Preview: Rockstar 101 Video

A preview of Rihanna’s upcoming “Rockstar 101” video is now available. The clip is pretty short- lasting only 29 seconds, but gives the singer’s fans just what they were probably hoping for- a high fashion video full of lots of glitz and glamour.

Check out the pop diva below strutting her stuff in a black cat suit and fiery red wig.


  1. I hope we gon see some bright lights. It don’t matter I still love the song. Git it Rhi!

  2. Looks strait, & you can always count on Rih to bring the fashion.

  3. LOL, I don’t like the hair. But I like the outfit. Hope the video turns out good though.

  4. Looks amazing.Hope the video is hot like the song.

  5. @LESLIE I agree but the fiery wig Is hot!

  6. one of my faves off the cd so i hope for an amazing video…. all videos from this cd have been great so far so i expect nothing less!!!!

  7. IMO the wig offsets her whole look and gives it a cartoonish vibe. I doubt that’s what she was going for with lyrics like “6 inch walker, big shit talker, I’ll never play the victim, I’d rather be the stalker”

  8. love the look. Rhi always brings the heat when it comes to her videos… can’t wait to see it.

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