Preview Beyonce’s ‘Party’ Video

Another day- another Beyonce video.

A preview of the singer’s ‘Party’ video featuring J. Cole was shown earlier this evening on BET’s 106 & Park.

The short clip is very summery, featuring a slim Beyonce getting her groove on at a pool party.

Though not the most clear footage, I did catch quick glimpses of Solange and J. Cole.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Video updated.


  1. Looks good.. can’t wai til it comes out. Jus wish J. Coles verse was longer.

  2. Thanks for posting! Tomorrow cant get here too soon. Lovin the old school vibe and vibrant colors. She looks BEAUTIFUL. I think this song will be a hot one for sure. Just not sure if she released it a little too late. Either way, cant wait!!!!

  3. I guess they just cut Andre 3000 altogether….maybe they think J. Cole can make the song #1 since he has the younger crowds attention.

  4. After this one just stop it. Go relax enjoy your pregnancy and spend that time connecting and bonding with your baby physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. this album has done all its going to do there is nothing else coming from it. Disappear for awhile andthen come back out with a whole new image.

    Give yourself some time to regroup and refresh and find some new material and just get to know you. This woman has been working non-stop just about all of her life it is enough already. You have earned a break.

  5. COLORFUL!!!


    harmoniesssssss layered.

    That’s all I got for this. Also, Keef Sweat called for his beat back; or is it Teddy Riley with that slow-tempo New Jack? *wink*

  6. Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z has worked all his life just like she has. WHy do women have to take a break, why can’t they keep going till they feel that they’ve done enough. No one is sweating Jay Z, but everyone is sweating Beyonce. Let her be. If her videos irritate you, don’t watch them, simple as that. There are artists I don’t like, but I don’t waste my time with their material.

  7. “run the world” was the beginning of the end. It doesn’t matter how many vids she puts out it will not improve the quality of the album. She needs to sit down & enjoy her pregnancy. Eat until she’s actually the size of that pillow pet she’s trying to fool us with & come back.

  8. Sista r u anti-beyonce now?

    wats up? u have joined the in for now artist club?

  9. I think she’s anti-bad music. And the difference between Beyonce and her husband is Jay-z is carrying a child in his stomach for 9 months. Stress can disrupt the development of the baby

  10. @african

    Women are not men and should stop trying to be, we are actually better 🙂 than them only a stupid woman goes around busy Beeing in five inch heels while pregnant ; whatever she is trying to prove it isn’t working.

  11. Video looks like its gonna be good. This site has officially turned into mediafakeout thought. Nothing but mostly ignorant people commenting. Bey is a grown woman who can work and wear 6 in heels while pregnant all she wants. How does it affect your life. This beyonce obsession is ridiculous.

  12. Sit down child and go have that baby because RIHANNA has snatched and burned your lacefront to a crisp.

  13. Wow. Kinda don’t know what to think. The clip was so short. I like the Fresh Prince Summertime vibe to it. Looks to be really nice and cute. Nothing groundbreaking but good. I like this song too. But I didn’t know 3Stacks was gonna be replaced. That’s the main reason I liked it.

  14. I loved 4. It’s actually my favorite album from Beyonce. The videos? Not so much. I did love the dancing in Run the World, but I think all of her videos and singles from this “era” are lacking. I even liked the Countdown video, but when I heard all the chatter about how she copied Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, I had to check it out myself.

    So I did, and that Countdown video was a straight up copy of Anne’s videos,” Rosas danst Rosas” as well as a 1990 piece, and “Achterland.” And of course she called it a tribute after being called out for plagiarizing. SMH, Beyonce.

    I love B, but she (and Jay-z and to round out the “holy” trinity, Kanye), need to enjoy their money, enjoy their child, and take a break. And as a fan, I say this out of love.

  15. Whatever heels had unneeded pressure to the back and feet , it does not affect my life just like it doesn’t affect the pillow she is walking around with, I was just responding to african

  16. I’ll have to watch the whole thing in order to give my opinion.

    If the woman wants to put out a video everyday for the rest of her life, and wants to wear TEN in. heals while pregnant DEAL WITH IT. Who are ‘we’ to tell a grown a** PERSON what to do? Don’t watch just blows my mind how people think they are being forced to do certain things.

  17. I’ll have to watch the whole video in order to form an opinion.

    If the woman puts out a video everyday for the rest of her life, or wears ten in. heals while pregnant DEAL WITH IT. Let grown PEOPLE do what they want to do. It baffles me how people think they are forced to watch/listen to certain things.

  18. Can we please stop saying that ‘4’ was a bad album??? YOUR opinion, but it’s not a FACT.

    *EYE* THINK that 4 is a beautiful album. MY opinion.

    & if the woman wants to wear heels @Moonya, let her wear them without being called a ‘stupid woman’. I’d rather have a pillow under my shirt than in my head. Ridiculous.

  19. I loved the clip ! So far Party is my fave song from what Ive heard her release.

    People need to chill in telling Beyonce what she should/should not so as a wife/woman/mother whatever.

    When she was not pregnant she needed to get knocked up before her eggs got old. She needs to take a break, she needs to not wear high heels etc etc etc.

    She has been working for how long now? I think her body is used to it, and she has doctors that can advise what she can/can not do.

    My zumba instructor was up there at 8 months preggo doing her thing- why? because she is fit and her body is used to it.

    It seems that Beyonce may eventually have to do what Rihanna did, which is not market herself mainly to an R/B, black crowd because you can’t get anything but personalized vitriol. It’s one thing to say , the beat is whack and what the hell are you wearing, but it’s another to in on a woman who is getting her hustle on.


