Preview Ciara’s French Vogue Shoot

Ciara’s dreams of being a high fashion model live on. Despite working on new music, the singer says she still plans to mesh both her love of music and her love of fashion into one package that she hopes her fans will accept and love. Showcasing a bit of her fashion side, Ciara showed off several pics from her upcoming French Vogue shoot, one of which you can see below. The full shoot will appear in the July edition of the magazine. A few more can be seen by watching the singer’s most recent Ustream chat-> here.


  1. Ciara+Modeling=absolutely

    ciara+music=crickets chirping

    ciara+dancing=girl can dace her a** off

  2. She can dance and that is about it. I doubt that she will make it as a model.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. Ciara is a Goddess. So beautiful. Cant wait to see her Ride video on tv

  4. So I see BET put Ride on the website shortly after Ciara confirmed they weren’t playing it. Anyway I am glad she is exploring her options with modeling. She absolutely has the body for it. If she does well with it she shows a healthy body image instead of what often is the case in the modeling world.

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