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Hoping to get more publicity for their celebrity marriage, Robin Givens and Malik plan a belated wedding reception, but Tasha decides to boycott the party since she believes their marriage is a sham and won’t support it. At the reception, Derwin and Melanie must face the reality of their complicated relationship after many people mistakenly congratulate Melanie on her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Rick Fox reluctantly introduces Tasha to his overly protective mother, causing fireworks to ensue between the two headstrong women. Additional guest stars include New Orleans Hornets’ Chris Paul and actors Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin who all play themselves in the episode.



  1. I love this show, it is about to come on where I am at in about 10 minutes so I gotta go! I hope the CW doesn’t mess them over like they did Girlfriends!!

  2. They have already done that but Black folks through word of moth have kept this show going and on the air.

  3. By the way, I love, love, love me some Robin Gives. She took a beating 20 years ago after the marriage to Mike Tyson but slowly she is rebuilding her career and I am glad to see her added to The Game. She would have also made a great addition to Desperate Housewives.

  4. The Game is entertaining but it’s turning into Tyler Perry TV–meaning, just about every single out-of-work black actor/actress or upcoming actor/actress shows up on the show.

  5. If they were out of work they wouldn’t be in the show, duhhhh! 🙄

  6. Stephanie you are right..Robin is portaying herself. Ever since that whole mike tyson issue, I was never able to like her again!!! I think they are dragging out the divorce thing with Kelly for too long!! But let me shut up, I like the show.

  7. I freaking love The Game!!! Matter of fact, I’m watching it now! Team Merwin!!! :iagree: with Liyah, about the Kelly/Jason divorce.

  8. Tasha is so irritating and ghetto. Loud and Boisterous, and a prime example of ABW syndrome, that for some reason black woman equate to being strong and confidant. That mess is irritating. She has Rick Fox has her man, and he’s in love with her, but instead of appreciating the relationship for what it is, she acts an idiot at work. And to top it off, she acts so abrasive that her bosses are intimidated by her, because she acts a fool at the job, unprofessional. And to top it off, she takes that ghetto venacular. demanor to work, that’s pathetic. Her son can be himself because his sports world deems that as appropriate, but she’s in corporate America, why must she maintain that bafoonery?

    Tia Marrow character, her man got someone else pregnant when they weren’t together, ok and? They were split up. Deal with it, she’s not married to dude, so basically she has no say or no rights to his seed anyway. Chuck it up or shut up. But, she was stupid for not making him pay for her education and housing, shoot, she left a scholarship and her mom’s money to follow him, accept the money and keep it pushing. Stupid girl.

  9. The Game is entertaining but it’s turning into Tyler Perry TV–meaning, just about every single out-of-work black actor/actress or upcoming actor/actress shows up on the show.

    Why is this a problem? I think it is admirable that Tyler employs talented Black actors and actresses who find quality roles hard to come by in Hollywood. That’s a what Tyler is suppose to do in his position. He has made it to the top and can now he is reaching back to help his brothers and sisters. Good for Tyler and great for all those talented Black actors and actresses who are now being employed.

  10. Bohwe :iagree: 100%. I like Wendy Raquel Robinson, but I am very disgusted at her loud boisterous behavior. I wish they would tone it down a bit b/c it DOES seem like the average ABW (Angry Black Women) attitude.

    I also agree with Sashay_Shante…………I see nothing wrong with the fact that Tyler Perry (or the producer of The Game) employs black celebrities that have been out of work!! Personally I am happy to see those people again. I am also glad he doesn’t have to go the HOLLYWOOD Route and get some “famous sexy singer – it girl” to make money. He ought to be applauded for that!! :bowdown:

  11. It is not a problem for Tyler Perry to help out struggling black actors and actresses that is called taking care of our own. Black people (if you are black and have a problem with this) are so quick to turn their noses up anything that is considered a “chitterling circuit”. As soon as mainstream endorses something then its legit. The more I read some of these comments the more I am disappointed with our people.

    Anyway I thought I was the persons feeling sentimental towards Robin Givens. She has taken a beating but it hasnt sent her into hiding with her head caught between her legs. She really is a darn good actress and manage to “out shine” Halle in ‘”Boomerang” for those who remember.

    All in all I love this show. Tasha Mack is my GIRL!

  12. Stephanie could you please find some information about Lincoln Heights to post as well? That is a really good show focusing on the black family. ABC Family

  13. I haven’t watched this show in a while. I will have to check it out. Sadly, it is one of the few shows that have Black people on it.

    Tyler Perry and The Game are doing exactly what they should be doing…reaching back!

  14. @Angela

    Why must we lowgrade “black” film, TV, media as “less than”. If they are on a show, then abviously they are “working.” Plus it’s a good show. What if those same actors were on 30 Rock would that be classier, although NO ONE watches 30 Rock. I guess to you it owuld be because it’s not “Tyler Perry.”

    Trust me those Tyler Perry actors are getting paid so why so negative? :hater:

  15. I am sooooooooo addicted to this show! I love everyone’s storyline. CW is soooooo wrong for sticking them on Friday night! They should have a primetime slot!

  16. UGGGHH!! darnit i missed it. it’s so hard to remember now that it comes on on wack :booty: fridays. i’m going to have to set a reminder to watch it this friday. lol

  17. The game is my favorite show…i am so mad i missed it..friday not a good night for it to come on sunday was perfect…wat were they thinking.. :noway: i think robin givens is great i love her character for a change have a man sweating…. 😆 AND I MUST DISAGREE WITH BLACKSISTA….ROBIN DID NOT OUTSHINE HALLE BERRY…IN BOOMARANG…LOL…!!! :noway:

  18. @ blacksista,

    Is Lincoln Heights still on the air??? I meant to watch it, but will most definitely rent it when it comes available on dvd. I heard nothing but good about the show. :brownsista:

  19. i love this show, i just wih they would step up the acting a bit. some of the scripts are so juvenile and i KNOW the actors can show us more. i actually like Robin Givens in this role, it’s a good look for her. Tia’s role is getting on my nerves. so the man wasn’t with you and got someone else preggers… you either deal with it or move on. they make her seem way too childish. all told, i love the show, watch it religiously and i’m glad to see it’s still on the air.

  20. Lincoln Heights come airs on Tuesdays @ 7 central on ABC Family

  21. Tyler Perry isnt going anywhere anythime soon; he is building his own movie studio in Atlanta, GA.

    As a kid, I remember wishing I was born doing the Motown era when black music and cinema was breaking grounds across America. However today is just as much as a Revolution: Beyonce breaking down doors killing competition world wide, Rappers (yeah i admit) are making just as much if not more money then any other genre, and we may even witness the election of the 1st black President in U.S. History!

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