Preview Next Week’s Episode of Sleepy Hollow (Shipper Edition)

ICHABBIE - DEAD MEN TELL NO TALESWhile I would’ve loved to have been able to preview tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow for you guys, Fox did not make the show available for screening by the press, thus I bring you next week’s episode, titled Dead Men Tell No Tales.

This is probably the season’s most highly anticipated episode because it features a cross-over with Fox’s other Thursday night drama, Bones. However, it isn’t the cross-over I’ll be focusing on for this review. Instead, I will be completely focusing on the episode’s various ships, including Ichabbie, Joeny, and Ichoe, the ship name I have chosen to give Ichabod and Zoe Corinth.

And so without further delay, let’s jump right into Sleepy Hollow fandom’s favorite new ship…

Joenny: Jenny is so gonna hit that. Yeah, they’re kinda like brother and sister, you know, if they were related and all. But they’re not, so I’m calling it now. Joeny have officially been given every episode’s b-plot and things are finally starting to heat up between them, and this whole Shard of Anubis storyline. Joe is finding out troubling things about his dad and feeling all emotional, and then there is Jenny looking all concerned while touching him and wearing a really tight sweater. LOL. The writing is on the wall, guys. I predict Joeny will officially set sail by mid-season.

Ichatrina: Yes, I am including Katrina because this is Sleepy Hollow and no one is ever really dead. Crane loved his wife, and though he was willing to gut her like a fish to save Abbie, he still loves and kinda misses her. Ichatrina fans may wanna tune in for this episode.

Ichoe: Bye, Felicia. Seriously. Somebody stop Crane before he kills again. It is a statistical fact, that you have a 100% chance of dying if Ichabod bows before you and your name is not Abbie Mills. Run, Zoe Corinth. Run, bitch. Run. You are as good as dead. Ichabbie is strong with the Force and it has already claimed the lives of two women. Don’t become the third. You don’t stand a chance. Even if you live, you’ll more than likely just be used as the catalyst that finally forces Crane to accept his growing feelings for Abbie. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ichabetsy: Unless Betsy Ross is resurrected and kills Zoe Corinth, I think it’s safe to say this ship is dead. Betsy and Crane have their usual flashback this episode, but boy is it cold as ice. I don’t see things between these two going any further. As a matter of fact, something tells me Betsy isn’t quite who she appears to be.

Ichabbie: A lot of fans seem to think Ichabbie is endgame. And while that might be true, right now Ichabod and Abbie are sitting on the sidelines. They work together, fight together, laugh together, cry together, even live together. What they don’t do, is show any indication that either feels anything but friendship towards the other. As a matter of fact, Abbie spends quite a bit of time trying to hook up Ichoe in this episode. Abbie even tells Crane she thinks “Zoe is the one.” “Believe in Ichabbie” has become this fandom’s motto, and now more than ever fans will have to keep the faith. Abbie appears to be #TeamIchoe and is once again putting work before all else, including Ichabod.

Danabbie: Awww, shit. Remember how writer M. Raven Metzner recently told us Abbie would come under fire on her job? Well, this is the episode where that all starts to happen and we can thank another ship on this list for setting things off. Daniel is none too happy with Abbie, and things get really uncomfortable really fast. Unless episode six turns things around, Danabbie has officially hit an iceberg and is about to go down faster than the Titanic.
So, that’s about it for now. Dead Men Tell No Tales airs next week, October 29th, and is worth checking out if you enjoy Bones, Sleepy Hollow, or just looking at the amazingly beautiful Abbie Mills. As I previously posted, tongues will be wagging when the Lieutenant chooses to don a pair of booty shorts and pay tribute to Beyonce in the Halloween-themed episode. It’s one you won’t want to miss.


  1. Are you telling me Crane is still whining about Katrina? Why is this show so obsessed with her? Are going to see a flashback?

    The show already made Abbie a matchmaker last season. It wasn’t okay then and it’s not okay now.

    Of course, Abbie is always sidelined, when it comes to romance. Of course.

  2. Zoe is now Katrina 2.0. We were so busy watching out for Betsy, the show was able to slip another lame ass chick past us. And I agree, Abbie as Crane’s matchmaker is getting fucking old, and fast. 🙁

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about Crane’s love life. I do have a problem with more Katrina though. Is Crane still mentioning her? Are there flashbacks?

    I’m tired of this writers and their neglect of Abbie, to focus on more of the old stale focus on Crane as a gift to women. Campbell is just as bad as Goffman.

  4. Abbie is never going to be involved with a man. New women are brought on the show and are automatically written as desirable. We barely into the new season and Crane is already written to have a new love interest. He’ll get to kiss 2 or 3 women this season while Abbie is curling up on her couch at night ALONE.

  5. Wait a minute, what troubling news did Joe find out about his dad? Don’t tell me Corbin was secretly evil. :/

  6. Of course they are going to mention Katrina. For two seasons we’ve been told that she is the love of Ichabod’s life. Helloooo! They can’t just erase that mention. That’d be like erasing Corbin.
    God if only they’d kill off Abbie Mills so the show can get back to the good plots. Sick everyone whining about Abbie Mills rights.

  7. You know what’s sad, I cannot say there are that many Abbie fans out there anymore and I’m questioning if there ever were. There are many Ichabbie shippers, that’s true, but I cannot consider them Abbie fans in good conscience, because all they care about is that she gets Crane’s D no matter what. As long as she fulfills the sacred role, they have imposed on her: black woman gets with white male lead, the journey there doesn’t matter.

