girlfriends on to the Trifling-ness) that “he said he’s gonna leave her and be with me as soon as……”

    Second, I’M real enough to admit….if I could do Ciara’sdance moves, I’d never have lost my six pack (lol). To all the (females especially) sucking in their guts trying to wear a tight shirt (let alone daring to show THEIR pregnant-looking bellies in public at a party or anydarnwhere for that matter) criticizing her choreography: I’d like to hear back from any of y’all who can pull her moves in 5-inch stilletto heels. Seriously, let me know how to do it so I can start practicing for my Summer Sixpack! πŸ™‚

    Third, she has a voice that’s somewhat reminiscent of Aaliyah’s, yet still her own. THE LABEL LIKES IT. THE FANS WHO ATTEND HER CONCERTS LIKE IT. So I giggle to think that the (sorry) few of you who don’t, and take the time to SAY SO, even….really think it matters.

    “Le Envy” is not a French fragrance, PEOPLE….yet it REEKS in almost every blog I (foolishly[?]) plan to leave a complimentary comment.

    CHECK YOURSELVES, PEOPLE. The things that make you jealous are the same things you can learn something from.

  73. How can you compare Beyonce and Ciara to Rihanna? Rihanna is just a puppet, she has no talent whatsoever, she just sings songs that other people wrote for her and that’s it. Beyonce and Ciara are doing their own thing and they write songs too. Sales does not always mean everything, you have to look at the complete picture

  74. The People are Starving is an idiot. She probably doesn’t support these “real” singers that are already out lol. She just complaining about it.

    @ Devil Inside

    Everyone in the industry are puppets.

  75. @SnijanaFleur
    Your kidding right? This is a gossip blog, isn’t it? I never called anyone in particular those names. Unless your name happens to be YOU. Only someone who identifys with those names would be offended. Why do you care so much?

  76. Devil Inside
    You wouldn’t know a puppet if one was given to you as a gift
    as for now i heard the song at least 20 times yesterday, i stopped counting, I am happy for every sisters, that are making it by their own, independently, Without mama and daddy, that’ s so hot to be this young and being able to handle yourself .

  77. this song didnt call for ANY dance moves but she STILL insists on dancing….ugh….the song grew on me and i like it the video…ugh she doesnt need to sit there and dance slowly…just have a nice video without all that

  78. No I’m not kidding ‘The People are Starvin’ πŸ™‚ Afterall,

    You DID write, “You would have to be blind, dumb, stupid, dishonest, etc,etc,etc, to not realize she has had work done to her face”. I argue this is a bit strong coming from someone who have no primary sources or evidence that she had cosmetic surgery. It would be another case if you kindly provide some credible evidence to support this strong claim. It’s a matter of watching what you say to others who disagree with it.

  79. @ Devil inside – You have no credibility if you think Ciara can sing. So what she writes songs, they’re wack songs.

  80. @Fleur
    Debate yes, argue no.

    It seems that my directness is part of the problem. Well Fleur, that’s just the way I am and I won’t apologize for it. I didn’t think I had crossed the line …..meaning site rules and all. Personally I think you’re overreacting a bit w/the blog etiquette stuff.

    Is it your position that Ciara has had no plastic/cosmetic surgery? If you want hardcore evidence like I was actually there when she had surgery or saw a movie about it, then no I don’t. But if you have the time, look @ her pics from biggie’s premiere and the premiere of the wrestler, compare them to her older pics and tell me what you think.

  81. Ciara’s new song “Never, Ever” Is Now Available on Itunes, Go And Cop It… Tell As Many Friends As Possible, Let’s Get Our Girl To Number 1.

  82. Some of you are going to say something negative regardless. Please stop comparing everything the girl do to Janet. Every artists is doing something that’s been done before them. The video is cool – but like mentioned, it’s the same thing over and over again. I want to hear more from her, she isn’t a little girl any more. I agree with the comment that she needs to dig deeper. The song is too kiddish. She needs to reinvent herself. Ciara worked with Sean Garrett on her first album. She don’t need dream, she just need better songwriters.

    Ciara didn’t have no surgery on her face. She lost a lot of weight, and it’s showing in her face as well as the rest of her body. If you look at earlier pictures of her her face was chubbier . I do believe she got implants though.

  83. Yea Ciara is beautiful…. so is whole bunch of other singers….
    Her dancing is always on point but the song is weak at best!!!
    Sorry CiCi… you hav 2 step yo game up somehow but I honestly think this is the best she can do!!!
    Although I do wish her the best!!!!

