Preview Tonight’s Episode of ‘Sleepy Hollow’


It’s Monday night so you know what that means, SleepyHeads– another episode of FOX’s hit sci-fi drama Sleepy Hollow is upon us.

If you are a part of the fandom then you already know tonight’s episode, “The Weeping Lady,” revolves around Crane’s ex who appears to seek revenge on any woman who she believes has caught the eye of her former lover, including that of our beloved Grace Abigail “Abbie” Mills.

Expect to see Caroline, the ren-enactment lady last seen in season one’s finale to make an appearance, as well as Crane’s wife Katrina, who was completely absent from last week’s “Go Where I Send Thee” episode.

Nick Hawley also makes an appearance, because hey, look at him (lol). Hawley is supposed to make his move on Abbie tonight and we will reportedly see the two working together sans Crane in future episodes.

Check out episodic photos and a video preview of tonight’s episode below.

“Sleepy Hollow” was FOX’s breakout hit last season and stars actress Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills) and Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane),who are affectionately known to their fans as Ichabbie.


  1. Hawley is some sweet eye-candy, but I don’t think Crane will cotton too well to Hawley being all up in their (Abbie’s face) business.

  2. Who watched last night’s show?
    What did you think?
    A lot of fans were squealing when they found out about Katrina because they have been suspicious of her for a while now?
    What did you think about Jenny and Hawley?

  3. I think Katrina needs to stay with Abraham’s-headless-horseman-head, because she has betrayed Ichabod too much. He read her for that, last night. It’s like blow after blow, and not minor stuff, but MAJOR LIES.

    On the other hand I hated when Moloch says he has plans for Kertrina ‘coz that means she’ll continue to be in Ichabbie’s adventures. UGH.

    Hawley is HAWT with EVERYONE, kinda like Jason Stackhouse on “True Blood”, but he’s not dumb like Jason. The scene with he and Jenny AND he and Abbie were chock full of chemistry. These characters blend so well together.

    I want more of Captain Irving, his daughter and his wife and I want them to further develop the Mills sisters’ MOTHER. I feel like something went down that is interconnected with all of this.

    Oh and Moloch and Jeremy. That “kid” is AFRAID of the demon. I love their scenes together too and I think that the actor is doing such a great job with this Jeremy character.

    I follow you on Tumblr. I always try to “heart” or reblog your posts. This fandom must never die. ICHABBIE FOR LIFE! LOL

    I do feel like Ichy and Abbie will get together at some point. They are forged emotionally and their bond is so strong, that they will have to explore *cough* a more intimate side of things at some point. *cough*

  4. argh i left a really long comment this morning and it’s not shown up. i’ll come back later.

  5. Yep, for some reason it ended up being put the spam folder, but I pulled it out. Its up now.

  6. Ichabbie fans were laughing their asses off after that episode. How long have we been saying Katarina was evil? Forever. I still don’t believe her Mary story. I think she killed her and dragged her body into the river while she was still alive and then she drown to death.

    Nick is hawt, but he’s taking too much screen time away from Jenny. I love me some Jenny Mills.

    Not feeling the threesome this show is trying to set up because we all know Nick was brought in to be Abbie’s love interest. Why have him be a man her sister has slept with. I am not here for the Mills Sisters to be fighting over some man.

    Poor Henry. Seeing him crying on the floor reminded me that he is still that kid (Jeremy) who was beaten and abused as a child. I find myself feeling sorry for him and Abraham (The Horseman of Death).

    Ichatrina is toxic. Crane and Katrina together have caused the death of more people than we can’t count. I’d hate to be their neighbors.

  7. So tired of Katrina. Love Ichabbie. I see they plan to replace Jenny with Nick Hawley and I am not liking that. I felt so bad for Henry. He’s a grown man and still being abused. He needs his parents. Abbie Mills is everything. I’m ready for her and Crane to just fall in love already. Can’t wait until that relationship becomes canon. They are so meant to be.

  8. I *BEEN* saying Katrina was up to no good since season 1 ! But I feel like with these shows you never know the twists and turns the plot will go. John Noble is a really good actor. He is an old dude, yet at the end after he got put in his place by Molluch, he reminded me of a boy.

  9. I just read the other comments, and I am actually in the minority where I would prefer to have the suspense of ‘will they get together’ for right now.

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