Priscilla Renea

Last night while watching television I came across a video by a singer named Priscilla Renea. The video was “Dollhouse” and I believe it was playing on Nickelodeon. The sista immediately caught my attention because I am always on the lookout for positive music for my 12 year old daughter. I became obsessed with what she listens to a few months ago when she asked me to download “Birthday Sex” for her. Since then I make it my business to know exactly what she is listeing to at all times most of the times.
So, after hearing Pricilla’s cute little song I told myself I would check her out online the next day. As it turns out- I forgot all about the sista until I ran across a post Onetta made about her on A Word For My Sistas. Loving what I heard, I searched for more and came across another article about the sista on Clutch Magazine.

I could truly go on and about about this talented singer who made a name for herself on You Tube, however, I think her music can say more about her than I ever could.

Check her out below killing it in one of her infamouse You Tube performances.

Priscilla’s debut album ‘Jukebox” hits record stores today. Do go out and pick it up.


  1. She straight but you should check out this chick on youtube her name is Jori she can sing her azz off and she looks good(not that you wanted to know that lol). She killed Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You”, “Stand Up For Love” and alot more songs.

  2. Make sure you follow-up this post on where she’ll be on Billboard next week.

  3. This is a vocalist.

    This is an artist.

    This is someone others will follow, watch.

    Refreshing and great for our little people and teens, families, the way music works best!

    I hope they saturate the market with this fabulous and true artist!
    I hear so many various musical influences in her work, jazz, blues, soul and pop, but it’s all her, so unique! She reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Lina.

    Go Priscilla!!!

  4. I got hooked a few days ago when i stumbled on her acoustic “Mr. Workabee” on youtube! The cutest song I ever did hear* And I was all the more excited to find out that her album was coming out only a few days later!!!
    Her lyrics show that although she may be young, she knows a thing or two about reality and she seems to cater very well to the 12-18 age group! Her style is uniquely eclectic and I love it! Hope she stays on the air waves for this new generation:)

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