Kim Kimble’s New Reality Show

As previously reported, hairstylist to the stars, Kim Kimble, is coming to WeTV with her very own reality show.

Officially titled “L.A. Hair,” the show will debut on May 31st at 10pm EST, and will feature quite a few of Kim’s celebrity clients.

But like most reality shows, it will also feature quite a bit of drama, and from what I have seen from the preview below, maybe even a little bit of “laying on the hands.”

I’m not gonna front, I will give this one a try, but if it becomes just another Basketball Wives, set in a hair salon, I’m going to have to boycott it as well.


  1. I’ll give it a try, too. Hopefully it will have more creativity and not so much drama.

  2. I’ll try it…I love hair designers, hair shows, etc…but, I know they come in all kinds and I hope Kim comes out of this even further ahead…because her who’s who credits are impressive…her work speaks for itself…WE Network has found themselves a new cash cow…I hope more of us make it as beneficial for ourselves as it is for the networks…it’s nice to see behind-the-scenes image makers, often unsung in the limelight!

  3. Just saw the previews. Ghetto. I still might watch though.

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