Preview: Teairra Mari’s “Hunt 4 U” Video



  1. This is a wondeful effort and I love the way she just keeps pushing. I am so happy to see BrownSistas doing it and keeping on their grind. Love the song (snippet of the song) and the speakers who explain everything about the song and the direction of the promotion and song. SHe is definitely hitting 09 with a bang and make her place. Good for TM.

  2. I like the song, i hope the video turns out to be interesting

  3. Wow! I only learned of TM through this site early last year. Judging from the set and the sound of the song, someone is investing some money into her career. I hope the finished product is top notch.

    Beautiful eyes.

    I think that director is really into her. LOL

  4. I think the song is hot!! I’m glad she didn’t give up and she is getting the chance to really prove herself cuz i don’t think she got the chance the first time around

  5. I like TM-can’t spell her first for nothing. But I like that she keeps standing.

  6. “Hunt 4 U” is good, but “Holla” is straight FIRE. Her voice, her swagger, and the beat are pure (^_^) heaven. I have it on constant replay. I hope she unleashes it as the second single. HIT is written all over that track. It’s a wrap; I’m officially anticipating more from her LOL.

  7. @Pearls-I was thinking the same thing. He sounded as if he was into her. Maybe she gave him “something” to re-start her career again, who knows.

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