Preview: The Princess And The Frog

A five minute preview of Disney’s highly anticipated “The Princess And The Frog” movie has been released to the public. Featuring the voices of Anika Noni Rose, Keith David, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lewis and Terrence Howard, the film opens in New York and Los Angeles on November 25th and then nationwide on December 11th. Disney has released the preview with one caveat- some of the animation is not yet complete.


  1. I hope every little black girl get to see this. Because they need to feel like they are princess.

  2. I’m not a little girl, but my friends and I are going to see it. We’ve been waiting for this!

  3. Ohhh I can’t wait to take my Princess Club to see this – we have been waiting for 2 YEARS for this movie!

  4. This will be real nice to see. I’ll take my little niece and her friends to see it. They could’ve had a black prince, but it’s all about the princess I guess.

  5. Who cares about a black prince? I can’t believe that some people still think a black woman’s life is not be complete without a black man!!

    No wonder black men are laughing behind our backs. We still have so many self esteem issues it’s just pathetic.

  6. @Tara Lee

    STFU and stop being so ignorant. What have a black man done to you so bad? Did I say anything about a black woman not being able to live without a black man? NO is the answer.

    Maybe you don’t think it’s no big deal about a black prince, but alot of people esp black people would like to see her paired up with her own race. Like, Disney had all the other white princess and arab princess with thier own race. The black man is already stereotyped as not being good fathers, good husbands/boyfriends, thugs etc.. And no I don’t have a problem with interracial relationships…However Black Love is not portrayed as positive as it use to be in both real life and the media. Youtube has alot of interracial butt-kissing within the black race…thinking going white is right.

    Remember the “black cinderalla” Brandy? They didn’t even have her paired up with a black prince. What’s really pathetic and it may be what our low self-esteem issues deemed from is black people like you taking anything and everything whites throw at you.

  7. @Tara Lee: Where did that come from. No one mentioned anything about a man. What is wrong with teaching our little girls that they are princesses as well and lettting their self esteem be built up just like every other little girl in America. Get over yourself, apparently you must be stuck on black men becasue you are the one who brought it up.

  8. I’m late cause the video isn’t working anymore. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I dont think it would’ve made a difference if the prince was black. But I think its great & I agree with Tara lee

  9. I still love watching Disney movies. I have a nice lil’ collection myself. So, I’m not using my nieces as an excuse, but if I don’t take them, no one else will. Might buy them tiaras when we go. LOL

  10. A princess movie is about the girl the man is an accessory. What Disney did in the past does not matter because whites only thought of themselves. I do not find Naveen offensive at all. Alot of of black women are left out of the equation in Hollywood. Not many black female leading roles. Kudos to Disney for jumping on the interracial love story.

  11. I actually REALLY want to watch this lol. I always wanted there to be a black disney princess. Long overdue.

  12. Sad thing is some black women rather see her with a white guy than a black guy because of the hatred they have for black men.

    “Kudos to Disney for jumping on the interracial love story.” So let Disney next time put a white princess with a black princess, let’s see how much kudos you give then. I know this movie is for little black girls so I give props to disney for taking that step after all of these years. But I just can’t stand gullible black women.

  13. I’m excited about the movie and I am planning a date with all of my friends and family to show the little ones we can be princesses in America.
    Baby Steps ladies, I’m happy Disney FINALLY creating a black princess. However, I don’t agree with the prince not being black. But hey we have the real KING, President Obama!!!

  14. Come on ladies… what you arguing about black men for…? you americans are always going on about black men are the best or black men are the worst..

    who cares?? This movie is about us!!!! Lets enjoy it and stop looking for stuff to complain about. I dont care who they teamed the princess up with as long as he treats her like a Queen!!!

  15. cant wait!!!! wonderful, lmao if they were to put a white princess with a black princess? this would be the talk of the nation by whites, “how dare they” lmao, any who, YEA!!! I greatful for what we got, its a step, congrads

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