Preview Tracks From Beyonce’s New Album

Still haven’t gotten enough of Beyonce’s alter-go Sasha Fierce yet? Well you can now preview tracks from the singer’s upcoming new album on 7 All 16 songs featured on “I Am” are available for listen and scrutiny. I previewed a few of the songs and well, this album is indeed very much a departure from previous Beyonce albums. She has shown growth- maybe a little too much for her fan base if you ask me. I didn’t hear anything that immediately jumped out at me as a potential third single- but then again the clips are very short and so not much judgement good or bad can be passed on them. Still, I think Beyonce knows what fans expect of her which is why she has a a deluxe edition of club bangers waiting in the wind.

Click here to listen to previews and below you can check out new outtakes I just got of Beyonce’s Marie Claire shoot from last month.


  1. EVERYONE WANTED A CLASSIC ALBUM AND HERE IT IS….i love the clips! halo is one of my favorites it sounds so nice…diva is hot too reminds me of upgrade u with the beat but i love it! the most i listen to them the more i like them :thumbsup: i hope beyonce can have people that normally wouldnt buy her album like this one…especially with the first few songs from the first disk…TIMELESS!

  2. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: are u serious jazmine sullivans cd is timeless beyonce is played out and she aint beautiful either shes just a normal looking red bone

  3. This doesn’t sound so great to me. I think most of the songs sound like fillers. The Sasha Fierce album will probably be much better than this.

  4. The only song that stood out to me was “Ego” and THAT wasn’t even that hot. I think she is doing her own thing, not really trying to please everyone b/c this is not the beyonce every one fell in love with from Dangerously in Love :noway: I like the picture of her in the black top and blue jeans. The belt is hot!!

  5. Halo sound like No Air

    Disappear – Boring

    Broken-Hearted Girl- sound like that dawson creek theme

    I love how beyonce said this album is her lmao

    My review so far is all these songs sound like it’s for an country artist she could of stay in her lane and grew lyricly but no she just jack an whole album of songs

    And all her slow songs sound the same

    Radio- An solange song

    Diva- A Jay-z song if he was a female :lol2: the cockyness

    Sweet Dreams- hmm it’s ok but not beyonce

    Video Phone- B-day leftover

    Hello- Love it

    Ego- baby ish grow up maybe about jay-z or Kanye :lol2:

    Scared Of Lonely- The best track on it this should be a hit it is a mix of new and old :bowdown:

    All The up-tempo songs still have that ghetto girl accent like ay yo and ish nothing new :thumbsdown:

    So this album is not looking good so far and is not gonna make her an icon it’s not her Whitney Houston The Bodyguard Or Madona Like a Prayer Or Janet Jackson Control-The Velevt Rope

    Next time Bee :thumbsup: πŸ˜†


  6. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
    I love ballads soooo much THIS IS THE BEYONCE CD I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR :thumbsup:
    Finally MORE slow songs

  7. I can’t listen to the tracks; wish I could…at work and my boss lurks.

    Great pictures. I love the white top and the chains. :brownsista:

    And if there ‘are’ more slow songs, I can certainly dig it and look forward to hearing them. Slow songs from DIL were my favorites on the album…and of course, “Crazy in Love”. πŸ˜‰

  8. @ Flowerchild :iagree: with you saying that Diva sounds like a Jay-z Cocky song!! πŸ™„ (upgrade u)

  9. All in all not her best. It is good to hear that her voice has matured where she could handle doing ballads, but the songs are boring. To me, “Single Ladies” and “Ego” sound good.

  10. I think Beyonce wants one CD to appeal to a mature audience and the other CD to appeal to the audience that adores her. I think her first solo CD was her best. I don’t know, maybe I am counting the chickens before the eggs hatch, but just because this is going to be a 2-disc cd, does not mean it will be a master piece like “Thriller.”

    I respect her hard working ethic to get people to buy her music and to go see her movie, but sometimes, she just goes over board with the publicity and promotions. She needs to learn that to become an icon or music legend, you just can’t overload the public with so much at one time. Spread it out a little over the next ten years. She needs to just sit back and let your body of work speak for itself. Don’t let people know what your agenda is.

  11. @Liyah


    Who is Sasha Fierce???????????????????????????????? πŸ™„

    It’s JAY-Z

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  12. The first several songs do sound like some country/alternative type stuff so maybe she is truly trying to go for that market as well. The other half sounds kinda ghetto faboulous. I am cracking up at the Jerry Maguire ‘you had me at hello’ . Anyway she sounds good but I have to be honest nothing stood out for me. I can see why she put out If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies as first singles they are the catchiest.