    See how there are no more #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter campaigns. They are banking on Campbell’s vague promises, so who cares if the show keeps throwing women at Crane and Abbie still gets treated like a “black woman that needs no man”, right? As long as Abbie eventually gets the ultimate prize, they won’t raise the hell they deserve. The writers throw in some crumbs for those, who wish to see Abbie respected, desired and loved in the form of Daniel, who is just a dead end, just like all her previous love interests. In the meantime, Crane gets to kiss, make love, have fun and drama with his love interests, sometimes with Abbie’s blessing, but that’s okay, because all that matters is to tick another wm/bw ship off the list. Mission accomplished? No. I wish we all realized that all that accomplishes is give the white male all the choices, all the importance and make him everything that matters, while she remains a wallflower, until he chooses her.

  8. @ JUST..STOP, you get outta her. GET! GET GONE, NOW! GET! *chases you out with broom*

    To these ships. *smiles and sighs*
    The writers/casting did a great job with Corbin’s kid. He favors “his father”. I’m here for either of the Mills’ Sisters receiving love and affection from suitors or just anyone really. They are awesome and worthy and can kick butt, so yes, send love their way.
    I’m confused about one thing though. Pandora………………..WHO IS SHE?

  9. Yeah, maybe he is trying to pawn him off onto some other woman because she is tired of taking care of him. Let someone else have a turn. I do not see Zoe lasting too long. I think she is either evil or a stalker. And I will not count Betsy or even Katrina out. They are going to get Ichabod his white woman one way or another.

  10. Revised:
    Yeah, maybe she is trying to pawn him off onto some other woman because she is tired of taking care of him. Let someone else have a turn. I do not see Zoe lasting too long, though. I think she is either evil or a stalker. And I will not count Betsy (come into the present) or even Katrina out (resurrect her). TPTB are persistent in getting Ichabod his white woman one way or another.

  11. I do not think Ichabod is a prize. Yes, he may have a decent face, but in real life I do not see any woman wanting to be saddled with him. Just let him have Zoe, Betsy, Dead Katrina or any other vanilla woman…

  12. @El:
    Well, I’m not so sure that there are no fans focused on Abbie as a character independent of a man. I see quite a bit of social media praising Abbie’s brilliance, bravery, etc. Some want to see the writers tap into her West African roots, her “witch” heritage, her relationship with Jenny. They want more Abbie backstory. They are out there, if you look.

  13. Bravo, EL. School some of these simpletons who no longer seem to care how Abbie is treated as an individual. I knew when I read Daniel was Anbie’s boss he would not be a love interest as the writers claimed. Ask yourselves, with all we know about Abbie, would she really date her boss? Hell no. Abbie is professional and keeps her personal and private life separate. They’ve once again set up a roadblock to her finding love while Crane’s pathway is smooth sailing. Crane asks Zoe out on a date next week while Abbie gets accused of possible misconduct by her so called love interest. Sleepy Hollow writers are same as last year and their contempt for Abbie hasn’t changed. The entire writing staff of white males should have been canned. Abbie will never be anything but Crane’s maid. I don’t care about shipping and refuse to be conned into watching this show in hopes of Ichabod giving Abbie a pat on the back.

  14. I want to know what troubling information Joe found out about Corbin too. Whatever it is, I hope it requires Clancy Brown to make an appearance.

  15. No offense, but I only come to your site for pictures. Your reviews have been so far off the mark I don’t trust anything you write about Sleepy Hollow anymore. Your review of episode one finally sealed that nail in your coffin in the fandom.

  16. And yet here are you, coming to me like a dog on knees begging for the crumbs from my table. 😆

  17. @just…stop. Every good plot in this show HAS involved Abbie. I’d advise you to go check out the first season because there was nothing but remotely interesting about ichatrina. Ever. In short: Go home Sandra, you’re drunk

  18. If you weren’t linking this garbage of a site to all genuine fans of the show (not just one pathetic character) wouldn’t be stumbling over here. I feel sorry for NB to have you as fans.

  19. So…
    A desperate troll navigated its way over here just to plead that Abbie, the female lead, be killed. LOL and gotdamn predictable as always.

  20. Who enjoyed last night’s episode?
    Let’s ignore the troll, shall we? I regret having addressed it.

  21. I didn’t watch. I followed along on Twitter, then breezed through it on DVR. The Betsy stuff ruins every episode. I watched the Abbie and Jenny stuff and loved that. The tooth fairy was great too. Other than that, I can honestly say I’m pretty much at my wits end with this show. I’ve had it. I’m tired of Ichabod’s love life. It gets even worse next week when Abbie continues to push Crane into dating Zoe. I’ve just had it. Ichabod has two love interests on this show, one in the past and one in the present, Abbie has zero, none, zilch, nada. No, sir. Count me out.

  22. Reading the previews for both shows, it looks like Bones will be much much more interesting than Sleepy Hollow.

    Another site has also mentioned Ichatrina and the conversation the Witnesses have about her. So how does it go? Does Crane whine about how much he loves and misses Katrina, and Abbie encourages him to date Zoe, to get Katrina out of his mind and move on with his life? How much am I going to cringe with that conversation?

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