Preview Beyonce’s Countdown Video

So here it is- your first look at the video for ‘Countdown,’ the single Beyonce’s fans have been waiting for with bated breath.

This is only a thirty second clip, released earlier today by MTV. However, the full video is expected to be unveiled on Thursday.

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  1. i don’t like the song, not a fan of the sneak peek, But congrats, she should keep dark hair, it makes her eyes pop

  2. Cute. Very GreenLight/Check Up On It. Her acting is even bad in her videos but she looks so cute.

  3. I think the video is cute, but on the blog pic to come into the story she look like a younger Latoya Jackson I’m just sayin. It great and strange to see the two of them so open about their love since for the last ten years it was hush hush

  4. Whitney Houston did this better, her best video era was DIL era

  5. Wow, could you be any more condescending. If you don’t like her, then don’t post about her. But…oh…that’s right, her posts generate a boat load of blog “traffic.”

    Like what I see so far, looking forward to the new video.

  6. I have given up on trying to reason with Beyonce stans. I realize there is just no pleasing you people.

    How you found something to complain about in this post is anyone’s guess.

    And can you please lay off the “Beyonce brings in a ton of traffic” shtick. She may for some bloggers, but I get more traffic from people searching for Meagan Good and Sanaa Lathan, than I do ppl looking for a Beyonce article.

    Also, if you took off the blinders you will see I rarely post about her unless it is real news.

    Beyonce has had several unveilings for her fragrance and has been seen several times just chilling with friend and family, and yet I only posted the first outing in support of the fragrance and none of the candid-doing-nothing-but-walking-down-the street pics/topics.

  7. Lol these beyonce stans are out of their damn mind they are stuck in 2003 crazy in love beyonce, Time has gone by, beyonce is an older woman, she is nobody competition, or nobody’s concern, so why are you me and everybody being attacked by these children i will never know, beyonce is moving on with her life, and stans don’t know what to do.

  8. so the first pic on the front page reminded me of faith evans!!

    cant wait to see the final product!

  9. trash selling sex while pregnant

  10. lmao – get em sista – stans swear this chick is on everybody’s lips. Other than her pregnancy, nobody is checking for this chick. the beginning of the end of her era started when she tortured us with “run the world”

  11. Nobody is checking for her? Who is checking for you? Oh yeah that’s right nobody knows who you are. Beyonce can buy and re-sell your pointless ass over and over again. Stop hating because you haven’t accomplished half of what she has. Makes black women furious to see another doing her thing. It’s such a shame. And please Megan Goode bum ass needs to have several seats because no one is checking for her right along with Sanaa Lathan. People only gravitate to them because they are of a darker skin tone. All hail the brown girls right? Enough with the pity parties already.

  12. @Michelle what have you accomplished. Being so protective and so fierce for someone you don’t know who would probably not even help you up if you fell in front of them on the street is not just crazy it states that you are a little touched.

    Everyone is not touched nor impressed by her. It is nothing personal against her she just doesn’t do it for everyone and judging from this last album she is doing it less than less for people. What she needs to do is sit her but down and stop trying to jet set all over the world and take those five inch heels off and realize that her life is no longer just about her anymore and she needs to just slow down a little.

  13. @bria
    EXACTLY! Since when someone’s accomplishments are yours? they talk like what beyonce does alter their lives, are stans pregnant too? wtf?!

  14. @John- exactly. After a while the stans/anti-stans start sounding the same, just a different side.

  15. When Beyonce Knowles can change the world and do what Steve Jobs has done, then I will get excited. Until then, nothing this woman does is new worthy, world changing or exciting. Just the same BS over and over again.

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