Preview: Brandy’s Family Affair

Brandy and her family come together for VH-1’s newest reality series “A Family Affair.” Debuting April 11th, the show will chronicle the life of superstar Brandy Norwood as her parents attempt to teach she and her brother to take over the family business. Check out an extended preview of the first episode below.


  1. AAaah I can not wait. The DVR is set and I will ready on the couch with my frozen fruit and yogurt! lol!

  2. She has always rubbed me the wrong way. Having been a teenager when she was popular, she just never seemed genuine to me. I do like her music though. I can’t rock with her bro though.

  3. I am interested in seeing the first show to see how it will be.

  4. I like Brandy It will be my First Tv show in a long time.

  5. i am so happy that reality is now a venue for actors and singers to continue displaying their abilities, but i am like the commentator i will set the dvr and watch it later.

  6. next- if they are not hilarious, no need watchin em anyways… i do love me some brandy, but as time goes on i barely remeber her. she needs to do something to get her game on back and tight. as for ray j, im nt even going there….

  7. delphine, me too. i love her always have. when i was 8-12 she was my favorite artist. i still love her work. so just because of that i will watch.

    btw what i came in to say was i love her wig on the home page.oooo it looks good

  8. TUTU: I know she was and still is so graceful, Never trashy and her body in Moesha? The business! Her acting skills was there, No one can out sing her, She is just Bad 🙂 Love brandy

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