Preview: J-Hud’s X-Mas Special

Jennifer Hudson’s upcoming ABC Christmas Special “I’ll Be Home Be Home For Christmas” is set to air on December 14th and we have your first preview here. Check out Jen below singing an awesome rendition of “O Come All Ye Faithful” with a group of friends.


  1. Wow. Jennifer Hudson is a true powerhouse singer. You can tell that she is more comfortable and in her element when she is singing gospel music.

  2. Jennifer is phenomenal. She doesn’t need to compete with R&B sistas. She just need to SANG!!!!

  3. WOW!!! This woman is fantastic!! What a voice! I almost forgot how beautiful and powerful her voice is…I’m going to listen to her album NOW!!

  4. Jennifer is crazy talented. She is from a time when it took more than being high yella with long weaves to get a recording contract. She belongs in that group of powerhouse singers that includes Patti, Gladys, Aretha, Whitney, En Vogue, Anita, etc… These women are effortlessly and flawlessly diva!

  5. Hey did you guys hear, that her role as Winnie Mandela is being opposed by lots of South Africans?
    I read it yesterday.

  6. Red lipstick: I’m with you

    Shels: Why wouldnt they be?

  7. To Red Lipstick: You are sooo right. Oh Lawd, please bring back women who can really sing. I don’t mean just warble a few notes and wiggle your rear end up in peoples’s faces, and shake your thousand dollar weave around. I mean someone who can really SANG and shut it down, the way Chaka and Patti and Gladys used to. Unfortunately, since the advent of videos, the focus now is on sex appeal, not on talent.

  8. To Shels: I heard that the South African government wants to use more of their own talent in the movie, so I guess they had an actress already picked out that they wanted to use for Winnie Mandela. At least that’s what I read.

  9. I had a group of South Africans berating me on Twitter because I said JHUD would be great in this role. The main argument was, “Jenny is too fat and too dark to play Winnie.”

    I basically told the they were idiots. LOL

  10. I’m a South African and i’m behind her and feel all will be okay,instead of shutting each other down from both countries I feel that we must open a dialog and open more doors for each other,it must not be a one-way street,it must be easier for a black South African to be part of the Tyler Perry crew or anything of that nature,most South African actors are feeling threatened,undermined and overlooked when it comes to snapping leading roles in their own country hence this outburst not forgetting that Winnie Mandela is a huge controversial figure herself,this controversy will benefit Jennifer Hudson to stretch herself and step up her game,too much is at stake but I promise her one thing she will have an incredible experience,one she will never forget

  11. Wow! her voice is great,will ask my family that resides in the States to tape it for me if I can’t get it anywhere as these sort of things take time to reach our shores,she is so beautiful and looking very sexy love to bits.

  12. This chick got pipes! I will be watching. But I’m wondering who everyone is talking about when they say being yella, can’t sing, and shakes her butt…hmmm who could it be?

  13. She ain’t ashamed to sing about her Lord. Amen Jen. And she said He was the one who pulled her through. How could she do a gap commercial couple of months after 3 family members died they asked and she told them Him. Amen.

  14. @RUSERIOUS- That’s what I wished she would sing are gospel songs, BUT that ain’t where the BIG money’s at.

  15. @ Sugarpie. Yeah I dont disagree with them all the way. I kinda do feel it would’ve been cool if they used a South African actress. but Jenn must’ve been chosen for a reason. I heard the director of the film, who is also South African, was the one who chose her. I think she has the potential to pull it off, so I’ll just have to wait and see..

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