Preview Miss Kelly’s New Video

Check out the just released preview for Kelly Rowland’s Big Sean assisted track ‘Lay it on Me.’ The full video is expected to be released next Thursday via VEVO and Kelly’s official website.


  1. I like the song on the album, she need to release the video. her manager is not onpoint Kelly is moving too slow. she should be on her 3rd video by now as much time as shes putting into x-factor

  2. release the video plz kelly im begging u the whole project is moving so slow its losing steam

  3. The funny thing is her fans can’t blame matthew for her failure no more like they did in the past(which i dont know why), her album has been out for almost 3 months and only scanned a little over 200k…with a #1 hit on urban you would of thought she would aleast be gold at this point

  4. I dont no anyone alive who would purchase a whole cd because ONE song was great. She need to release more single if she expect to sale more cd

  5. The video is sure to be another sizzler for Kelly. She looks amazing and very happy, so I guess record sales is a priority, but what direction her team has taken is still a mystery to most of us!

    Fortunately, she is defining herself on a personal level, growing in her confidence and self-ownership, more and more… which is far more important than the public stuff…like she said, Matthew made her a millionaire at 18, having her first long-standing solo number 1 hit song on the R&B charts did wonders for Ms. Kelly…I’m just very pleased to see her and Jessica and other brown sistas with high visibility in the entertainment industry, especially, for my little sistas!!!

    Go Kelly!!!

  6. agree with the comments above that she needs to be putting out more singles and videos.

    I don’t mean it as a diss, but for her own good.

  7. I think it’s awful. She’s pretty, and her voice sounds good, but will every song be about someone sexing her? The vid looks like a big orgy, just like “Motivation”…one scantily clad woman surrounded by half naked men, all passing her back and forth, handling her…put me immediately into the mind frame of each of them having a “turn” with her…really sad.

  8. @n/a
    I actually loved seeing all those half naked chocolate men with their sexy bodies 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Seriously, it reminded me of like videos in the 90s. Can’t wait to see the final cut!

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