Preview For Better or Worse

“For Better or Worse,” Tyler Perry’s new half hour TBS dramadey, is due to hit the airwaves this November, and today several clips of the series were made available via Tyler’s personal website.

The show is a spin-off that features the characters of Marcus and Angela, from Tyler’s series of “Why Did I Get Married” movies, and thankfully, original cast members Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White have returned.

Give the clip a once over below and let us know what you think. Will you be tuning in to see Marcus and Angela go at it every week?


  1. I don’t know if I’ll watch if the story is narrowed down to an extreme loud mouth Angela…the angry, over the top loud classless upscale black woman…we have Atlanta Housewives…I’m thrilled that they’re working…I really like Michael Jai White…respect his hustle…greenlighting his own film “Black Dynamite”…love Tyler and respect his grind…employing black actors…I wish them all well!!!…maybe one day it’ll be one of us or someone we know working within the TP Media Empire!

    I’m sure the new series will do well with guest appearances from other WDIGM cast members…the spin-off idea was a great bankable move!

    Go Tyler!

  2. I agree with Cynthia. I do not know why Tasha smith is always the loud black actress. It is demeaning to both her as a black woman and an actress. In every film she is always the loud mouth. I think every single white and black role for a woman should be giving to Kimberly Elise. Kimberly Elise is the best actress we have period black or white or green or purple. She is the best actress period.

  3. I would love to support TP sitcom adaption of WDIGM, but I can’t watch TP productions over a long period of time, without feeling depressed and sad. So, I will give these black actors my love and support without watching it on t.v. And Angela will be just another thread to the fabric of stereotypical black female characters on t.v. for nonblacks and uneducated blacks to enjoy. It is what it is. I guess, Spike Lee advice or criticism went out the window.

    With that said, I can’t wait until my HAWTHORNE comes back on the air. Hopefully, my fav Nick Renata isn’t killed off. Luv me some Christina and Nick.

  4. Second Nikki’s comment. I’m gonna give it a few episodes – it may be good.


  6. So basically Marcus is a low down to the ground two-timing dog and Angela has had enough…

    I’ll give it a look see for support but damn TP is this all you see from your people?

  7. @ Bohwe…………..I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Hawthorne…….

    I too, cannot WAIT until the next season. This season had me on edge from the 1st episode and I hope Nick isn’t dead either, but if he is then who killed him?????

    Interesting to see. But as far as TP goes, I won’t be tuning in. I’m a fan of TP’s hustle and I do have respect for him, but I doubt I’ll be watching….

  8. @ SWEET SERENITY- I don’t know if I will watch Hawthorne if Nick is killed off. He gives the show edge and appeal.

    Besides, I love the way Nick treats Christina.

    Hopefully, the writers will bring him back, their chemistry is awesome, and we need to know who shot Nick, the man that was stalking Nick, or Tom the jilted husband. Or Nick’s brother. Either way, I want Christina to take care of Nick.

  9. @ BOHWE honey did you hear that they’ve CANCELLED HawthoRNe????? OMG what will we do for quality TV next fall???????

    WTF is really going on???? Did Marc and Jada really have something going on as alleged or is it all just to much going on right now???? I must admit that the chemistry was extremely hot between the 2 of them on camera………..

    I’m done………….gotta find something else to watch, hell maybe now I will check out TP’s new show!!!

  10. yeah…i don’t think so. all that yelling, we have enough of those types of shows. not one seen of happiness. they might as well call the show “…for worse”

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