  13. Even if he is not on the album iget can still hear him lol

  14. :iagree: @ Chey

    I think it is possible to over promote in that you put out so much so fast that people are overwhelmed and you don’t give them time to appreciate anything. It also can start to look like you are all about sales, which maybe most artist are.

  15. I’ve had the snippets on repeat for awhile now. So far Scared of Lonely, Diva, Disappear are sticking out for me, besides If I Were a Boy & Single Ladies

  16. I don’t think Beyonce has grown at all. I think she she has to change in order to keep up with competition. Of course she can’t say this so just passes it off as some sort of “growing artistic expression.” :lol2:

  17. i love em all…its her best work yet… havent heard the songs yet tho !!!!! πŸ˜† :lol2:

  18. Yeah, the first album is definitely targeted at non-back audiences, a bigger market I suppose. I’m just livid at the fact that that’s the music she considers to be “her.” Yeah right. The second Sasha album is for us “po’ ol’ black folk” so that we won’t call her a sell-out. That Sasha album is the real Beyonce in my opinion but she can’t admit that because it might turn potential markets off.

  19. Its beyonce so i’ ll buy it anyway , I don’ t know why but i’ ll buy it

  20. I listened to a few of them and they are just “ok”, nothing really grabbed my attention.

  21. Wow I got to listen to them but I can’t now. I think her first album was her best to many because all the songs sound like Destiny Child songs that didn’t make it on “Survivor” lol. However I’m opened because I want to hear some snippets. I didn’t like “Single Ladies” or “If I Were a Boy” at first listened and like the songs now lol. So ain’t no telling with me on Beyonce’s songs or albums.

  22. flower child…grow up and stop comparing its not that serious…im sure some people dont think janet jackson is a icon but you may consider her one…(not saying i dont because i do)

    anyway diva is a hot song it has that upgrade you feel with the beat and sound of a milli lil wyne feel I LOVE IT
    halo is beautiful i cant wait to hear the rest it has me nuts
    smash into you sounds sooo beautiful and soothing…i can see me relaxing to that one
    disappear sounds soothing too…beyonce did is with this one!
    ave mariah is simply beautiful!
    radio sounds crazy (in a good way) her voice changes so much in it…at one part she kinda reminds me of michelle
    hello sounds great and video phone is like a song ive never hear before

    :bowdown: i cant tell Bee will have alot more people not into her this time around…mainly because she is becoming more successful and some people cant handle it…but she understands…

  23. I love it! The album is definitely growth for Bey, vocally she sounds even better. I think I might like the Beyonce disc more than the Sasha side. :thumbsup:

    LMAO @ Flower Child cutting and pasting that exact answer on ALL the blogs. Pathetic. :hater:

  24. chey…i understand what you mean…but really have beyonce done much promotion for this album yet? nope she hasnt and i would know because im a fan…its the media and the fans (and nonfans as you can see…) are the ones that keeps her in the public eye is that her fault? no and she has been very quiet about this album and what it has to offer..everyone else is hyping it up yall are just giving her free advertisement

  25. UnalteredBeauty go listen to destinys child first cd and listen to this clips and tell me again she hasnt grown up? lol please…

  26. I agree with Mario. I think Beyonce has been very discrete about her album promotions this time so no one can say that she is “over-promoting” or “over saturating” the game right now because she is not all out there like she did B’day. She hasn’t really done much performances for “Single Ladies” and “If I Were a Boy”. I think her pictures are very well taken and I’m liking the fact she going back to her own relaxed self (before she got with Jay). I do agree that sometimes Beyonce can be very obvious with her business moves. Like being open about herself now. The timing might now have been persuasive to many, but I give her props for trying because that is one of the reasons why people thinks she is stupid because she’s not expressive in her words in interviews. She sounds like she reads a script. Now she doesn’t. It never anything to do with her being country because Andre 3000 is country and is very articulate with his words and thoughts. It’s a good thing that she has improved. She has shown more maturity. Now I got to listen to the songs so I can give an opinion on the music lol.