  84. @ the people are starving

    Since we like to speculate….

    Ciara in 2004:

    ciara in 2005:

    ciara 2006:

    Ciara 2007:

    Ciara 2008:

    From the NE video:………….you can see the padding & outline of the push up bra apparently!!!!

    In conclusion, it’s safe to assume that her nose, lips, & boobs have remained the same since 2004. Anything that might apprear to be a sudden change is due to camera lighting, make-up artist/contouring, angles, seasons & weather change & a darn good push up bra LOL.

  85. Ciara im dissapointed…and something (I cant put my finger on it yet) is very different about her face….but she looks pretty. I think the video didnt really need to much dancing in it, if any at all… Its an OK vid the song is catchy but not a hit. I heard its #70 after being on the charts for 2 weeks. This may be another single flop..Ci needs to come harder then this…This song is very “Promise like”

  86. @ball player

    I can’t believe you care this much, it’s like your career depends on this or something. Maybe it does if Ciara’s album doesn’t sell. Only someone on Ciara’s street team would put this much effort into a rebuttal,(Selah). I’m sorry your girls not doing well, I really am, but I stand by what I’ve said. You haven’t changed my mind b/c I can find pics to prove my point as well so to continue this is pointless.

    lol….. weather change

  87. I’m a ciara fan & so what that’s not even the point. The point is you made a claim & can’t find proof to back it up! So I took it upon myself. You can’t find pics to prove your ‘opinion’ so stop lying to yourself. I’m done.

  88. Is that her real hair when she is in her apartment in the sweatpants? Because I heard somewhere that she had good real hair.

  89. @ Brownsuga Diva, you don’t have to tell me she doesn’t have a voice like Beyonce or Christina, everybody knows that. But she is way more talented than Rihanna.

  90. I really think she is about to get into modeling which could explain the weight loss and possible face procedures. I did hear a while back that she would be joining victoria’s secret. She definitely changed for sure. I just saw a video of her at the Notorius premiere movie and her voice… talking…. well it sound as if shes trying to sound real “prim and proper” compared to the way she used to talk…. It was actually wierd. Nonetheless…. I think shes goeous and she has definitely evolved since the “goodies” day (physically, not necessarily vocally).

  91. I really think she is about to get into modeling which could explain the weight loss and possible face procedures. I did hear a while back that she would be joining victoria’s secret. She definitely changed for sure. I just saw a video of her at the Notorius premiere movie and her voice… talking…. well it sound as if shes trying to sound real “prim and proper” compared to the way she used to talk…. It was actually wierd. Nonetheless…. I think shes gorgeous and she has definitely evolved since the “goodies” day (physically, not necessarily vocally).

  92. I feel everyone need to get off of Ciara she is a very beautiful woman and she can dance her ass off so get off the hating vibe. she’s beautiful and I feel they should give props were it’s needed you go ciara I will in fact buy your cd becuz ever since you’ve been out you have been my favorite artist I Love ya music and ya style keep making ya money and live a great life.

  93. Then yall are talking about her weight shit all stars have a personal trainer read the magazines atleast she’s not obeist and is in good, good shape people work out yall not on beyonce she’s lost alot of weight why becuz she works out and try to stay in shape.

  94. Why are yall on here talking about ciara wat if that were you would you want people coming at you and saying things about your weight, hair damn on the bet awards she showed her hair if you paid attention she has hair long thick healthy hair.

  95. I love the song and the video it go so hard it’s ashame I can relate and shitd don’t hate on her abs are hair r face she ain’t scared to rock it so regardless of wat u think of cc she still gone be her and making her money something you haterz are trying to get at so come stronger!!!

  96. Can you all ever just post about the topic at hand. I KNEW Beyonce’s name was bound to come up in this post. Why does everybody want to compare her to Ciara, Kelly, Rihanna the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on!!!

    I think you all are in the closet – you really love Beyonce and just can’t stand to admit it. Every female artist has their own unique style, voice, moves and talent. You are the fans who buy the music. The number speaks for themself. If Ciara, Kelly and for christ sake whoever else music is not selling blame yourself.

    Now stop it!!!!!

  97. r u guys serious ciara is not ugly she is a beautiful young ladi n her body iz sick but n a gud way n da video is hot al doe i wish she didnt do dat much dancin cuz i wanna c da soft side of her but over all its hot n its doing well so far so haterz hope on da ride cici about 2 take us on cici fantasy ride

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