Preview Season 3 of Being Mary Jane

season 3 of being mary janeJust days after announcing the addition of two new cast members, BET has unveiled the first promo trailer for the upcoming third season of their hit drama Being Mary Jane.

Next season will involve a lot of changes for our heroine, who finds herself battling interlopers in both her personal and professional life.

After her accident in the season two finale, Mary Jane is out on sick leave and is forced to stand by and watch as her younger replacement does her job a little too well.

Things aren’t looking too hot on the personal front either, as Mary Jane is also poised to find out her best friend may have gotten a little too close to the love of her life (David).

So, is anything going right for Mary Jane? No. Probably not. This is actually why I stopped watching the show in season one. Being Mary Jane paints a very dim view of the lives of black women. Doesn’t matter what your station is in life, you are destined to be lonely and unloved according to this show.

All the black men are worthless, dating white women, gay, or something else that makes him incapable of being with you.

The women aren’t any better. Mary Jane is constantly forced to watch her back, for fear of another woman either stealing her man or her job.

And judging from the ratings, a lot of other people probably agree with me. Being Mary Jane went from a season one high of 4 million viewers to a season two low of 1.23 million viewers. In other words, over half the show’s audience has tuned out.

However, if you’re still tuning in, feel free to check out the promo clip below and a few images.


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