  27. Mario, sweetie, I’m afraid you misunderstood me the first time. It’s not that her music hasn’t changed. I question why it’s changing. She says it’s solely because she’s progressed. Maybe. I say it’s changed because she has to stay relevant. She doesn’t have a choice but to adapt to the new sound. And with that said, good day. πŸ™‚

  28. i understand why to some the songs may not sound great….i am a big fan and when i first heard them to be honest…i wasnt very impressed untill i heard them a second time…and it hit me and i was like WOW i think most are expecting for the first part of the album to be the same ol beyonce and its not…thats why i was like its ok…

    untill i looked at it from a different point of view…the slow songs make me think that its a completely different person singing…i felt the sound…it was different…and i appreciated it…

  29. UnalteredBeauty sorry i did misunderstand I apologize! and i understand where your coming from now thanks

  30. Oh, I’m loving this! You can definitely hear the growth in her voice and the lyrics. I like Radio, Halo, Ego, Ava Marie, Scared and Lonely, Diva, heck I like them all. I can actual see the videos for some of these playing in my head! I love that it’s a double disc with club bangers and ballards. Great Job Mrs. Carter!
    Beyonce has a broad fanbase POP and R&B listeners, so her fans will find what they are looking for in each song! The clips are short, but I really like it! I’m so excited! Here are the clips on youtube.
    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  31. You know she’s talking about Jay on Ego! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: Kanye is suppose to be on this remix! Can’t wait to hear that! I can’t stop listening to these clips! November 18th can’t get her fast enough! :thumbsup:

  32. :hifive: Mario! I’m loving this! I can’t wait for this! I love so many! Sweet Dreams, Diva, Scared of Lonely, Ego(it’s too big, too strong, it’s too much! LOL!), Video Phone, Ava Maria, etc. She did a good job!

    :loser: Flower child, very childish that you are running to all the blogs posting the same ish which leads me to be that you have some deep seated issues with Beyonce. I didn’t see it before by now I see it. You sound very jealous of her success. I think you really want her to fail because she has been so widely received. Maybe, you are a fan of someone else that doesn’t receive the same recognition. But something is going on in your psyche. It’s one thing to dislike and make comments. But you sound and your actions show that your on some type of crusade! Girl, grow up! :hater:

  33. YES MELISSA I NEED THIS ALBUM TODAY a few of the songs already hit me deep just off a few seconds like halo and smash into you and of course ave mariah ego is so funnny everyone is thinking that “its to strong, it wont fit….he got a big ego, i love his big ego” haha

  34. @Melissa

    Please lmao yes i post this oon other blogs and you were on the blogs being your a stan i didn’t playbeyonce like others saying she can’t sing dance she is not talented so calm down with that emtional biz

    I’m sorry if beyonce is your god she isn’t minds

    I love scared of lonely

    so you can go watch the stan video and tell people beyonce is the best since well m.j :lol2:

  35. Why is it when people say they don’t like a song there a :hater: ?

    Wow Stans are becoming a disgrace and making me not like Beyonce anymore

    Stans :thumbsdown:

  36. @
    Flower Child

    and others with something that is not saying that this album is fire


    They don’t want to hear anything bad about beyonce πŸ™„

  37. Don’t get mad, I know this is not related to the post but anyway if you check out that also look up Alicia Keys she has an ‘As I Am’ Super Edition coming out November 10th. It has the Bond Theme Song on there as well as 2 new songs which you can hear the snippett(Saviour and Dont You Know) they sound great. Also a 2nd disc is included that is actually a DVD of performances. I’ve been waiting on a DVD of performances from her, her tour has received outstanding reviews.

    Hope you don’t mind the link but this is Alicia at her best.

  38. :hater: Flower Child will continue to hunt down every blog on the internet so she can copy and paste her 5 paragraph post about Beyonce! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: Sounds like you’re a closet stan! πŸ˜†

  39. I absolutely love Diva and Hello. Hello is my favorite though. They gave enough sound to catch a glimpse of how the album will be. It took me one and a half years to even purchase B-Day and 2 years to purchase Dangerously In Love. But this time I will be purchasing the album before a year is out. I think this is going to be ok.


  41. Why did Beyonc take John Mclaughlin Song Smack Into You and change the name to Smash Into You…But let everything else stay the same… SMDH.. Beyonce is big damn FRAUD!

