Preview ‘Love on Top’ Video

Here is your first look at the video for ‘Love on Top,’ the next single to be released from Beyonce’s ‘4’ album.

The preview was shown via Australia’s Channel 7, which scored an exclusive interview with the singer.

The full video is expected to make it’s debut later this month via the singer’s personal website.


  1. Love On Top is the next Australian single, not intended for the US. Can’t wait to see the video in full.

    She truly is a naturally gorgeous woman, her face and skin is damn near flawless. Stunning.
    And her little sneakers are too cute.

  2. 4 videos in less than 4 months is just too much. This era seems so chaotic and out of control. It’s like they just throwing stuff out to see what will stick. They need to give these singles time to breathe. I hope they treat End of Time with a bit more respect.

  3. Video looks straight, kinda like she’s just rehearsing (probably what they were looking for). But damn did she shoot this video in Dangerously In Love era she looks so young and gorgeous…as always.

  4. Yeah she is clearly doing the New Edition video, the youngins may not know about that though LOL…

  5. wow another stolen…oh my bad..inspired video lmao..this chick has no shame

  6. Yea, although I LOVE the song and she looks really happy performing it, I am getting tired of all this “inspired” crap and people making excuses for it. LOL. It is getting old now. =/ But kudos to B, she looks cute!

  7. And the guy second from the right is getting it, as in jamming. LOL. =D

  8. Swallow your pride take a break and call your father. Because your husband is not cutting the mustard. @Dana they are throwing stuff on the wall to see what sticks. Her father would have scrapped this went back in the studio after that first single and re-released the whole cd with a whole new look.

    Jay-Z has never managed a huge artisit like her and this was his test and he has failed. Badly I might add.

  9. Did it ever occur to anyone that she may be a New Edition fan, and is paying them homage. Beyonce is not an idiot I’m sure she did this on purpose. Everyone knows what the “If it Isn’t Love” video looks like. So a successful artist can’t like a legendary group or another artist?? If that is the case then tell some of these artist at the BET awards to stop when they incorporate some of their favorite artist fashion and moves into their performance of their own song.

  10. These videos are so generic. I am bored right now. I don’t what is going on with her – she looks good in EVERY video that is nothing new – but these videos are so lackluster.

  11. @Nikki I think it’s the fact that Beyonce seems to pay A LOT of homage in most of her videos and performances. With her success and talent, people expect to see something original. Not something completely familiar and labeled as a classic. She paid homage in “Countdown.” Why do it AGAIN in “Love On Top.” After a while, it just gets boring. Yes a lot of artists do this same thing, but once again… after a while, it gets boring. I think because this is her first album without her father managing, people are expecting more originality. Not something we can find easily on Youtube. =/

  12. I don’t get the video, are guys singing background vocals on the track, why would… never-mind.

  13. I dig love on top, and the whole old school vibe, too bad she is as belieavable as gaga is a christian, but cool song. I agree with whoever said it tho, this era is out of control, why don’t they believe in 4? they can take their time and promote it the right way, it seems like they are rushing…

  14. @bria: YES MAAM

    her entire career is based on inspiration, which is JUST FINE, execpt they try to pass it as originality, like wtf we are the 13 years old that worship her, we know and we’ve seen this before

  15. How do they try to pass it off as original? Did bey sit down & say “this is my video concept that i came up with & no one has done this before”? No so u sound ridiculous. U do know that NO ONE is original right? Not even michael jackson was original. U think he came up with the moon walk? Smh. I swear bey is so good that ppl will reach 4 anything negative.

  16. Not everything has to be said, sometimes it is in the way you act or portray yourself, every time there is a new album, here goes beyonce with how different she is, and she is original, and she is outside the box, undefined, let em not even get on the fans, the fact that she has 16 Grammys and even Michael Jackson does not have half of that, is proof of what i’m trying to say, beyonce is over-hyped and always disappoint, like gaga and rihanna…

  17. ps: if she was so good, you would not feel the need to defend her, simple math, you don’t have to defend greatness 🙂

  18. All I’m gonna say is you’ve realised they haven’t released “End of Time”, “I Was Here”, “Schoolin Life”, “Party” etc. those are the big songs that will get extra special treatment. They’re not nearly through with this album me.

    SN: I hope she releases “I Care” the song deserves it.

  19. All I am gonna say is… New Edition’s “If it isn’t Love” video & that outfit reminds me of Paula Abdul’s “Coldhearted Snake” video. Paula had a lil dress on, but still, Paula’s dress & Bey’s leotard still share similarities. I get it, there is nothing new under the sun, but try not to make it so obvious. And I suppose she is pushing out videos b/c she knows she’s about to be leave, I suppose to solidify her barnd while she is gone.

  20. hey where’s my gravi? oh nevermind here it is. Wonder why it didn’t show before O_o

  21. @Sincerely..I just think no matter what Beyonce does people are going to be unhappy. The Countdown video all she had was hair like Audrey Hepburn. Last time I check Audrey Hepburn never danced like that. All artist “steal” something from the generations before them. Ahair color, a style of clothing, the way they sing may sound like another artist, because they were influenced by them. When Beyonce tried to be really original with things like Video Phone from the last album, people didn’t like that either. It’s ok though Bey like anyone who has critics will stay winning because people like her ignore critics and do what they want. Either way she is making money. 🙂

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