Preview ‘BFV’ Tamar-vention


WeTV is really hyping up tonight’s episode of ‘Braxton Family Values.’ And if by chance you have already seen the clip below, then you know why. The sisters are once again at odds with youngest sister Tamar, who always seems to be a source of tension.

The family meets up with Dr. Sherry to work out their issues and things quickly turn left.

I don’t know how things got this bad with only two episodes of the new season aired, but I’ll definitely have to tune in tonight to see what I missed last week that led to such and unhappy showing on the part of Traci.


  1. I feel like this whole beef with Tamar is pure fabrication for ‘drama’ on the show.

  2. I missed last week’s episode. What happen to piss everyone off at Tamar? It seems they are always mad at her for something or the other. Can’t wait to see how things change when she gives birth.

  3. Basically the sisters felt Tamar began distancing herself after last season and when she does come around she brings Vince. Towanda calls him “velcro”. Also, there was something about when Tamar and Vince got their own show, it was like Tamar didn’t want the sisters to guest-star or something.

    This “beef” may be legit, but it just doesn’t seem “real” to me. I mean, Vince is always with Tamar; mostly. And maybe the reason she was distancing herself from the family (or staying at home or with Vince) was because she and Vince were working on getting pregnant. Maybe the other sisters know this is the case, but there’s got to be some kind of drama to start the show off with, so they’re using that situation and blowing it up and out of proportion for viewing/ratings.

  4. tony wants to represents class and sophistication on the show, that should be commended. but the sister, that checks Tamar, i live for her showdowns with tamar. they are epic.

  5. I agree with Kanyade. Tamar plays a role, changes it up when she needs to, like when co-hosting on Anderson Cooper, Tiny or covering a red carpet. I just knew her show was going to seriously flop! while I love Tamar, I couldn’t imagine watching her for an hour without her sisters and neither did they it appears! She asked them to make an appearance and I’m sure the producers did too, but knew they could use it for future show plots, like now. Like the Kardashians’ spin-off shows, you’re gonna see the fam (brand), one way or another. Their mother remained neutral. Tamar seems to always have been with Vince, so why is this a problem now? She talked about their husbands, the first season, why now is it they can’t take it? Public opinion of their husbands (serial cheater and deadbeat user), maybe, but not what their husbands publicly did or said themselves (not judging, either)? Ratings and they’re not feeling her right now, it happens. She’s always been a loud mouth, what’s so new? Her own reality show spin-off, a number one hit single, hosting gigs, editorial and more.

    They could take her when she was singing backup for Toni for free (for years) or helping to take care of her mom or when she bought Towanda a car or when she borrowed from her closet and didn’t return things (something sisters do)didn’t incense them!

  6. I think partially the sisters are feeling some kind of way because Tamar has made a career for herself by walking all over her sisters. Now they are starting to see Tamar’s popularity increase at their expense and they want to fight back their dignity and set boundaries. Naturally Tamar is not having it cause she’s been getting away with it for so long.

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