Preview: Season 2 Sleepy Hollow


Wake up, Sleepyheads!

Season two of Fox’s supernatural drama “Sleepy Hollow” is just seventy-four days away and in anticipation of the groundbreaking event, the network has unveiled its first preview.

If you are as fanatical about the show, and its lead character Abbie Millis (played by actress Nicole Beharie) as I am, then you know Season 1 ended with an edge of your seat cliffhanger that left Crane buried alive, Jenny unconscious in her flipped over truck, Katrina in the evil clutches of the Horseman, Irving locked up for a crime he didn’t commit and Abbie trapped in purgatory.

Indeed, things were not looking good for the Witness Team.

Luckily, the preview appears to show our dear Leftenant (yes, I know its spelled Lieutenant) out of purgatory and ready to kick some apocalypse butt.

Check out the preview below, and do get ready for Sleepy Hollow to return to your TV screens on September 22nd.


  1. I didn’t see the first season hopefully I can get caught up on Xfinity on Demand. I did that with Game of Thrones and now I am hooked

  2. I don’t watch ish on TV anymore if I don’t see myself represented. Tired of looking at YT folks and their lives. Love Nikki B and love her representation on Sleep Hollow. Can’t wait until the show returns.

  3. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I’m so ready for this show! I’ve been re-watching past episodes too!

  4. I have watched the first season over so many times. I finally moved on to the fanfiction to tide me over until the show returns. The fanfic blows the show out the water. I am so hooked. I have totally been spoiled. I hope when the show comes back it doesn’t bore me now.

  5. Which site for fanfics do you use? I visit fanfic dot net but also you should check out “archive of our own”. 🙂

  6. Can’t wait for the second season to hit the air! I love the show I will be tuning in….@ Sista lololo you sure are a due hard fan of the show! ????

  7. @Kanyade
    Both sites are great. I have an extensive list of excellent fanfics. Let me know if you want me to list some of them here. If you haven’t already read “Stay,” then I suggest you start with it. Its full of Ichabbie feels.

    Sanctified is also pretty nice:

    Inconvenient-Mistletoe, the sexiest fanfic every written:

    Hallowed Ground, chapter 15 (Soul Mates) is a masterpiece:

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