Preview Beyonce’s Allure Shoot

Beyonce Giselle Knowles is once again gracing the cover of a magazine. The singer, who supposedly will taking a short hiatus from music, will be the featured cover model on the February edition of Allure Magazine. The cover photo, as well as another from the shoot have been made available- you can check’em out below. I’ll upload interview excerpts and HQ scans as soon as my issue arrives.


  1. OMG where is Beyonce…. this break is tooo long, its only…January. SMH silly liar!!

  2. Bey looks great.

    SMH at people who can’t seem to understand a MUSIC break not a break from her perfume promo’s, interviews, photoshoots, etc. (didn’t she specifically say that in the interview or did I read it wrong?)

  3. She looks GORGEOUS. I for one actaully like seeing Bey’s face in mags, tv, and on blogs. I think she is soooooooo pretty, and have no problem with her at all.

  4. Not the biggest Beyonce fan, but she is beautiful! Love see new photoshoots of her! =)

  5. Beyonce is only taking a break from the music part of the business. She will never go away completely because fame and hogging the spotlight has become a drug to her. She is addicted to it.

  6. Beyonce’s break is some peoples full out promo campaign. Any and everything Beyonce does is photographed and announced. She has perfume, endorsements, clothing line, and she’s the biggest musician alive.

    @Tutu, just because a magazine article is coming out in January/February does not mean she did it yesterday idiot! Obviously the shoot was done months ago. Go hate on someone else dumb ass.

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  8. sorry to everyone else for the profanity. its a new year, first beyonce post of mine, probably the last, and this moron up here is calling me out. I’m truly sorry.wont happen again (unless she decides to use my name again, then i would have to smash her putty ‘head’).

  9. @TuTu

    You dont know her either, how can u call her a high price hoe..Im sorry, do u know the defintion of a hoe, better yet a whore…

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  10. NE-WAYZ

    She looks great, i love her.


  11. TUTU- Why does she gotta be a hoe/whore???
    Oh yea and I thought they block profanity on here or was I just…dreaming?

  12. And one more thing brownsista’s I know this is a WHOLE different post but why hasn’t anyone commented on Garcelle and the Haiti post I hope this tragedy isn’t swept under the rug so prematurely.

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  14. You guys are trippin! Why are yall fightin and bickering over a MULTI-millionaire, with a MULTI-millinaire husband, whose only care in the world is dancing and taking pictures? I mean really, she don’t give a flyin’ u-know-what about yall. It’s kinda scary seeing all the “hatred” that people post about these entertainers who could care less about us. We gotta do better

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  17. @17150918

    You said: And one more thing brownsista’s I know this is a WHOLE different post but why hasn’t anyone commented on Garcelle and the Haiti post I hope this tragedy isn’t swept under the rug so prematurely.
    My response:

    Because they didn’t want to. Just as they didn’t comment on the death of Eunice Johnson. Only Beyonce can get a post to poppin’. Now if she spoke up about Hiati- then ppl here would have something to say.

    Sad… but true.

  18. I wish that for once I can come into a Beyonce post and not see people arguing. Some ppl make stupid comments without thinking them all the way through and get upset when ppl tell them about it. Can’t we just comment on what the post is about(which is the photoshoot) and keep it moving?

    On topic: I like the pictues. Her eyes are GOREGEOUS in these pics. I’ve read some of the clips from the interview and she’s pretty much saying the same thing b/c ppl ask her the same questions. I wish they would switch it up and ask her questions like “Do you know your vocal range?” and “Are you a soprano? What kind?” “Do you sing around the house and does it annoy everybody?”

    I can’t wait til I become an entertainment journalist. It’s time to switch these questions up.

  19. Oh, I don’t like the shoes. I usually love all the shoes she wears, even though I could NEVER wear them, but the shape of these have me thrown off.

  20. I’ve seen other images where she’s rocking a ‘fro. Love that.

  21. too heavy on the photoshop.and she needs to throw that rat’s nest of a wig out!

  22. Lolz hotness Beyonce!!

    And for those saying shes not on a break. LOL, im pretty sure it was a music break, AND, she didnt even specify when in 2010, it cud be like near the end of the year lol

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    @SISTA- It is sad makes you think your hard work was for nothing doesn’t it? Also didn’t someone say you were a shame because you hadn’t posted it at that time? And they probably still didn’t comment.

    SHANICE- EXACTLY! people says she talks about the same things all the time because they repeatedly ask her about the same things. But I’ve ALWAYS wanted someone to ask her about her range and can she do anything vocally that we haven’t seen yet, her favorite song etc. But what was up with the annoy everybody question? lol

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  28. 17150918- I have an older sister who is a great singer. She sings around the house all the time. LOL! Her own kids get tired of it. That’s why we were so happy when she was pregnant cause she didn’t have enough breathing room to belt it out. So, if she sings around the house, I wonder if it annoys her family.

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  30. SHANICE- Oh yea I understand what you’re saying but hurry up and get that degree so you can change them boring a** questions lol.

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