Pride Magazine Apologizes

Nia Long Pride Magazine recently issued an apology of sorts for the controversy their article with Nia Long caused. As you all may remember, Nia recently covered the July edition of the U.K. magazine and caused quite a stir with comments that seemed to suggest that Beyonce Giselle Knowles was less than qualified to call herself an actress. Pride now admits that the editing of their article may have suggested Nia said things that she in fact did not.

Pride’s official announcement can be read below…

“Pride would like to apologies for the fact that editing of the final article may have left Nia’s comments open to tabloid manipulation.
“As Europe’s premier publication for the woman of colour, Pride seeks only to celebrate the achievements of celebrities such as Nia Long and Beyonce Knowles, and hope no offence has been caused through the media speculation.”


  1. Even if she did say it SO WHAT?? it’s true. Beyonce needs to take actors training cuz she sucks as a believable actress outside portraying a musical artist. I feel she gives us what she thinks acting is supposed to be thus making it feel fake.

  2. If she said it or not should be the focus.
    I’m annoyed that their “apology” is so vaguely worded that it still leaves you unsure of what was actually meant and what was manipulated. Are you taking the blame for your actions or what?

  3. LOL The power of Queen Bee is no joke. It’s sad cuz what Nia Long said was true. But they know how it sounded and they just didn’t want any bad publicity from this.

  4. Why is it that any time there is any kind of negative publicity on Beyonce, it has to be quickly swept under the rug. Case in point, the Etta James/Barack Obama comments.

    Anyway, Beyonce is not a good actress and needs to stay in her lane of booty shaking.

  5. who cares if Nia said it? hell, it’s not like she lied! Bey’s camp needs to STFU and understand that the whole world is not about to be kissing her a$$. the child cannot act, it’s that simple. now instead of worrying about an article, she needs to go worry about hiring an acting coach.


  7. If it can make her and her fans more secure in themselves go for it!

  8. The Knowles camp monitors the blogs like crazy. Can they ignore anything?

  9. Pride mag is REAL REAL WEAK LMFAO. WTFE. Good or bad if you carefully thought about something and you’ve wrote it or said it and you feel strong about it OR you (Pride) thought the interview was okay enough to effin’ print and now what they got shook. GROW A PAIR. Weak people infuriate me.

  10. there have always been a lot of haters and it will never change but what I’m ashamed to see is so much hate amongst us.

  11. @nina she good in the music field that really it. She need a acting coach asap. I seen obessed she did better in dream girls.

  12. There’s probably some more black actresses that feel the same way. Some of them work hard and struggle to get to where they are, take acting lessons, and finally get the good roles in movies, maybe get an Oscar or at least get nominated, all on their talent and hard work. Then somebody comes along and gets good roles simply because they are a money maker, and the producers believe that this person’s name will bring in lots of ticket-buyers. I can understand how the other actresses would be resentful, but this is what happens in the entertainment field. Its not about talent, necessarily, but about bringing in the big bucks.

  13. maybe they threatened Nia and Pride….who wants to loose readership or ad revenue and i dnt think Nia wants to be a struggling actress either,you must remember Matthew Knowles said he wants Bey to be an icon and that they are gonna pay attention to every little detail…stuff like this will slow down their project.


  15. She may not be the best actress yet, but at least she is trying. Yall act like she started out acting, she’s not perfect, but she gives her all. And i believe that her acting will get better.

  16. I like Beyonce’s music and Beyonce as an independent black woman who has opened up many doors for aspiring young artists.

    She shows that it takes hard work and perseverance to make it big but even then its still no rest and lots of hard work.

    However, i must agree that acting is not her forte and she should obtain more lessons before taking the good roles that skilled back women such as Nia long could have.

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