Preview Beyonce’s HBO Documentary

When average people turn on their webcam, they Skype. When Beyonce turns on her webcam, she gets an HBO documentary.

Check out the official preview for ‘Life Is But A Dream,’ set to air Saturday, February 16th at 9pm, below.


  1. Life Is But A Dream – AKA, another futile attempt by Beyoncé t get an Emmy.

  2. Looks good….I love how Beyonce QUIETLY shuts people up, and I’ll leave it at that. *Awaiting the excuses now*

  3. Clearly you ( Fakes R US)cares what “this tired stunt queen does” otherwise there would be noo need to comment.

  4. Looks interesting.
    Funny how this post doesn’t have many comments…

  5. People may not be commenting because they’re waiting to see the documentary first as this is Beyonce’s intention in releasing this preggers image and her sonogram a year later in a “self-made” documentary of her life, which is usually done by a journalist or documentary filmmaker, not mad because she controls all the images, content and the entire process for what appears to be one long infomercial, you can’t get any more biased or self-promoting than this, Madonna did it with truth or dare, Katy Perry, Miley, Justin Bieber all make these promo-docu-movies, television specials, but others were involved in telling the story, it’s B’s choice to do it however she pleases, people are going to have their opinion and there’s not much she can produce at this point to convince unbelievers that she didn’t use a surrogate, not with all the Photoshop technology, prosthetics as Eddie Murphy has demonstrated and her husband stated they had trouble conceiving (miscarriage) like other women, like Mariah, maybe Blue Ivy wasn’t her first try, so this and an army of people who claim otherwise (money talks) won’t convince “unbelievers” that she gave birth nor does it matter, this just fuels and reignite flames, but it’ll be good for enhancing ratings, which is the goal for any artist, her daughter is rich and privileged and this spectacle is something she’ll become accustomed to in years to come, she’ll be told or feel it’s just jealousy and the disgust is unwarranted, why would people hate a narcissist, most people are haters, when it comes to celebrities when it’s unfavorable comments, glory and idolatry is cool!

    Judging by a mix of blogs, the consensus is the same, “believers” and mostly “unbelievers,” I don’t believe it and what is important is that she has a healthy beautiful child, I used to work across from a children’s hospital, constantly saw parents distraught and not knowing what the future held regardless of their wealth or the lack thereof, so this is why I didn’t bother to comment, I currently tutor special needs kids, the lack of resources is appalling, Beyonce is blessed beyond measure and if we knew her personally, I suspect, we wouldn’t envy or hate her as I most certainly don’t as an “unbeliever.”

  6. The woman just showed you her OBVIOUSLY pregnant belly. But there’s some ppl you just can’t tell (or show) NOTHING! You already have it in your mind and it’s never leaving is it lol? Her actually carrying her child is the absolute last possibility to you folk. It’s crazy some of the excuses some ppl have come up with to try and “prove” their ignorance. Lets also just use common sense really quick, if your own sister, cousin, mom, wife etc. were to say I’m gonna fake a pregnancy you’d think they were psycho…right? Furthermore, she has friends, dancers/staff, acquaintances who I’m sure wanted to feel her stomach, how would it look to say “no”, we all know why Katie Couric wanted to cop a feel. Yes, it is kinda funny/weird that this article doesn’t have many comments, let this have been a “Beyonce’s New Album Tanks” and Sista would’ve made a bonus.

  7. What proud dedicated mother leaves her child to walk the streets with a doll trying to convince ppl its really the child? shes already using the child for her own selfishness. Sick. Wake up robots. Jay will be a better father than she will be as a mother. Shes the type that cant stand her own child getting more attentiom than her.

  8. I believe she was pregnant. People keep using the fact that her clothes flops on TV to say it was fake.

    Prosthetic or real bumps can not flop because they both are hard and solid even though one is fake and the other is real.

    It’s clearly the maternal wear with the extra space was filled with air and folded when she sat down.

    Her pregnancy is part of the documentary that the entire documentary.

  9. No john im not joking. The thigh is attatched to the calves. An obvious sign that its a doll.

  10. i for one love that a black woman can do that things that she is doing. i can’t comment on her pregnancy other than to say whatever a person wants to present to the world it is their right and no one should be dissecting their lives in such a way as to disrespect someone’s desire to do what they please. but i am all for a black woman doing as much as she is doing. it is high time black women be on top and stay there.

  11. Raise your hand if you’re tired of seeing images of Beyonce’s alleged bare pregnant belly only during the first trimester. *Raises hand* Now raise your again if you’d like to see images of Beyonce’s alleged bare pregnant belly during the thrid trimester. *Raises hand wildly.* And there it is. The people have spoken.

  12. Let me say this, Beyonce was shopping her documetary around for a minute and HBO brought the rights. For anyone to even think that Beyonce/Jay-z would even consider to fake a pregnancy is so stupid. Yes Jay mention that before Blue Ivy was concieved that they had a miscarriaage. Well take it from a mother that had 2 misccariage/3 live births. It happens and that in itself don’t mean that it’s harder to concieved because sometimes you concieved quicker/soon after your mishap because I did. It’s so sad that as a whole so many haters wants Beyonce to fail and quess what she still is winning because what God has for her it’s just for her. I admire how private her and Jay are and they talk/show just enough to keep you quessing/talking about what they do. Just because Beyonce didn’t sell her belly shots/ and daughters first picture shots the media/blogs have been in an uproar and I say keep protecting your child the best way you see fit.

  13. tired stunt queen
    tired stunt queen
    tired stunt gueen
    yeah i said what???

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