  42. yall just heard them and they are all great but they are about too that got me like okay but i love diva, cant wait till the video cause diva is the female version of hustler

  43. Dang…I thought I was being original…. someone else is using my handle!!!! πŸ™„

    Well as I’ve stated before, I’m not to keen on hearing Beyonce’s voice, so I have not and will not listen to the snippets. But if some are liking her new sound, growth and the album…. then I wish her nothing but success on her upcoming projects!!!! :thumbsup:

  44. Umm, I wasnt too keen on Mrs. Knowles-Carter’s album at first but from these lil’ snippets, I can tell she gonna bring the heat. Especially with that “sasha” (or whatever she wants to call herself now-a-days) cd. I am loving that “ego”, DIVA! (yes ma’am!), “halo” and “radio”. I’m tryin hard to keep my lil’ extra 20 dollars but Beyonce making it hard on a sista lol.

  45. i just heard the whole album AMAZING it leaked i guess this morning but of course i already pre ordered the album anyway

  46. check youtube and type in each song…5 from the deluxe addition havent been leaked yet…i have them but im not allow to tell where to download them….try youtube…ive notice people have been putting the whole song up but sony has been taking them down quick so keep trying to find them when they come up before they take them down

    “shawty what yo name is?” “press record ill let you film me” (video phone)

    ” been the #1 diva in this game for a minute!” “baby betta have a six pack in the cooollla!” (diva)

    “i be on the hot line like err day, making sure the dj know what i want him to play” (radio)

    “your the only one and though there are time when i hate you cause i cant erase the times that you hurt me and put tears on my face, and even now while i hate you it pains me to say, i know that ill be there at the end of the day” (brokenhearted girl)

    “when i think about it, i know that i was never there or even cared” (disappear)

  47. I Am…Sasha Fierce is a solid album
    I’m loving the previews especially Disappear, Ave Maria, Broken-Hearted Girl, Smash Into You, Sweet Dream, Radio, and of course the 1st singles.
    Jeez…I’m not hating on anyone of them. I already know she’s going to murder them on stage :bowdown:. I can’t wait.

  48. I heard some songs and their GREAT! This is a real step up for beyonce.





  50. I KNEW there was a reason I love the Disappear preview [Check out her low register on this track!]. Now I have to have this album…even if it’s just the I Am…Beyonce side.

  51. them tracks are hot like fire….they are gonna turn south africa upside down..ayopa yopa. ngoanyana o o gafile…tshisa!!!!!!! :hifive:

  52. just got this message from beyonce’s official fan club..if you have the album please do not spread it thanks

    To all of the loyal Beyonce fans . . .

    Beyonce has worked so hard to deliver an amazing project which will be released to the public Tuesday, November 18th.
    As loyal fans – PLEASE help us maintain the integrity of her hard work.
    With that said, all persons that post links to leaked music will be banned from the fan site.
    Please pass the word.
    Thank you!


  53. whatever check youtube for the track! i rather save money if i can


  55. amelekia…we all know that beyonce is rich but that doesnt mean that she doesnt earn what she puts out…if you like it enought to download you should be kind enough to buy it…im sure when you go to work you wouldnt appreciate whoever you do your work for to not pay you for your hours…its the same thing in a different aspect its not right…

    ill admit to downloading the album already…at the same time i never sent it to anyone and i already pre-ordered it on itunes…sooo i did my part plus ill be buying a store copy on the 18th the album will only be like 10 and the deluxe like 14…if you people need to hold on to $10 that bad to steal and download than you need to take a look at your life and the direction its going…

  56. Mario do you know how much money i could have saved with every beyonce items i bought? close to 5.000 dollars so u cant really tell me anything
    Second that 10 dollars is extra for anything it can be my mascara or something else and people are not lucky like you to have millions in the bank that doesnt mean that i need to look at the direction of my life that means that i wanna save 10 box k? smh some of you take shie too far

  57. amelekia… i wasnt making that comment directly to you…notice the space inbetween the comment made to you and the next one under it…

    anyway yes some people cant afford it but most of them dont waste their time up here they usually are taking their time trying to find a way to enhance their life. i comment people that work hard for their money but i do not encourgae those that download music and dont buy it as well…and that wasnt directed to you

  58. :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop: Like Whitney said “crack is whack”.. her music is soooooooooooo :booty:

  59. TO: LuckyCharm said,

    It’s okay I will use another handle. We still can both be magically delicious.

  60. If yaw don’t want people downloading Beyonce’s music just so she can sell more records then I guess the same goes for Brandy, Ciara, and Ludacris as well as other artist let them do well on the charts as well. A I Right?

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