  20. @Get real- THANK YOU!!

    @KSH- You know the video had a familiar vibe to it, you’re right, its does have a ‘Summertime’ look about it.

    Im disappointed if they’re gonna take out Andre as well

  21. Are both of you done? I have seen many pregnant woman and they all wore flat, even at prestigious event, so excuse the hell out of me for not knowing that beyonce. Has a super powerEd womb , tchhhhrr.

  22. Mmmm I was all about a pregnant woman’s right to her heels. Idk about her womb but the chick has some super powerful soles. I swear, every inch of her body (from her lacefront to her uterus) is constantly over-analyzed. Get off her fckn feet!

    NOW I’m done.

  23. I was not speaking to you, please refrain from adressing me ever “lmao”.

  24. Oh I’m sorry it appears I was get real, so yeah refrain from addressing me whatever name you’re using , that hoes for “lol” , “lmao” or whatever else your name is.

  25. It looks like beyonce can’t win for losing. but at least she knows how to keep her grind going and we have come to know her as a workaholic and i am like william the refrigerator perry said back in the 80’s you don’t know how long the ride will be so ride it till the wheels come off.

  26. Party is my least favorite song off of the album. The video should have been released sooner. It does have a summer vibe to it, and it’s far from summer. Next!!!!

  27. At the end of the day when she finally goes on tour, all her concert dates will be sold out and she’ll make another $86 million…so why speak negatively like she reads these blogs or even cares what her haters think?

  28. MOONYA- My comment wasn’t directed towards you it was for everyone trying to tell a grown a** person what they should be doing. So if you were apart of that, then yes I guess it was.

  29. I have to see the whole video before i can comment.

    @moonya i never heard of preggos chicks rocking heels either , all i heard was complaints of back pain, but beyonce can do what she wants ,just like we can think what we want.

    When it comes to beyonce you can’t even have a concern, or ask a question , the ghetto will come for you (not you danielle), they are sitting down ready to go,and it is always the same person, she is human like the rest of us, if we feel like something is weird we can’t say nothing? well i hope you have patience because today is not the day before people stop being curious, or critical, so good luck.

    @danielle: she been trying to market herself to every1, it’s just that she seems to be a 1 trick pony, same songs, same lyrics, same style, same everything, she does not possess rihanna’s versatility.

  30. I love Rhianna…Beyonce is starting to grow on me…. I disliked her phoniness in the beginning and she was SO OVERRATED..nothing iconic..and her overzealous fans…but now I have began to be more tolerating of her…. I love the real..and that’s why I love me some Rhianna!!

  31. @Nikki – while I actually like Party, I totally feel you about the timing of the video. Like it makes no sense whatsoever! This should have been released for summer. This is actually kinda like Cheers for Rihanna (I really think if they had released it instead of CKB during the summertime it would have gone to #1) or like when they released the video for ‘Fly’ and Rihanna had already stopped rocking her red hair!

  32. @najal- girl you’re sure right, this is a public blog and everyone is entitled to their opinion. As a pregnant woman myself (5 months today yay!) I just can empathize with how frustrating it is when everyone has an opinion about what you should /should not be doing.

    Granted Beyonce is worth hundreds of millions more than my hubby and I so I shouldn’t feel too bad for her 🙂

    It’s funny though, because I don’t even check for Beyonce like that- I thought Dangerously in Love was her best and most versatile album and haven’t bought liked any of her albums since, I just get whatever single that comes out that I like. (I got ‘I am Sasha Fierce’ only to realize that the singles released were the only songs I really liked! )

    She can put on a show though and I respect her hard work and hustle.

  33. @Danielle: that’s why i singled you out, i read your post before, you are a far cry from the neurotic obviously bored over zealous fan, i figured you must be speaking from experience, but i think so was the other poster.
    I feel you i loved dangerously in love, i tought beyonce was on the path to revolutionize r&b, but i guess she was on another path…

    Congratulation on the pregnancy my husband and i are trying any tips? what are you having? look at my nosy behind lol

  34. @Nijal- oh i stay being nosy , so you’re fine!

    Honestly, when we stopped ‘trying’ was when we got pregnant. I was off birth control (after being religiously on it for a while) for about a year, and it does take a few months for your body to get readjusted.

    Also pay attention to when you’re ovulating, so you have an idea when will be a good time to try. I spent so much of my 20’s trying to NOT get pregnant, that at first when my hubby and I were trying, I thought it would be easy, but that wasn’t the case.

    Finally, I would recommend shedding those extra pounds, I got pregnant after losing 30 lbs, and my sis in law as well, after losing 20.

    I’m having a girl! Very excited!:)

    Hubby and I have been married for 5 years now, so we are excited for this new chapter. 🙂

  35. The problem isn’t anyone having their own opinion, it’s people who use their “opinion” to try and hide the hate. I have never seen anyone on this blog who doesn’t like Beyonce, give her a compliment WITHOUT adding a negative thing to it…ever. It’s like “that’s so nice of her to sing to that little girl with cancer BUT she’s so fake and it’s a publicity stunt.” (wth?) That’s all I’m saying I’m not attacking anyone all I ask is why are those like negative side comments necessary? And why do I have to be ghetto? That’s so childish.

  36. The clip was cool. Beyonce has been rocking heels since she was 8 or 9 when they would jog and sing to build vocal stamina. She’s said a few times that flats actually hurt her feet. Anyways, my sisters have all been pregnant more than once and each time even their pregnancies were different from the last.

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